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Why High Testosterone is Important to a Man

Importance of high testosterone in men:

Regarded as the single most important hormone in men, the role and miraculous capabilities of testosterone in human body can never be neglected. Brain along with pituitary gland (a small gland at the base of the brain) controls the production of testosterone by the testes. That’s from where testosterones move in human body and start performing the crucial roles. When this crucial hormone is not in balance, it can lead to various health issues.

In this piece of article, you can find detailed information about importance of testosterone, its effect and what happens to your body when the testosterone level decreases. Every aspect of men’s life including fitness, appearance, social life, mental capabilities and career success, everything gets affected if you have low testosterone. So, you must know about some of the finest ways to boost testosterone to increase the quality of your life.

Researchers have proven that, men in their 30s start losing testosterone level by 1% every year. This is the reason why, ageing men must read this handy informative piece of article is worth reading especially for men who have crossed the age of 30.

high Testosterone

Level of testosterone affects both the physical health and mental wellbeing and hence, the effects can be seen on every aspect of your body and life. From building muscles to bone formation, energy and mood regulation to sex drive, testosterone has a lot to do with every part and activity of your body. In short, you can say that, development and maintenance of male attributes highly depend on the T level.

Factors affecting testosterone level in men:

Due to various reasons, men can experience drop in testosterone. From environmental toxins to obesity, high blood pressure to diabetes, poor diet to most of the negative lifestyle choices are some of the various reasons for declining testosterone. Sedentary lifestyle is also an important reason that leads to obesity and other side effects.

Some effects of testosterone on your body include:

high Testosterone

Reproductive system:

Low libido, erectile dysfunction (ED) and low sex drive are common sexual issues you may have to face with low testosterone. To be a performer, you need to have higher testosterone level for the same. Sperm production also depends on your testosterone level, so you need to keep the level in check.

Effect on bones and muscles:

Testosterones are responsible to increase neurotransmitters and that ultimately encourages tissue growth. In addition, testosterone is primary factor involved in the development of muscle and strength. High testosterone increases levels of growth hormone that helps in muscles building with exercise. Furthermore, it increases bone density and on the other hand, men with lower level oftestosterone are more likely to suffer from bone fractures and breaks.Even if you want to lose fat, Testosterone plays a key role in fat metabolism.It helps men to burn fat more efficiently.

Appearance, skin and hair:

Everyone wishes to look beautiful or handsome. The attraction in your appearance you desire heavily depends on testosterone. Growth of hair on your body, your face and shine of your skin, everything somewhere gets adversely affected if you have low testosterone level. Most of the people can notice hair fall as well. Consult the family doctor if you are noticing such issues. Doctors after some testosterone specific tests can prescribe medication or some lifestyle or diet changes to help you cope up with such serous troubles.

What are the early signs of decreasing testosterone? Take a look:

Decreasing energy level:

Yes, you start losing the energy that you need to keep going all day long. Slowly, you start losing your edge and that’s when you need to address this early sign. Consult the doctor for appropriate treatment so that you can stay energetic and get to perform your daily activities in an effective manner.

Effects on memory, concentration and focus:

Do you find it hard to remember things? Or do you feel irritated while working in the office for long? If yes, then you need to check your testosterone level to the earliest. Most of your professional tasks need focus such as preparing a presentation or other kind of daily tasks and if you are unable to focus, it will affect your professional life.

Now when you are completely aware of testosterone effects on your body, taking a look at benefits of having high testosterone will become an interesting thing to know about.

Benefits of high testosterone include but are not limited to:

A blessing for your heart:

Apart from strengthening the muscles, the main function of testosterone is to make muscles grow. Heart is, without a doubt one of the most used organ or muscles in the body. Even when you sleep, your heart never stops working till you are alive. While reducing cholesterol, testosterone helps in strengthening the heart muscles and in pumping the blood effectively.

Increased libido:

high Testosterone

Increased libido is a noticeable benefit of high testosterone. Apart from preventing sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction, high T level increases the sex drive and your desire for sex stays at a normal level. Not only yours, but the satisfaction of your partner is also a factor that matters when you close the doors and turn of the lights, so be careful about your T level.

Increased risk taking abilities:

Yes, according to researches, having higher testosterone level makes a man a risk taker. No, it’s not about jumping from five stories building with over-confidence; it’s about staying confident enough to face the throat-cutting competition in the market. If you are confident about your risks and decisions, you are sure to stay ahead of the competitions and those business owners who take a safe side. If you desire success and want your business to stand out from the rest, testosterone quantity is must.

Improved sleep quality:

Insomnia, also regarded as sleeplessness is one of the most commonly neglected health issue. Especially in men who do eight-hour-a-day desk job and are covered with stress all day long are more likely to stay awake in the night. High testosterone level promotes relaxation in mind and body and hence, you fall asleep early then those suffering from insomnia. When you sleep well and wake up fresh, your notice improved mood and hence, your day ahead is awesome. Men who sleep less than 5 or 6 hours possess 10% less testosterone than those who sleep 8 hours or more.

Strong sense of wellbeing:

Do you feel like life is beautiful when you wake up? Or do you observe horse like energy all day long? Or do you thank God for every day of life you live? If yes, then you are blessed with high testosterone level too. A smile on your face says it all that you are happy with the way you are living and of course, health and happy life makes your smile bigger and better.

What about those who have low testosterone level? How can they improve the testosterone and join this list of happy men. Including Tongkat Ali in your dietis the most effective way to increase the number of testosterone:

Also regarded as Long-jack, the scientific name is Eurycoma Longifolia and in general, Tongkat Ali is used for centuries to treat low T level in men. Here are some benefits:

A natural testosterone booster:

Tongkat Ali is a natural testosterone booster and hence, the benefits of consuming this root include but are not limited to increased sperm production, sexual aid for men and women, increased libido and weight control. High level of testosterone is full of benefits and of course, you can reap the most benefits with the help of this amazing root.

Fat lose and muscles gainer:

Increasingly popular among fitness experts, bodybuilders, athletes and weightlifters, Tongkat Ali offers serious benefit in performance of those who are engaged in any kind of physical activity. If you are exercising daily, the benefits can be noticed much quicker. For men who have not been involved in any kind of physical activity for long or men who are older it is recommended to consume Tongkat Ali as per the advice of fitness experts and doctors to ensure the best results.

Emotional support:

Tongkat Ali helps in keeping your mood relaxed and happy. It eliminates stress and tension that are common in today’s fast paced and busy life. While dealing with extra workload or facing relationship issues in life, stress can be a common issue. The roots of Tongkat Ali can prove to be beneficial in such circumstances. It has been used for so long to promote mood and provide emotional support.

Though there are endless medicines and treatments available for increasing T level, Tongkat Ali is still regarded as the best and safest one to give you the power you deserve. All these are proven benefits of Tongkat Ali and all of them have been proven in numerous researches conducted by experts. So, you do not need to worry about anything while including this root in your diet.

I am sure this article has managed to dispel any misconception you had about the increased T level in your mind and provide you with the facts that will help you go in the right direction. The main goal of this piece is to educate people of the facts and help them to live a happy and healthy life.









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What Is the Ideal Tongkat Ali Dosage

Tongkat Ali is an herb indigenous to the lush tropical forests of Indonesia and Malaysia. Scientifically, it is known as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack. The natives also call it Pasak Bumi or Longjack. As a supplement, it is mostly available as a capsule. Powder and liquid tinctures are also available. Tongkat Ali has many benefits to deliver. However, the potency and effectiveness depend on the administered Tongkat Ali dosage. Let us demystify these aspects:

Tongkat Ali Potency

In the real sense, Tongkat Ali is not that effective in its natural form. You need to extract the portion from the roots. Traditionally, it involved boiling the roots and then taking the concoction as an aphrodisiac to the failing gentlemen. Today, Tongkat Ali plays a significant role as a health supplement that:

  • Reverses low testosterone related issues such as Erectile Dysfunction
  • Increases the body ability to burn fat for a leaner look
  • Increases muscle mass by conversion of proteins into muscle fiber
  • Improved bone health and density
  • Improved energy and vitality
  • A higher sex drive and libido with spontaneous and frequent erections
  • General body health due to improved cognitive function

The right Tongkat Ali dosage is what determines how beneficial the herb is, or how miserably it will fail you. As such you will need to pay attention to the next section.

Tongkat Ali Dosage

Tongkat ali dosage

We have already established that Tongkat Ali is only active as an extract. But the market out there is full of manufacturers all claiming to have the best product that delivers maximum results. The need to raise testosterone naturally with fewer side effects has driven the industry mad, and the craze and haze of Tongkat Ali is a wave every manufacturer wants to swim in. You can buy a fake product that delivers zero benefits. So lets us look at how you can propel past fake cheap cheats and have you buy the right dosage of Tongkat Ali that will confer loads of benefits to you.

  • First Tongkat should be an extract; Tongkat ali extract
  • Tongkat Ali extracts should have specified concentrations. Remember that too small does not work, too high… probably a con
  • Buy supplements that contain Tongkat Ali extracts as the only ingredient

Even as an extract, the active ingredient of Tongkat Ali is only available in minuscule amounts. That is to say that it is not about a product having Tongkat Ali but having the extracts is the primary factor of consideration.

Like medications and supplements, potency usually relies on taking the right dosage. The effectiveness is all about the dose. So when searching for the ideal Tongkat Ali treatment that works for you, consider the following dosage criteria:

A product that has Tongkat Ali extract indicates the concentration in a ratio. For example:

  • 1:50 means that 50g of Tongkat Ali was used to manufacture 1g of the extract
  • 1:100 implies that that manufacturer used 100g of the root to make 1g of the extract
  • 1:200 concentrate indicates that 200g of the root was used to make the extract

When you take 1:200 strength supplement, then that interprets to about 200mg of dosage. Most manufacturers usually recommend this dosage. It is useful and potent enough to confer the benefits as mentioned earlier. Smaller doses of less than 200mg usually have nothing in store for you. In general, Tongkat Ali has no universal production standards, so the brand manufacturer determines strength and dosage.

For maximum benefits, just like in medications, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. During packaging, the maker usually indicates the right dosage in the “how to use or directions section.” Never start on a product without knowing how much you should take. Remember that too much testosterone in your body is not that exciting. We will look at that later, for now, let us concentrate on the ideal Tongkat Ali Dosage.

When reading the directions on how to use your purchase, check whether the manufacturer recommends something like “cycles and breaking periods”! Why? Because the potent dosage of Tongkat Ali usually comes in phases; for example, a manufacturer might recommend that you take the supplement for let’s say, ten days a week then break for five days, take ten days, and break for five days, and so on. Alternatively, some manufacturers may suggest shorter phases of taking five days and breaking for two days. Others might recommend an eight-week cycle with a minimum of one month as the breaking stage. All that information is dependent on why you are using Tongkat Ali; since bodybuilders and those looking to increase sex drive need different concentrations. To increase libido and sex drive, you need shorter cycle periods than a muscle builder so take that into consideration.

In recent times, the Malaysian government has banned harvesting of Tongkat Ali. The available herbs grow in restricted areas. So manufacturers claiming to have Malaysian Tongkat Ali are most likely cheats. Most industrial supplements are made from Indonesian Tongkat Ali. What is the difference? Indonesian Tongkat Ali is thought to be extremely potent. Unlike the Malaysian species, Indonesian Tongkat Ali has increased amounts of the active ingredient.

Mechanism of Action

Eurycoma has “eurypeptides” which are small peptides that play a vital role in enhancing performance and sex drive. In restoring testosterone, Tongkat Ali tends to increase the release rate of testosterone from its binding hormone called Sex-Hormone-Binding-Globulin. Under this context, Tongkat Ali is not like anabolic steroids that boost testosterone production, but it is a maintainer and restorer of normal testosterone levels. That makes Tongkat Ali ideal for people with subnormal testosterone levels, those dieting for weight loss, intensely training athletes in danger of overtraining and also mature individuals with age-related fatigue or depression. As such, side effects are rare.

Risk Factors

Tongkat Ali Dosage

Tongkat Ali is not intended for use by people below the age of 18 years. Pregnant women and nursing mothers need to consult a physician before taking this supplement.

Side Effects

Typically, when using recommended dosages, no adverse side effects occur. However, a few have reported insomnia, aggressiveness, and light headiness and flushing after using the supplement. Remember that too much testosterone keeps the body at alert mode making it hard for you to sleep.

Bear in mind that value, quality; effectiveness should be your driving factor when buying supplements. Do not shy from spending to improve your health. As you purchase your package, remember to check manufacturer’s commitment which comes in the form of guarantee and return policies. A customer satisfaction guarantee shows that the manufacturer is confident about the effectiveness of the product.

Now you know the exact dosage of Tongkat Ali that you should take. So take the initiative and be a man with Tongkat Ali.



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Testosterone and Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

Testosterone is a sex hormone that performs important functions in the body, especially in men.  It is necessary for the development of the male reproductive system, and the maintenance of good sexual performance. As people get older, particularly after the age of 30, their natural levels of testosterone gradually decrease. Aside from age, there are also other conditions that lower the testosterone levels like autoimmune diseases, diabetes, chronic liver or kidney diseases, obesity, or a high level of the sex hormone binding globulin. It is important to regulate testosterone levels in order for the hormone to do its roles in the body.

What are the Functions of Testosterone?

  • On the Reproductive System

Testosterone starts to help in developing the male reproductive system as early seven weeks after conception. It is also the testosterone that helps the testicles and penis grow during puberty. Men with low testosterone levels may experience erectile dysfunction.


  • On Sexuality

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

Along with the physical changes brought about by the rise of testosterone levels like growth of the male genitals, growth of pubic hair, and deepening of the voice, is the development of sexual desire. It is the testosterone that regulates a person’s sexual desire. Low testosterone level might also mean low sexual desire.


  • On the Circulatory System

Testosterone helps the body to produce new red blood cells. It is also potentially beneficial for the heart. Studies say that testosterone help in regulating blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, and regulating cholesterol level.


  • Muscular and Skeletal System

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

Testosterone is important in building muscle mass and muscle strength. It also promotes tissue growth. This helps people to build muscle when they work out.  Because of the increase in muscle mass, testosterone also consequentially helps in burning fat.  It also improves bone density, hence helping the bones become strong.


What are the Benefits to Having High Testosterone Levels?

Among the benefits of a good testosterone level are the following:

  1. Improves cognitive abilities and slows down cognitive decline
  2. Provides relief from anxiety or depression
  3. Increases muscle mass and muscle strength
  4. Helps in weight loss
  5. Strengthens the heart
  6. Increases male fertility
  7. Increases sexual drive and improves erection
  8. Strengthens the bones
  9. Increases Competitiveness

As seen above, testosterone is a very important hormone in the body. However, there are instances where the body does not get the benefits attributed to testosterone because of the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin.


What is the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin?

The Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, which is produced by the liver, is a carrier protein that performs a very important function in regulating the levels of free steroids, testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and estrogen in the body.  It is responsible in determining the levels of unbound sex hormones in the body, such as the testosterone. It does this by binding to the sex hormone, after which, the sex hormone will be identified as “bound.” It is when the sex hormones are free or unbound that they are able to perform their functions in the body. An imbalance of sex hormones is usually preceded by an abnormal level of the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin.

A high level of the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin is particularly problematic for males and athletes, since high levels of SHBG lower the level of free testosterone in the body.

Effects of having low testosterone level in the body include:

  • Hair Loss

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

Testosterone plays a role in the production of hair. Males typically experience hair loss or balding as they age. However, even younger men may experience hair loss at an early age if they have low testosterone count.


  • Fatigue


Testosterone boosts energy, and a deficit of it consequentially decreases energy levels. Males who have low testosterone levels have reported feeling extreme fatigue.

  • Decrease in Muscle Mass

It has been aforementioned that testosterone helps in building muscles. Therefore, those who have low testosterone might experience a decrease in their muscle mass and strength, and might find it hard to build or rebuild muscles even if they do certain work outs to do so.

  • Fragile Bones

One of the effects of having low testosterone levels is the decrease in bone mass, or what is medically known as osteoporosis. People who have low testosterone are likely to have brittle bones, and be prone to bone fractures.

  • Increase in Body Fat

Men with low testosterone may have an increase in body fat. Research suggests that testosterone has an effect on the way the body stores fat.

  • Moodiness, Anxiety, or Depression


Testosterone has an effect in the processes that occur in the brain. Research shows that those who have low testosterone levels are more prone to anxiety, depression, and concentration problems.


  • Low Sex Drive


A drop in testosterone level also equals a drop in sex drive or libido in both men and women.


  • Erectile Dysfunction

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

Testosterone signals the brain to produce more nitric oxide which triggers an erection. Low testosterone can result in difficulty to have or maintain an erection.


  • Low Semen Volume


Testosterone is a chief factor in semen production. The semen helps in the sperm cells’ motility. The more testosterone, the more semen produced. The less testosterone, the less semen produced. Men who have low testosterone levels will have low volume of semen upon ejaculation. This can also affect a man’s fertility.


The functions of testosterone and the negative effects of having low levels of it are already apparent. In order to have a healthy level of testosterone, it is a must that the level of the sex hormone binding globulin be also regulated. One of the ways to lower high levels of the sex hormone binding globulin is through supplementation. Among the effective and natural supplements that can be taken are Magnesium, Boron, Stinging Nettle Root, Vitamin D, and the Tongkat Ali extract. These all have the ability to free lower the sex hormone binding globulin and increase the number of free testosterone in the body.



























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