Does Masturbation cause erectile dysfunction?

Remember when you were a kid and you were told that masturbating would make you go blind? Have you ever wondered how there could be so many sighted people in the world if this was true?  Then, there is the myth that it might fall off if you carry on tugging at your penis.  Again – how is the population of the world still growing if there are so many eunuchs padding around the globe?

Masturbation and erectile dsyfunction

In other words, there are many, many myths surrounding masturbation.  It is a taboo and therefore people make up all sorts of stories through history to explain why people shouldn’t do it.  Here are some favourites:

  • People in relationships don’t masturbate… which cannot possibly be true consider the difference between male and female libido!
  • Its an abnormal part of sexual development. This is wrong – teenagers are encouraged to explore their genitalia if they are going to grow with a healthy understanding of sexual functionality.
  • There are no health benefits to masturbation. Not true. It’s a great reliever of stress and helps improve concentration. In middle age men it is thought to be a great way to reduce the risk or prostate cancer.
  • You can masturbate too much. Well, you can make it sore… but beyond this there is no problem masturbating regularly – unless it is all you can think about – then you might want to find help.
  • People masturbate alone. This is only true if these people have never been introduced to foreplay.  Masturbation is an important technique in stimulating the desire in your partner.  Give it a try!

In short, there are so many stories that say masturbation is wrong and shameful – that it is not surprising that one of the myths is that masturbation will break your erection. So, let’s explore how true this is.

Why is masturbating thought to be the problem?

Does Masturbation cause erectile dysfunction

Now, there seems to be a fair amount of literature that would suggest this statement is a lie.  Some scientists are putting a lot of effort into proving that enjoying porn alone is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction and is a result of addictive behaviour.  Now, not to be cynical, but maybe there is some vested interest in proving that masturbation is wrong?

According to Dr Waterman, masturbating releases a lot of dopamine in the brain.  This means when sexual intimacy occurs the brain does not release as much dopamine as it does during masturbation.  Dopamine needs to be released from the brain to stimulate an erection – so less dopamine means a lesser erection.  Also, with the act of masturbating once sensitive areas can become less sensitive with repeated use.  Dr Waterman, a psychologist, claims that if this trend continues then the man will eventually fail to gain an erection.

Dr Waterman argues that the cure to this problem is to resist the urge for masturbation and sex in general.  After a period of abstination, then she claims that the man’s libido should return to normal and the erection returns.

There is an argument to suggest that there is only so much hormonal reserve.  So, in essence, if you have a lot of sexual interaction there is a chance that the urge for sex might deplete.  The faster you have sex, the more often in a short period, the less chance your body has to recuperate.  Therefore, there is less of an argument for masturbation being the problem and more a problem of the “quicky” action involved. This explains why Dr Waterman asks people to refrain from masturbating to regain function, then.

So, masturbating is the problem then?

First and foremost, erectile dysfunction does not result from masturbation.  Masturbating continues to be a healthy and fun activity, which should be enjoyed without guilt and taboo.

Erectile Dysfunction is a complex condition caused by a number of factors.  The most likely explanation is stress, which prevents the levels of dopamine release to be such to encourage an erection.  It is also likely to be due to aromatase – where estrogen eats up testosterone, which means that libido is limited.  Or, it could be that testosterone is binding with human growth hormone and therefore not being actively available for sex drive.

So, there are many reasons why you might struggle with erectile dysfunction – but, as with the idea that you might go blind, or that you might experience it falling off – ED is unlikely caused by your masturbating habit!

But, more importantly, what can you do about it!

Does Masturbation cause erectile dysfunction

If stopping your masturbating habit doesn’t return the full function of your erection, what else can you do? Well, there are many supplements that can help you return to full function.  Here are three that you might want to use – and the best thing is that they come with limited side effects! Amazing!

First: Tongkat Ali

Indonesians are keen on this supplement. Literally centuries of ancient medicine claim that it is the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world.  It is also pretty good for your all round health too… so worth a go.

Second: Maca

Peruvians are wild about Maca.  This grows in the Andes and draws its strength from the rocks and stony soil at high altitude.  This means that it is quite the aphrodisiac, as well as being really good at rejuvenating the body.

Third: Horny Goat Weed

Said to drive old rats rampant, Horny Goat Weed is an excellent way of overcoming erectile dysfunction.  It is meant to give you stamina and help you live longer all at the same time!

So, from your blind writer, who has a sore wrist – here is the suggestion: have fun, don’t worry and supplement.  How many times have you heard that salt is bad for you, wine will kill you and chocolate will lead to your destruction? Sometimes, you just have to risk it and then find a supplement to sort the problem out!

Tongkat Ali: Testosterone Booster

Natural Testosterone Booster

Are you a body-builder? Are you over thirty and starting to feel the effects of a body that is preparing for middle age? Are you a man, or a woman, who has lost all her sex drive? It is likely that your body needs a boost of testosterone. Don’t roll your eyes and think that this is not for you – that is this is for men with ego or men with inappropriate desires. Stick with us, we will show you why you want to consider taking Tongkat Ali – for your health and for your happiness.

Human beings are a complex mush of hormones. Men and women have testosterone, though men have it in much greater quantities than women. Men also have estrogen. The older men get the more estrogen they have and the more the estrogen eats up the testosterone. Women, when they lose ovaries or go through the menopause, also lose a source of testosterone.

The focus on testosterone is obviously partly to do with libido. Once the testosterone levels drop, so does the urge to have sex in both men and women. However, testosterone interacts positively with dopamine and it helps to destroy cortisol. Think about this point carefully: it helps to boost levels of happy hormones and works to eradicate the excess stress hormone. This means a testosterone booster such as Tongkat Ali is essential to the mental health of older people. In women it could be the answer to PMS or it could be the way of combatting post-menopausal mood swings.

Testosterone Booster

However, this is not to dismiss the importance of libido. In men, sex is the primary way that they show love and intimacy with a partner. To lose the drive to have sex brings on uncertainty and insecurity about the strength of the relationship. If the testosterone is so low, caused partly by the aromatase process and partly because the body creates SHBG that take testosterone out of action, then a man can experience erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Now, this not only impacts on the man’s sense of security in their relationship but also their masculinity.

It really is this important to maintain your testosterone levels. You can laugh and you can mock, you can feel embarrassed at the idea that you need a performance enhancer – but this is not just about sex. This is about how we express our feelings and how we feel about ourselves.

There are other benefits, especially for the bodybuilder. testosterone is the hormone that helps muscle to regenerate. This means that the athlete can rip into their muscle in a training session and the additionally testosterone will make recovery quicker. This allows the bodybuilder to train more, if they really want to add to their lean muscle mass. Alternatively, it means they can train less, assured that the body is using the training done effectively. Sometimes over training can lead to athletes training on already traumatized muscle – which is both ineffective and putting them at risk of injury.

So, the benefits of a testosterone booster are unquestionable. The point now is why you would choose a herbal supplement over pharmaceuticals. Hormone Replacement Therapy and Viagra are the commonly prescribed solutions to low testosterone in men. Bodybuilders can equally take the option of steroids. However, each of these choices comes with a significant health concern for the user. The side effects of Viagra, for instance, can include a painful erection that lasts for over four hours. The standard treatment, once medication has been exhausted, is to make 3 surgical cuts into the penis to release blood. There is also the possibility of increased sniffing, upset stomach and dizziness.

Natural Testosterone Booster


Unlike pharmaceuticals, Tongkat Ali extract boost natural production of testosterone. This means that your body will not be working against normal processes and therefore testosterone is not at risk of completely running out. Tongkat Ali hinders the aromatase process and prevents testosterone restrained by sexual hormone binding globule. This means that the testosterone is available for the body, which was already being produced but being destroyed by the ageing process. It is not like Viagra, in that it will have an instant impact on performance. However, after a few weeks, this testosterone booster will have a sustained effect on your health and mindset – including your performance in the bedroom.

Chinese and Indian ancient herbalists have long since prescribed Tongkat Ali for lots of ailments – but it is well recognised by centuries of wisdom that it is one of the best aphrodisiacs. Scientific studies are few and far between but the anecdotal evidence is profound. The best source of Tongkat Ali is from Indonesia. Here the indigenous people are used to harvest the plants from the high hills – as they are skilled in picking out plants older than 10 years. Here the root of the plant, which has worked so hard to draw nutrients from rocky land to keep the plant alive, is packed with nourishing compounds.

Using a testosterone booster seems common sense. It impacts on so many aspects of our lives – whether we are men or women – why would we choose to be embarrassed? Our lives are short and we deserve the possibility of every happiness. Our lifespan is much longer now. Thirty is nowhere near old and this is the age that men start to lose testosterone. Even men in their 50s and 60s could be looking to start a new relationship or take life in a new direction. In short, if we don’t do something then we are condemning ourselves to a long old age.

Using a supplement such as Tongkat Ali has the duel effect of working to reverse the natural ageing processes in the body and offering other health benefits – coming packed with vitamins and minerals. The side effects are minimal and largely discredited by the people who continue to use Tongkat Ali day in and day out – it is safe and well tolerated for extended use. This could be the answer to the question you didn’t even know was an issue yet.


How to improve your sex life to save your relationship

Have you ever sat down with your partner and had “that chat”? The chat that starts with the text message at work or the gym: “We need to talk.” Your heart sinks to the pit of your stomach and you know at some point you are going to hear the phrase: “It’s not you, it’s me.” Or, you will feel yourself saying: “We just don’t have the same desire for each other anymore.”

Healthy sex life

When you have been together with someone for a while there is a chance that you fall into a sedentary routine.  You do the same thing each week, at the same time, and it feels comfortable.  Your sex becomes irregular because one or the other of you is just not that bothered, or too tired, or maybe, you worry, they just don’t fancy you anymore.  You love your partner so deep inside you can’t imagine life without them.

But. All this routine and lack of intimacy makes you feel older than your years; or your years are starting to oppress you with too much meaning.

You fear that your life partner has become your friend and not your lover. So, you consider breaking up, staying friends but seeking passion with another.  It will be new; it will make you feel younger and more vital.  The initial pain and grief felt at the loss of your lifetime love will soon be replaced with a bond with another and you believe the risk is worth the potential reward.

Stop a moment.  Stop before you risk everything that you do have for the things that you do not.  There may be such a simple reason for your feelings, and so there will be a solution.

First, testosterone levels will mean men will always have more sex drive than women.  Women create testosterone in their ovaries and adrenal glands but in much smaller amounts.  Estrogen is a natural enemy of testosterone – therefore, women’s greater allocation of estrogen means that they do not have the same level of sexual desire as men.  Ovaries excrete testosterone at the time when women are most fertile – life is clever that way – sex is ultimately a means of reproduction.

healthy relationship

Second, testosterone levels in men begin to drop after the age of thirty.  Your body, to regulate urges with physical capabilities, slows men up a little.  No-one wants a dislocated hip mid-coitus.  Thus, the body goes through a process called aromatise.  This is when men produce more estrogen and this destroys some of the testosterone.  This not only lowers men’s sex drive but it causes a build of fat in the breast area and around the belly region.  Moobs and middle aged spread, along with baldness, are all a result of aromatise.

Healthy Relationship

Third, women go through the menopause, which is widely accepted as a cause of women’s loss of sex drive as they grow older.  It also causes a drying of the vaginal wall.  However, men go through the andropause.  This is a reduction in the production of testosterone in the brain and in the Leydig cells, which causes a loss of libido, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.  Age is no fun and no friend of an active sex life!

Finally, with comfort and routine comes a natural lack of spark – even without the intervention of the body and age.  But, even this is something that we can do something about.  It is not an inevitability that you will head towards your comfy pants and slippers on a Friday night.

So, before your send that “We need to chat” text message, consider some alternatives first.   Consider if you need to do something to address your sex life and whether this is turn will help you gain back some of the intimacy, some of the excitement, which drew you to your life partner in the first place.  There are a lot of options and a lot of these options will help with your health at the same time!

To begin with you need to eat well and exercise lots.  This will give you more energy and in the end, give you more time.  It is poor logic that says the hour at the gym stops you from being with your partner.  If you go home early is it possible that you end up on the games console and she ends up on the phone to her mum? Or, she ends up sitting in one room watching TV, whilst you work in your office.  The hour in the gym could be enough to revitalise you to spend the evening together in the bedroom.

Healthy Sex life

There are certain foods that are going to help with your energy levels and sex drive.  Watermelon offers a massive boost to your sexual health because it contains phytonutrients – watch Dirty Dancing again – they knew what they were doing!  Spices like ginger and cinnamon can literally heat things up.  Then, there are foods filled with protein that will help your recovery rates – like eggs.

Then there is supplementation.  There are lots of natural herbs promoted by ancient Chinese and Indian medics, which have an impact in your sexual and all round health.  Selecting supplements like Ginseng can help as a natural aphrodisiac, as can Tongkat Ali.  Tongkat Ali is also a testosterone booster – so can battle the processes of ageing.  There is also Horny Goat Weed – a particular favourite – and yes, purely because the name is funny.  But, imagine starting the evening with your partner by placing a bottle of Horny Goat Weed on the counter – intentions clear and some humour to the situation too!

Your sex life might not be the problem in your relationship.  This might all be too simple and reduces the emotional struggles you are facing.  But, stop a moment and consider if it might be the oppression of age and the sense of youth leaving – and it is this that is beginning to create a small gulf between you and the person you love to the pit of your stomach.  Surely, it is better to have the conversation about your sex life, then it is to have the conversation about the end of your time together.


Symptoms of low testosterone in Women

The British Menopause Society broke a taboo to talk about sex drive in women.  In the article, Testosterone on NHS ‘could help boost women’s libido’, they note that women lose sexual desire as they go through menopause, with “15% of menopausal women” having a complete loss of libido.  In response, Nick Panay, a gynaecologist, suggests that testosterone products should be prescribed to women, at a lower dose to men, so they can benefit too.

Symptoms of low testosterone in Women

Testosterone is the male hormone and it might be surprising to know that women need this too.  In fact, men and women have a balance of both sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone, in their body.  In men testosterone is secreted from the brain and the testicles.  In women, the hormone is secreted from the brain and the ovaries.  When the ovaries stop working or are removed as part of a hysterectomy or partial hysterectomy, then testosterone levels drop off.

Although the loss of libido is the headline impact, when talking about testosterone, there are six other debilitating effects on women.  Learning about the symptoms of low testosterone in women might help contextualise the British Menopause Society’s suggestion that it should be prescribed.

Impact one: Low testosterone causes an increased sense of fatigue and exhaustion.

If women find that they are still tired, even after a good night’s sleep, then it is possible that this is a symptom of low testosterone.  When testosterone levels drop too low then you can feel exhausted and drained.  In fact, disrupted sleep is also a symptom of testosterone and can therefore heighten the exhaustion felt.  Hormonal balance is massively important to feel rested and energetic.

Impact two: Weight gain and difficulty losing weight.

Symptoms of low testosterone in Women

There is a reason why bodybuilders have taken testosterone through the ages, it helps to boost lean muscle gain.  Testosterone helps muscles to recover more quickly after exercise.  However, in men and women, a reduction of testosterone causes fat to gather around the middle.  With less testosterone, estrogen levels can boom, which in turn can decrease the density of bones.  Osteoporosis is a common result of increased estrogen levels.  Therefore, hormonal balance is important to muscle and bone health.

Impact three: Mood swings, depression and low mood.

Testosterone gets a bad rap.  It is linked to aggression, which it can induce when there is an excess amount in our system.  However, too little and our body is hormonally out of balance.  In women, this is true too.  Testosterone encourages the production of dopamine.  This means that it boosts the happy hormone in our brain.  A lot of anti-depressants work on serotonin.  If you are going through the menopause, this might not be the hormone that is out of balance. You might be more sensible to take a testosterone supplement – which will give you energy and boost your dopamine.  It is worth a try before opting for serious pharmaceuticals, which anti-depressants most certainly are.

Impact four: increased anxiety.

Symptoms of low testosterone in Women

Testosterone is also important in regulating cortisol in the body.  This is the hormone that inspires stress.  Some stress is obviously important; it prompts us to act.  However, too much cortisol and we can be frozen with anxiety and fear.  Therefore, achieving hormonal balance is important here too.  Testosterone is also incompatible with cortisol.  This makes sense in caveman terms – manly testosterone battles away the fear in the face of massive dangers.  In terms of low testosterone in women, in a modern age where threats are as imposing, though often not visible – anxiety is a real threat.  Therefore, testosterone supplements can make facing life possible.

Impact five: Difficulty when concentrating.

When trying to diagnose low testosterone, doctors are often hindered by the fact that many of the symptoms are considered a normal part of old age.  Therefore, when you find your concentration drifting you decide you are just getting dotty.  In fact, a symptom of low testosterone is difficulty in concentrating.

Impact six: Loss of hair.

For men, baldness is upsetting but accepted for some into old age.  For women, loss of hair has a massive impact on femininity and self-esteem in general.  This hair loss might not be so dramatic in women to create a bald patch; it could lead to a thinning of the hair.  Women might also notice that they do not have to shave arm pits and legs quite so much.

If the loss of hair is dramatic then it is easy for doctors to gauge that this is a hormonal imbalance.  You are likely to receive a prescription for hormonal replacement therapy regimen.

So, testosterone is important

It is a shame that testosterone is linked so tightly to male sexuality. It is in fact just one hormone in all our bodies.  These hormones balance the function of our mind and body and an imbalance of any kind can have dramatic impacts on our lives.

For women, the menopause changes the hormonal make-up in our bodies.  We suddenly lose a source of testosterone, which in turn increases estrogen and cortisol production.  A loss of testosterone also impacts on dopamine production.  All in all – the body’s hormones become wildly out of sync.  We can accept that this is a part of ageing and deal with the physical and mental effects, or we can take control of the symptoms.

Supplements have existed for centuries, mostly for the use of men to help with libido and sexual function.  However, taking a low dose of testosterone supplements can have a massive impact on a woman’s life.  Supplements such as Tongkat Ali are herbal, the extract comes direct from the root of the plant that grows in Indonesia and Malaysia.    This means that the supplement has few side effects and is well tolerated over a long period.  The effects build up over time, so the impact on the body is gentle.  This means that you are not going to risk swaying from one extreme to another.

It might be that the testosterone supplements are known for sexual function and improving experience and performance but why get distracted by the headline – when the other effects are so positive.

Improve sex life and save your relationship

The connection between sex and relationships.

Sex should not be the defining factor in a relationship.  It should not take improving your sex life to keep the love and intimacy alive with your life partner, whether it is with another man or a woman.  Yet still men, maybe more than women, see their ability to perform in the bedroom as a symbol of the health of the relationship.  There is no point saying this is wrong, as it is what they believe and feel deep within.  To invalidate this feeling, this idea, is to likely push that person more towards purposely failing the relationship, than helping to save it.

For men, sex is a primal instinct.  It is what grinds deep in your gut and, like every man from the caveman onwards, you have felt driven to show your desire and sense of connection through sexual intercourse.  Sex is the relationship for a man.  For a woman, love is the relationship.

Save your relationship

So, it is important to begin by talking to your partner and explaining how you feel.  Explain to your partner that you feel your impotence or your loss of libido or the premature ejaculations are all signs to you that you are failing them.  You may even want to explore if this sexual irregularity is caused by a loss of the fire in the relationship and whether the partner believes this is as terminal for the relationship as you feel it might be.

Talking is a surprisingly easy way of releasing the anxiety and depression that may itself be contributing to the dysfunctions in the bedroom.  Communication in a relationship is the defining factor in knowing whether it is in trouble or not.  By talking you are making healthy what once felt like death.  Easy is of course relative.  Talking about your sexual health and sexual performance is incredibly exposing and if there is one generalization that is almost always a fact: men hate feeling vulnerable.

How sex can improve a relationship

Save your relationship

So, maybe, just maybe, rather than focusing on how sex can save a relationship, it is important to think how sex can improve a relationship.  A small but important change in focus.  The relationship isn’t broken because the sex has stopped or is less often, it is just not easy to express how you feel anymore.

Think about the story of Yin and Yang.  When joined Yin and Yang bind together to bring heaven and earth at one point in time.  It is transcendental.  Women the Yin empower and give life to Yang by bonding in intimate partnership.  It is not the merging of bodily juices; it is the bonding of two human beings whose body is designed to fit together, to become a union of one.  If your union with another man is as important, remember you too are designed to form a single being.

So do not save your relationship with sex.  Improve your relationship with the action of sex.  Ask your partner to help you fit inside her or him again, so that you can feel bonded.  Ask them to work with you to bring back your libido, your erection, your control.  After 30 men suffer a reduction in hormones that feeds virility.  It is not a sign of your emotions, it is a sign of your bodily chemicals.  Reach out and say how important it to you, as a man, to feel physically connected to your life partner.  It is not a selfish desire for pleasure; it is a need so deep inside that you have no words for this feeling – maybe just a growl.

Do some research, get playful, work together to find ways to make this place of together happy again – and improve your relationship.  Don’t disregard any possibility.  The adventure is in learning what might work for you and your life partner.  Be cheeky, be playful, be daring – who knows what will work.  But, also – be safe – with your body, your mind, your emotions – and those of the person you love.

How to help yourself to help your sex life and then to improve your relationship

Save your relationship

You deserve a better life.  You deserve to find something that will make it easier to make the changes that will make your happier.  It is not embarrassing – it is not what other people do.

There, now we are passed the point where we think that seeking supplements to help with life is for other, more deserving people – there is some news worth sharing.  There are three products made from herbs, used for centuries by ancient medics who sought to bring balance and happiness to others.  Here are some details of these products to help you in your pursuit of a happier relationship.

Tongkat Ali is an herb known as herbal Viagra by some and deemed as one the most effective aphrodisiacs by Dr Oz.  This herb builds up gradually in your system, prompting it to naturally produce more testosterone.  This means that your body won’t go into overdrive immediately but the changes are sustainable and unlikely to cause more problems that they solve!  This herb also improves blood flow to your vital parts and is a known natural supplement against depression.  Come on, now – surely this sounds like something that could really help you out.

AE-3 is actually three different supplements brought together in one place: chrysin, nettle root and Diindolylmethane (DIM).  This supplement, also sold as SD-200, fights the three causes of reduced sexual performance in men.  The first of these is aromatase, which is the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.  This is a natural part of ageing – as the body seeks to cool your fervour so you don’t dislocate a hip or something similar.  The second is SHBG – which takes testosterone out of action, as it is a globule that binds with sex hormones.  The third is an excess of estrogen in the body, which is a result of the andropause – the male version of the menopause.  It is not only women who lose fertility as they age.

Horny Goat Weed is an actual supplement.  If you cannot walk into a shop and ask for Horny Goat Weed because, you know, you have dignity and everything – then ask for GH-2 instead.  This is a potent aphrodisiac that clearly drives goats wild.  It is also known as the brain tonic of the ancients – because it meant an ancient mortal lived each day experiencing 100 orgasms.  Now, this is a lofty goal but is a sign that you could be helped to have maybe 2 or 3 orgasms a week as a mortal.  This is an herb that grows high in the mountains and so draws nutrients from the soil and rock to keep living – therefore it is great for your body on many other levels too.  (PS it helps with the symptoms of PMS and menopause mood disorders in women… this in itself might help your sex life and improve your relationship!)

In short!

Sex isn’t everything – but it is something.  It is how men express their intimate bond with their life partner.  Age is cruel and strips men of the virility they once enjoyed and it becomes easy to blame the relationship for the problem and not the body you want to use to show love for the relationship.  It is time to do something about improving your life by improving your relationship by improving your sex-life – in that order.  Go on, you deserve a bit of happiness.