Does Masturbation cause erectile dysfunction?

Remember when you were a kid and you were told that masturbating would make you go blind? Have you ever wondered how there could be so many sighted people in the world if this was true?  Then, there is the myth that it might fall off if you carry on tugging at your penis.  Again – how is the population of the world still growing if there are so many eunuchs padding around the globe?

Masturbation and erectile dsyfunction

In other words, there are many, many myths surrounding masturbation.  It is a taboo and therefore people make up all sorts of stories through history to explain why people shouldn’t do it.  Here are some favourites:

  • People in relationships don’t masturbate… which cannot possibly be true consider the difference between male and female libido!
  • Its an abnormal part of sexual development. This is wrong – teenagers are encouraged to explore their genitalia if they are going to grow with a healthy understanding of sexual functionality.
  • There are no health benefits to masturbation. Not true. It’s a great reliever of stress and helps improve concentration. In middle age men it is thought to be a great way to reduce the risk or prostate cancer.
  • You can masturbate too much. Well, you can make it sore… but beyond this there is no problem masturbating regularly – unless it is all you can think about – then you might want to find help.
  • People masturbate alone. This is only true if these people have never been introduced to foreplay.  Masturbation is an important technique in stimulating the desire in your partner.  Give it a try!

In short, there are so many stories that say masturbation is wrong and shameful – that it is not surprising that one of the myths is that masturbation will break your erection. So, let’s explore how true this is.

Why is masturbating thought to be the problem?

Does Masturbation cause erectile dysfunction

Now, there seems to be a fair amount of literature that would suggest this statement is a lie.  Some scientists are putting a lot of effort into proving that enjoying porn alone is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction and is a result of addictive behaviour.  Now, not to be cynical, but maybe there is some vested interest in proving that masturbation is wrong?

According to Dr Waterman, masturbating releases a lot of dopamine in the brain.  This means when sexual intimacy occurs the brain does not release as much dopamine as it does during masturbation.  Dopamine needs to be released from the brain to stimulate an erection – so less dopamine means a lesser erection.  Also, with the act of masturbating once sensitive areas can become less sensitive with repeated use.  Dr Waterman, a psychologist, claims that if this trend continues then the man will eventually fail to gain an erection.

Dr Waterman argues that the cure to this problem is to resist the urge for masturbation and sex in general.  After a period of abstination, then she claims that the man’s libido should return to normal and the erection returns.

There is an argument to suggest that there is only so much hormonal reserve.  So, in essence, if you have a lot of sexual interaction there is a chance that the urge for sex might deplete.  The faster you have sex, the more often in a short period, the less chance your body has to recuperate.  Therefore, there is less of an argument for masturbation being the problem and more a problem of the “quicky” action involved. This explains why Dr Waterman asks people to refrain from masturbating to regain function, then.

So, masturbating is the problem then?

First and foremost, erectile dysfunction does not result from masturbation.  Masturbating continues to be a healthy and fun activity, which should be enjoyed without guilt and taboo.

Erectile Dysfunction is a complex condition caused by a number of factors.  The most likely explanation is stress, which prevents the levels of dopamine release to be such to encourage an erection.  It is also likely to be due to aromatase – where estrogen eats up testosterone, which means that libido is limited.  Or, it could be that testosterone is binding with human growth hormone and therefore not being actively available for sex drive.

So, there are many reasons why you might struggle with erectile dysfunction – but, as with the idea that you might go blind, or that you might experience it falling off – ED is unlikely caused by your masturbating habit!

But, more importantly, what can you do about it!

Does Masturbation cause erectile dysfunction

If stopping your masturbating habit doesn’t return the full function of your erection, what else can you do? Well, there are many supplements that can help you return to full function.  Here are three that you might want to use – and the best thing is that they come with limited side effects! Amazing!

First: Tongkat Ali

Indonesians are keen on this supplement. Literally centuries of ancient medicine claim that it is the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world.  It is also pretty good for your all round health too… so worth a go.

Second: Maca

Peruvians are wild about Maca.  This grows in the Andes and draws its strength from the rocks and stony soil at high altitude.  This means that it is quite the aphrodisiac, as well as being really good at rejuvenating the body.

Third: Horny Goat Weed

Said to drive old rats rampant, Horny Goat Weed is an excellent way of overcoming erectile dysfunction.  It is meant to give you stamina and help you live longer all at the same time!

So, from your blind writer, who has a sore wrist – here is the suggestion: have fun, don’t worry and supplement.  How many times have you heard that salt is bad for you, wine will kill you and chocolate will lead to your destruction? Sometimes, you just have to risk it and then find a supplement to sort the problem out!

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