How to increase semen volume

So, do you fancy a bit of a science lesson? A Biology 101? Well, you have clicked on an article to understand how to increase semen volume – so, you either really want some medical background knowledge – or a quick how to guide…

Here is the quick how to guide: buy Tongkat Ali.  It will spunk up your ejaculation, no problem.

How to increase semen volume

But, if you want to know why and how this supplement can help you to produce more semen, stick around.  Your body is actually a pretty weird thing.  It is partly all to do with your brain and partly to do with your testicles.  Interestingly, when a woman accuses you of having sex always on your mind, she is not wrong.  Your brain is continually working to provide you with the essential ingredients to help you procreate. So, even if you don’t need to increase your semen volume, you are about the greatest comeback to that female frustration fuelled argument.

There are two places in your body where the body produces testosterone, which in turns helps you produce healthy levels of semen.  One place is in the brain and the other is in the Leydig cells in your testicles.  Your testicles are also responsible for your semen – and your Leydig cells need to be doing their thing to help you produce semen and for you to be fertile.

Nature is this crazy beast.  It doesn’t really want you procreating into old age.  It is not only women who lose fertility – who knew! Men lose fertility too – as the body starts producing estrogen.  This is not to say you are turning into a woman – except – well it does kind of have that impact! Your body will start growing breasts and you will start spreading at the middle.  You know that look your dad or your friend’s dad has going – where it looks a little like he is pregnant – this is the result of too much estrogen too.  It makes you go bald and it obviously reduces the power of your ejaculation.

how to Increase semen volume

How can estrogen do all of these things? Well, it eats up your testosterone.  It is essentially the same as Pacman, from the 1980s arcade game.  It moves around the body munching up your testosterone, like it has eaten a fruit and the ghosts have gone on holiday.  Estrogen doesn’t stop at testosterone – it also has a liking for dopamine.  So, not only does estrogen make you fat, bald, lose your fertility and grow breasts – it also makes you miserable.  (And, yes, this is why women are so moody pretty much all of the time!)

So, asking the question: how to increase semen volume? Is actually a pretty cool question.  You are actually asking how can I improve my body overall and my sense of wellbeing? How can I reduce the chance that I will suffer from depression and the impact of stress?

So, back to the short answer: Tongkat Ali.  This is a supplement used by ancient herbalists.  It has been used for centuries in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.  It is well known as an all round tonic but it is better known as an aphrodisiac.  Some of the scientist have even produced studies to suggest that it is quite a potent herb.  However, as always with these things, the anecdotal evidence is much stronger – and hundreds of years of people choosing to use Tongkat Ali to boost testosterone is pretty strong evidence.

Tongkat Ali does two things – it helps you top and tail.  First, it counteracts the impact of estrogen.  Yes, if we are to carry on the Pacman metaphor, then Tongkat Ali is the little ghost that captures the little dude and stops him eating up the tablets. Second, the supplement stops your sex hormone binding with the globule that takes testosterone out of action.  The globule is actually called the Sex Hormone Binding Globule – so Tongkat Ali stops it doing its job.

So, you see that Tongkat Ali is not strictly increasing the amount of testosterone your body produces.  This is a good thing! Some of the meds that actually stimulate testosterone production can lead to you being completely infertile.  Tongkat Ali allows the testosterone your body produces naturally to be actually used by your body in the way that it is meant to – and one of these ways is the production of semen, which is cram packed with sperm – making you both fertile and feel virile.

You and I know that the production of semen is more than just about having babies.  In fact, there are few times when ejaculating we are thinking: great… I have just released the ‘father-load’ of swimmers so I can have that little chap I have been yearning about.  Most of the time a sizeable semen output means a much more satisfying orgasm.  Often, weak ejaculation happens prematurely and can be joined with a limper than normal erection.  Therefore, something that boosts semen is actually boosting the whole sexual experience!

So, how to boost your semen might be a question of fertility.  It might be that you want to have a baby later in life – which is happening more and more.  A study that was testing the effects of Tongkat Ali on testosterone did find that participants did in fact have a higher rate of pregnancy, than those in the placebo group – so all good.

But, if you really want an improved sexual experience and if you want to feel better about your orgasm – you want it back to the way that it used to be: then Tongkat Ali is the answer.  It is safe to take over a long period of time and it will not adversely impact on your future fertility.  This will help you all round – both helping you to lose weight, gain muscle and improve your mood.  So, a simple question has led to a great answer.  Go enjoy yourself!

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