Where to buy Tongkat Ali that is authentic

What is Tongkat Ali?

Where to buy authentic Tongkat Ali

Also known as Eurycoma Longifolia, it is a tree that grows up to 10 meters high and is from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. The name actually means “Ali’s walking stick” and comes from the tree’s long, narrow stick-like trunk. Tongkat Ali is effective no matter where it grows and all the tree is used for medicine.  However, opinion has it that not all Tongkat Ali supplements are equal in their effect or in their bioavailability to the body.  Therefore, a guide to buying is essential – if you want the best experience with the supplement.

Why is Tongkat Ali the right supplement for me?

How to buy authentic tongkat ali

The danger of external and synthetic testosterone replacement is that it can cause shrinkage of the male genitals.  The medics call this testicular atrophy and it caused by prolonged usage.  It can also cause skin reactions, fluid retention, baldness, aggravate sleep apnoea, stimulate non-cancerous growths in the prostate, enlarge your moobs, limit your sperm production and stimulate excess production.  So – in the risk and reward of synthetic testosterone boosters is definitely skewed more to the risk.

On the other hand, Tongkat Ali is a natural supplement that boosts testosterone in a relatively safe manner – working with your body as opposed to against it. Even though this is a great aphrodisiac, the main benefit of the root is that it is an excellent way of losing fat.  The supplement causes your cortisol levels to drop and your testosterone to rise. With this physiological effect you are going to shred fat and gain lean muscle.  It helps your body to reach a point of homeostasis, which means it is working in a much more balanced way.  A double placebo study in the UK found a 5% increase in lean body mass in the user group, with no significant changes in the placebo group.  A 5% gain in five weeks is impressive, as any body builder will tell you.  Therefore, this proves the superiority of the supplement already.

It is also helpful in increasing testosterone levels without risking your sperm count.  Tongkat Ali works by boosting the amount of Leydig cells you have.  So, it doesn’t stimulate your pre-existing Leydig cells to produce more testosterone, which will eventually mean you will stop producing testosterone altogether.  Instead, it boosts the number of cells, which in turn boosts testosterone.  So, there is no rebound effect and the health benefit is sustained.

Tongkat Ali also releases testosterone from sex hormone binding globules (SHBG) and leaves it available for the body to use.  This means that not only are you producing more testosterone but your body is able to use more of it effectively.  In 2012, there was a study of 76 men with hypogonadism.  Men’s body naturally starts to turn testosterone to estrogen as they age, which can cause impotence.  Before the trial 35% of men had abnormally low testosterone.  After using Tongkat Ali, 90% of the men’s testosterone levels had jumped to the normal range. The increase in testosterone can hold off some of the effects of age in men, including hair loss.

And with a boost to testosterone comes an increase in sex drive.  Tongkat Ali Root is more often than not bought by men who want an increase in libido and centuries of Chinese and Asian medical practice would suggest that it is successful.  There have been very few scientific studies on humans but anecdotal evidence is strong. One man who started taking the root because of a lack of sexual desire reported, after 10 days of use, sexual fantasies and a semi erection for much of the day.

You would imagine with more testosterone comes increased fertility but not necessarily so.  The fact that you have an increased libido doesn’t necessarily mean the quality of the semen, or the sperm count will be any different.  However, a study of 75 men who used Tongkat Ali Root every day for period of a month, experienced significant improvements in sperm count.  This lasted many months after the study had ended.  Medical follow ups of these men discovered an improvement in semen in its entirety.

Tongkat Ali also combats cortisol, the stress hormone.  This is one reason why testosterone is boosted, as cortisol suppresses the production of other hormones.  However, this is not all.  Testosterone enjoys a partnership with dopamine.  The more testosterone you produce the more dopamine you are likely to produce too, and vice versa.  I guess this is mother nature showing wisdom, making you feel good about life when you feel fertile and manly.  It is one way of keeping the species going. A study found that for those taking Eurycoma Longifolia there was an 11% decrease in tension, 12% reduction in anger and 15% less confusion.  A 16% reduction in cortisol resulted in a 37% increase in testosterone.  Yet more evidence that we are happier when we are manly and more manly when we feel happy.


What does “authentic” mean?

When a supplement comes with such wonderful claims for health benefits, there is a lot of opportunity for people to try to capitalise. First and foremost, you need the extract of the root and not a powder.  Checking the label carefully and seeing the list of ingredients is important.  Credible suppliers will make sure that the root is not laced with lead or mercury, which is common in some Tongkat Ali Root sources.  Equally, pure root burns fairly hot and can cause some discomfort.  Therefore, a reputable supplier will deliver Eurycoma Longifolia in a form that is well-tolerated by most people – so the supplier will make it clear that they have used a reputable extraction process and package it in a capsule or a tablet for delivery to the lower gut.

The supplement works better if you use Eurycoma Longifolia for a period of time and then have a break for about half the time of the supplement period.  Therefore, if you take Tongkat Ali Root for 8 weeks, you then might want to take a break of about 4 weeks, before starting to take the extract again.  This will help your body to maintain the long term effects of the root, without any possible effects of long term supplementation, which should always be done with caution.  Also, after a while your body will build a tolerance to the better effects of the herb.  By having a four week break then you are more likely to feel the effects when you do take the supplement.  If the supplier suggests that there will be instant effects, you might want to question what else is in the product or whether this claim is actually possible.

In other words, reputable, authentic suppliers will ask to modify your expectations a little when you first start taking the supplement.  It may take a little while to take effect.  It could take up to the third week before you feel the effects on your libido and improved ejaculations.  After a month you should certainly being feeling better, with an upsurge in well-being and libido.  If you don’t it might be a matter of increasing the dose or maybe just being a little patient.  Everybody is different and for you it might take a while for the effects to build up in your system.

What is the best variety?

Indonesia Tongkat Ali Extract is a well-known to be significantly better than other varieties of the supplement, even though it is also available from Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.    There is significant opinion in favour of Indonesia Tongkat Ali Extract because of the lead content in other countries’ and because the elevation in Indonesia, with its soil content, humidity, rainfall and general micro-environment, offers a better ecosystem for growing top quality Tongkat Ali.

For centuries, the locals from all these Asian countries have been using the extract taken from Tongkat Ali Root as a potent aphrodisiac.  For this reasn, Tongkat Ali gradually gained the title of Asian Viagra.

However, when you chose Indonesia Tongkat Ali you are guaranteed quality, with no adverse content and a product that is formed in an environment that requires it to draw a lot of nutrients out of the rocks and the soil.

What is the best dosage to buy?

Only recently have scientist come to understand how to extract the active agent Eurycoma Longifolia from the root.  Now the extract is widely available.  However, the optimum strength varies between types.  The best option is to seek out a 200:1 extract of Tongkat Ali in capsule form.  Why is this the best?

  1. It is the extract and not the powder. This means there is more of the active ingredient available and less likelihood that the supplement will have other agents mixed in.
  2. Coming in a capsule means that you will not suffer the burning sensation that can come from the powder and the pure extracted root. The manufacturer has developed an efficient and easy-to-swallow delivery system that means the active ingredient I available in the lower gut, where it can most efficiently seep into the blood supply.
  3. The strength 200:1 shows that there is the optimum level of active ingredient to achieve the effects that you desire – this is the most potent strength you can get on the market. You need there to be 400mg per capsule, taking two with your breakfast, to have the most efficient dosage of the extract each day.

You need to check the extraction process too.  It is important that the root is extracted using traditional methods, such as being water extracted.  These traditional methods have been developed over centuries to ensure the purest extract possible.

The great thing about a natural solution to these issues, is the small chance of side effects in comparison to other pharmaceutical products. However, with all rewards there will always come potential risks.  You will have to balance whether the reward is worth the consequences of taking the supplement.  One of the known effects is insomnia.  If you over do the dose it can do too much to the improvement of your energy and vitality.  To make sure this doesn’t happen make sure you start slowly.  If you start to struggle to sleep it might be a sign that your dose is too high.  You may also notice, or your partner will, that you are becoming more agitated and aggressive.  This is an extension of the increase in testosterone and should be managed by reducing the dosage.

Caffiene and Tongkat Ali Extract together can enhance the impact of each other.  This means that you could feel greater alertness bordering on aggression.  You may need to cut back on caffeine or choose a different extract.

For most Eurycoma Longifolia promotes wellbeing.  However, some people are sensitive to hormonal changes and the increase or difference in balance of hormone may result in anxiety.  It is likely that you are pre-disposed to anxiety anyway but there is no point in perpetuating such an unpleasant side effect.  It is important that you stop taking the extract straight away.  You may need to choose a different supplement, such as Ginseng.  If you think this might be you but still want to try Indonesia Tongkat Ali Extract, then start slowly and build up your dose.

Where should I buy my Tongkat Ali?

Where to buy authentic tongkat ali

You need to buy from a reputable dealer because you need to know you are getting what you paid for.  You need to check that the retailer speaks about the products ability to increase your body’s natural processes – look for key words like “Luteinzing Hormones” and the “Leydig cells” – this will tell you that they are not synthesizing testosterone unnaturally, instead working with your body and its natural functions.  Look to see if the retailer acknowledges the important of the sufficient dose and the right concentration – if they are offering super formulae at higher doses it is likely that is being padded out with more synthetic components.

You are looking for a supplement ideally from Indonesia, ideally at a concentration of 1:200 and in a dosage of 400mg.  You should be expected to take two a day but if you are starting slowly, this gives you the option of one a day – unlike some mega-doses.  This is the most crucial information to use when scouring the internet for your Tongkat Ali supplier. SD-200 is one of the best places buy authentic Tongkat Ali, SD-200 have surpassed many independent tests to proof its superior quality.

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