Tongkat Ali: Testosterone Booster

Natural Testosterone Booster

Are you a body-builder? Are you over thirty and starting to feel the effects of a body that is preparing for middle age? Are you a man, or a woman, who has lost all her sex drive? It is likely that your body needs a boost of testosterone. Don’t roll your eyes and think that this is not for you – that is this is for men with ego or men with inappropriate desires. Stick with us, we will show you why you want to consider taking Tongkat Ali – for your health and for your happiness.

Human beings are a complex mush of hormones. Men and women have testosterone, though men have it in much greater quantities than women. Men also have estrogen. The older men get the more estrogen they have and the more the estrogen eats up the testosterone. Women, when they lose ovaries or go through the menopause, also lose a source of testosterone.

The focus on testosterone is obviously partly to do with libido. Once the testosterone levels drop, so does the urge to have sex in both men and women. However, testosterone interacts positively with dopamine and it helps to destroy cortisol. Think about this point carefully: it helps to boost levels of happy hormones and works to eradicate the excess stress hormone. This means a testosterone booster such as Tongkat Ali is essential to the mental health of older people. In women it could be the answer to PMS or it could be the way of combatting post-menopausal mood swings.

Testosterone Booster

However, this is not to dismiss the importance of libido. In men, sex is the primary way that they show love and intimacy with a partner. To lose the drive to have sex brings on uncertainty and insecurity about the strength of the relationship. If the testosterone is so low, caused partly by the aromatase process and partly because the body creates SHBG that take testosterone out of action, then a man can experience erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Now, this not only impacts on the man’s sense of security in their relationship but also their masculinity.

It really is this important to maintain your testosterone levels. You can laugh and you can mock, you can feel embarrassed at the idea that you need a performance enhancer – but this is not just about sex. This is about how we express our feelings and how we feel about ourselves.

There are other benefits, especially for the bodybuilder. testosterone is the hormone that helps muscle to regenerate. This means that the athlete can rip into their muscle in a training session and the additionally testosterone will make recovery quicker. This allows the bodybuilder to train more, if they really want to add to their lean muscle mass. Alternatively, it means they can train less, assured that the body is using the training done effectively. Sometimes over training can lead to athletes training on already traumatized muscle – which is both ineffective and putting them at risk of injury.

So, the benefits of a testosterone booster are unquestionable. The point now is why you would choose a herbal supplement over pharmaceuticals. Hormone Replacement Therapy and Viagra are the commonly prescribed solutions to low testosterone in men. Bodybuilders can equally take the option of steroids. However, each of these choices comes with a significant health concern for the user. The side effects of Viagra, for instance, can include a painful erection that lasts for over four hours. The standard treatment, once medication has been exhausted, is to make 3 surgical cuts into the penis to release blood. There is also the possibility of increased sniffing, upset stomach and dizziness.

Natural Testosterone Booster


Unlike pharmaceuticals, Tongkat Ali extract boost natural production of testosterone. This means that your body will not be working against normal processes and therefore testosterone is not at risk of completely running out. Tongkat Ali hinders the aromatase process and prevents testosterone restrained by sexual hormone binding globule. This means that the testosterone is available for the body, which was already being produced but being destroyed by the ageing process. It is not like Viagra, in that it will have an instant impact on performance. However, after a few weeks, this testosterone booster will have a sustained effect on your health and mindset – including your performance in the bedroom.

Chinese and Indian ancient herbalists have long since prescribed Tongkat Ali for lots of ailments – but it is well recognised by centuries of wisdom that it is one of the best aphrodisiacs. Scientific studies are few and far between but the anecdotal evidence is profound. The best source of Tongkat Ali is from Indonesia. Here the indigenous people are used to harvest the plants from the high hills – as they are skilled in picking out plants older than 10 years. Here the root of the plant, which has worked so hard to draw nutrients from rocky land to keep the plant alive, is packed with nourishing compounds.

Using a testosterone booster seems common sense. It impacts on so many aspects of our lives – whether we are men or women – why would we choose to be embarrassed? Our lives are short and we deserve the possibility of every happiness. Our lifespan is much longer now. Thirty is nowhere near old and this is the age that men start to lose testosterone. Even men in their 50s and 60s could be looking to start a new relationship or take life in a new direction. In short, if we don’t do something then we are condemning ourselves to a long old age.

Using a supplement such as Tongkat Ali has the duel effect of working to reverse the natural ageing processes in the body and offering other health benefits – coming packed with vitamins and minerals. The side effects are minimal and largely discredited by the people who continue to use Tongkat Ali day in and day out – it is safe and well tolerated for extended use. This could be the answer to the question you didn’t even know was an issue yet.


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