Boosting Testosterone with Supplements

Supplements to boost Testosterone

Why We Need Supplements          

In an ideal world, we would not need supplements. Health would be a given. But over the past years, we have been striving to get this perfect world and still struggle to get there. Nutrition and health issues have become a bit confusing. Is food enough to provide us with proper nutrition? Do we need to take supplements?

First let us define the primary needs of the body and why we need it. We need shelter, air, water, food and essential nutrients. The last part is where most people fall short. We rely on vegetables, fruits and our everyday meals to get nutrition but are these enough? During the ancient times, these sources might have had ample amount of nutrients. But there have been a lot of changes. Now why is that? Nutrients from vegetables and fruits come not only from their genetic characteristic to produce such nutrients but also from the soil. The nutritional value of plants and organic food largely depend upon the nutrients available in the soil. Over past few decades, we have devised methods of farming to maximize vegetable and fruit nutrition. Organic farming and even biodynamic farming cannot compete with the same nutritional value as supplements. True that these natural methods provide the body with the essential nutrients that we need but due to farming practices and soil degradation, many of the nutrients in the soil have depleted by 20 to 80%. If that factor should not be considered, perhaps organic food and vegetables would suffice in the nutrition factor of optimizing one’s health. But since that is not the case, it is impossible to get complete nutrition if you are eating locally.

For instance, in the United States alone, selenium is rich in certain states like Dakota. On the other hand, it is much depleted in Washington. So even if you try to do biodynamic farming, composting, or organic farming, the produce would still not have enough selenium that the body needs. That goes to say farmers might also not be able to grow plants with selenium if you live in these regions that have soils depleted in selenium. The location of the soil in one state can be a good source of one nutrient and not have the other.

Another example is Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a good example in the case of taking supplements. We often think eating carrots perhaps once or twice a week can give us ample amount of Vitamin A. In carrots, Vitamin A is in the form of Beta Carotene which is in the form of two Vitamin A molecules stuck together as one. There is a limiting factor as to how the body can process that and cleave that molecule into two digestible Vitamin A molecules that your body can process and use. Note that limiting factor. Add it up to the fact that soils nowadays are somehow depleted of the nutrients the Earth soils once had centuries ago. It is comparable to the way we harvest petroleum and the natural gases of the Earth. One day, it has to run out. Sorry to be so dramatic but the same goes to the minerals of the soil. We are mining it through farming and now, it has come to a shortage. Although not yet a complete shortage but it is a sizable amount that people with an increased need of a certain essential nutrient can hardly get the necessary amounts if they rely solely on their diets and organic food. So in that situation, if you take Vitamin A in a supplement form, your body can be able to easily absorb it and digest it without having to divide the Beta Carotene molecule.  Supplements provide us the digestible form of these necessary essential nutrients.

Another reason, why food is not enough to give us sufficient essential nutrients, is because it has been so impoverished due to commercial processing. Let’s face it, where can you find extremely fresh meat if you live in the city? Does meat today even provide enough protein to foster your thriving body’s needs? We often hear it said that they don’t need supplements and that they are healthy. It is important to stress on the authenticity and accuracy of these health claims. Have you ever met someone who never had a symptom in their body? It could be a rash, a painful back, gastritis, erratic menstrual cycle, eczema, falling hair, acne or a common joint pain. The same person will say, “I’m healthy and I don’t need to take supplements.” It is very common for people to assume they are healthy and blame a negative symptom of their body on genetics. “Oh my mom had that and she’s fine now!” We blame it all on genetics and assume that it is fine. Or we sometimes blame that nothing is perfect and that our bodies cannot really be perfect. But let us be medically frank here, if you have symptom anywhere in your body, whether it is a joint pain or a rash or back pain, it is an indication that your body is not healthy. A healthy biological body is symptom-free! If you have any of those, whatever it might be, by definition you are not healthy. In order to maintain the health of the human body, you need to optimize your health and aside from getting air, water, food, exercise, you need the essential nutrients that the soils of the Earth has been depleted of. These essential nutrients are only found in supplements. It is called essential because your body cannot make them. You need to take it in. Unfortunately, food is not enough to provide this need.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Supplements

Buying supplements

There are a lot of variables one should consider in choosing the right supplements, the nutrients they need and in choosing which company to buy these supplements from. One should also consider the form of the supplements, whether it is available in a form that the body can easily digest, the quality control of the product and the strict supply chain from the farmer to the manufacturer. This is vital because, say, for instance your body needs testosterone due to low testosterone level and several other factors. You decide to research about it and find out certain herbs that boost testosterone levels. Are you going to buy a supplement of that herb without researching how it was manufactured and where the raw materials came from? After reading this article, you’d most likely say you will research about it. But that doesn’t happen all the time. In most cases, people hardly ever research about the products they buy. They just notice the marketing information and then they decide to buy it. Product marketing often comes first before product quality and certain companies label products with a specific dosage per capsule or intake that is inconsistent with the amount it actually contains. It is a terribly sad truth but that actually happens in other companies. Quality control of the products, the raw materials, vital product formulation, manufacturing process, location and the actual supply chain are factors that should be considered because the effectivity of the nutritional supplement largely depends on these variables. Ever wonder why a lot of people take supplements and feel no effect? This is the advocacy of Pure Science Supplements, to provide you with the integrity of producing bioavailable supplements that you can digest and have correct information about.


Why You NEED Testosterone Booster Supplements

Testosterone boosting supplements


The “king” of all male hormones, Testosterone, is probably the most sensational and widely popular among the hormones. It is necessary for internal body processes in both males and females. Although testosterone is naturally produced by the body, age and several other factors somehow cause testosterone levels to decline. This can cause major decrease in our stamina, cognitive function, sex drive, self-esteem and several other aspects of our lives to be affected. These can cause the symptoms that signify that you are not healthy. Some people tend to have inherent spiked testosterone levels but the large majority of people rest on the far end of not having enough. Testosterone level can be raised by consistent rigid exercise, balanced diet, natural supplements and invasive methods. Indeed, it is always advisable to start on the mild end of exercise and balanced diet. However, more often than not, due to lack of testosterone our bodies cannot handle rigid exercise that is sufficient to raise testosterone level. The cause can be the motive and effect at the same time. Diet can also be hard to change for some people, given where they’re at and their circumstances. Work sometimes prevents people from focusing into their health. Other alternative methods can be quite invasive. Taking supplements is the only noninvasive natural method one can raise testosterone level without much effort. Aided by healthy diet and exercise it expedites the speed of raising testosterone level and utilizing it for recovery and optimizing one’s health. The need for this muscle building and libido enhancing hormone is taking the health supplements market by storm. Many companies offer a wide variety of supplements that promise an increase in libido, increase in testosterone in the form of synthetic testosterone, natural testosterone boosters or aphrodisiacs. Certain supplements claim to have all the aforementioned properties, plus an extra benefit of enhancing fertility and even muscle building properties. That is a marketing strategy in place and a smart consumer will always do his research before taking on these supplements.</span> <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Supplements with the right essential nutrients encourage the production of our natural testosterone.</span>

Why natural testosterone boosters are better than synthetic testosterone?

Synthetic Testosterone Booster


We’ve mentioned that there can be invasive methods to boost testosterone. The decision largely depends on you if you severely need testosterone that bad. Hwever, you have to realize repercussions that can go wrong if you decide to take synthetic testosterone instead of natural testosterone boosters. There are therapies that aim to give you synthetic testosterone via Testosterone Replacement Therapy method. But there is a catch to this! Medical practitioners who often perform this therapy seldom tell you the repercussion that penile shrinkage, testicular atrophy and chronic acne might occur. Why is that? When synthetic testosterone is introduced to the body, the body system is fooled that you do not need to produce your own testosterone. Your Leydig cells as well as the outer layers of the adrenal glands no longer perform its function of synthesizing testosterone because the pituitary gland will notice the presence and function of the synthetic testosterone. When you are taking testosterone, you surely do not want this to happen! The reason for taking testosterone is to enhance it and not inhibit the body’s natural capacity to produce it. This is where herbal and natural supplements play a big deal into naturally enhancing the body’s own ability to produce testosterone on its own without inhibit it in the long run. Because if you stop taking synthetic testosterone, not only are you going to be possibly affected by penile shrinkage, acne and testicular atrophy, you are prone to face the same problem on a greater risk. Your body may tend to lose its natural ability to produce testosterone. Leaning on the side of Mother Nature might prove to have greater long term benefits than synthetic chemically based products.


Why Men Need Testosterone

Testosterone performs a lot of important functions for both men and women. This hormone is actually present at birth and men in particular already have them in their testicles. Women do have them in their ovaries, but not at the same amount as that of the males. This hormone also plays an important role in women’s sex drive, energy, and physical strength. Testosterone is present early at birth and the effects of this male hormone may be observed especially during puberty when the boy turns into a man. This hormone typically marks manliness which men enjoy until the symptoms of a low “T” level arise due to a lot of factors.  In normal circumstances, a man’s body is capable of producing ample amount of testosterone but when age, stress, and chronic diseases are in the picture, this male hormone may slowly take a dip. The symptoms of decreased libido, decreased muscle mass and increased body fat, among others, can prompt men to do something about his waning “manliness”. Often times they will turn to natural supplementation of testosterone with diet and herbal supplements.


What are the herbs, vitamins and supplements that naturally boost testosterone?

Supplementation would indicate that that there is not enough supply of an important element in one’s health. A holistic nutritious diet supposedly fills up the demand but most of the time it is not realistic and due to depleted nutrients in the soil it is almost impossible to have all the nutrients from your diet, hence the need for supplementation.

When the hormone testosterone is near its tipping point, most men will do all means to find ways to augment his low “T” levels by doing compound exercises, diet modification, lifestyle changes and supplementation. There are immediate boosters like steroid injections, implants, and gels, but unlike these “quick fix” stuff, natural supplements may help the body raise the “T” levels gradually and naturally to make an enough supply to be able to decrease the symptoms of low “T”. Like all the other supplements, there is no guarantee for maximum efficacy and a decrease in low “T” symptoms may vary from one person to another. The list below will only provide some of the widely used natural herbs, vitamins, and supplements that may be of help to increase testosterone levels. It is advisable to consult your doctor before taking any form of supplementation.


Tongkat Ali

tongkat ai













Tongkat Ali is a rare herb otherwise known as Eurykoma Longifolia Jack found in the virgin tropical rainforests of Indonesia. This native plant from Southeast Asia is popular for its aphrodisiac properties. Apart from its sexual enhancement features, this native plant from Southeast Asia has been used for centuries for its treatment for diarrhea, boils, ulcer, tuberculosis and dysentery. This herb is sometimes utilized as a natural libido enhancer, sports performance booster, and weight loss booster. It is a natural alternative for men with low “T” and works by stimulating the production of androgen hormones like testosterone. Research shows that taking 200-300 mg of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack produces no adverse effects. Supplements in tablet or capsule forms are available in the market. Just make sure to consult with a doctor for proper dosage. Pure Science Supplements manufactures Water Extracted Tongkat Ali purely sourced from Indonesia. Tongkat Ali is a natural testosterone booster that works to increase the body’s capacity to produce increased testosterone levels. This is very beneficial because, again, as it is just a booster and not a synthetic testosterone, it does not inhibit the body’s natural capacity but enhances it. Enhanced testosterone production can lead to decreased body fat increase in muscle mass, stronger tissues and enhanced collagen production, and can reverse the almost irreparable effects of erectile dysfunction. There are several manufacturers of herbal Tongkat Ali supplements but as we have mentioned at first, it is vital to know the sources, the quality control and the strict supply chain of how the product was derived. There are three methods of extracting Tongkat Ali such as Water, Alcohol and HPLC Standardized Extracting method. Among the three methods, water Eurycoma Longifolia Jack from Indonesia is the most efficient as it is unaffected by alcohol or other chemicals. Now you may ask why from Indonesia? Malaysian Tongkat Ali has high lead content which can be detrimental to one’s health instead of beneficial. There are sellers and companies who claim to produce Malaysian Tongkat Ali but there is no Tongkat Ali plantation in Malaysia that is legally allowed for commerce or trade. It is blatant in Malaysia that Tongkat Ali is a protected herb since 2001 and harvesting from any sources especially in the forests of Malaysia is illegal. Any source who argues that they manufacture Tongkat Ali from Malaysia is certainly not selling what they say they are selling. It is imperative to balance one’s hormones especially one’s testosterone needs. Tongkat Ali from Indonesia, manufactured by Pure Science can give you just what you need to add that extra boost of energy, stamina and strength that you need.


Maca Root

Maca Root











Maca is a plant that grows in the mineral rich volcanic soil of Peru and Bolivia. Its nutrients are concentrated because it grows in conditions of intense climates where no other plant survives. It does not have any competition in absorbing the rich minerals of the soil, thus, it absorbs the nutrients of the rich volcanic soil all to itself. It is known as a stress adaptogen as it regenerates the adrenal glands which produces testosterone and lowers the stress hormone cortisol. The less cortisol you have, the less stress, the less angry, and the more sound your body is. Maca is rich in sterols which promotes regeneration of fatigued cells and quicker recovery from physical stress and training. Maca is often used as a supplement by athletes to recover from training and often used by people who suffer hormonal imbalance. Notice how it helps the body produce testosterone and not mislead the body by replacing its testosterone. In this way, it is similar to Tongkat Ali as it promotes the production of testosterone by the body naturally. It is not invasive and not synthetic. It aids in the reproduction process. It has been debated if Maca is a testosterone booster or an aphrodisiac. By definition, an aphrodisiac is something that you take in, whether food or drink that stimulates sexual desire or drive. If you consider all the characteristics of Maca Root, you can say that it is both an aphrodisiac and a testosterone booster because one can be the other and vice versa. A testosterone booster, if it successfully does what it is intended for, boosts sex drive and aids in reproduction. An aphrodisiac boosts libido by increasing the body’s testosterone. Maca Root is also useful in concentration, recovery, balancing women’s erratic menstrual cycles and coping with stress. It is considered by the Peruvians as an ancient superfood.


Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed is a testosterone mimetic herb discovered in ancient Chinese medicine to naturally treat impotence and boost testosterone. Icariin, the active ingredient of Horny Goat Weed, is a prenylated flavonoid that has been used an as ancient aphrodisiac. Goat Weed increases nitrous oxide and testosterone levels in the body. This herb has also proved to be beneficial to bone health, boosts energy, reduces stress, increases muscle mass and improves overall performance. We repeatedly stress the importance of quality control of the manufacturing supply chain as it greatly affects the efficacy, quality and accuracy of the finished product. Pure Science Supplements uses low-heat extraction technology that assures you of getting the highest quality Horny Goats Weed in the market. We firmly believe that the process of extraction and manufacturing affect the overall condition of the company and we protect it by producing only the best quality herbal products for our customers.



In traditional folk medicine, this tropical plant otherwise known as Tribulus terrestris (TT) was used to naturally increase testosterone although studies on both animals and humans have yielded mixed results. This fruit, leaf, and roots of this plant are processed to be made into teas, capsules or tablets with safe doses ranging from 85 to 250 mg three times a day. TT may be able to elevate the levels of LH (luteinizing hormone), which also has a major role in stimulating the testes to produce more testosterone. This plant is also used to help increase muscle mass and improve sexual performance.


D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA)

This is a natural amino acid found in the Leydig cells (the cells that produce testosterone in the presence of luteinizing hormone) of the testes. D-AA plays a major role in the neurotransmission between the brain and the Leydig cells for the conversion of cholesterol to testosterone. A certain study showed an increase of testosterone levels by up to 42% after taking this supplement in 12 days. As expected, there was a rush of D-AA supplementation and consumers have noted an increase in libido and testicular size in just a matter of a week. However, another study showed that this is only temporary and that testosterone levels eventually returned to normal after a month of supplementation.


Vitamin D

Regarded as an underrated testosterone booster, the fat soluble Vitamin D provides a lot of benefits and when it is plentiful in the body, studies show that it helps increase strength. Also called cholecalciferol, helps fight off bacteria, viruses and prevents osteoporosis by helping your bones absorb calcium.  Studies have shown that Vitamin D was found to increase levels of testosterone for men who have severely low levels also of Vitamin D. However, this is not the same case for men who did not have Vitamin D deficiency.


Zinc is an essential micronutrient that the body cannot produce in sufficient amounts. In order to keep up with the body’s need for zinc, you need to consume it as a supplement or from foods like red meat, poultry, seafood, nuts, beans, etc. This micronutrient is needed by the body to help fight off viruses and bacteria and is also an essential element in DNA and genetic material. Studies have found that zinc deficiency is associated with low testosterone levels, thus, researchers have concluded that zinc plays a major role in for increasing low “T” levels in men.

Studies and research about supplementation to increase testosterone are open-ended and are not always conclusive. Other herbs and supplements may have different levels of support from the medical society compared to others. As a whole, caution is important as well as doctor’s advice.


Are Supplements Effective in Increasing Low “T” levels?

If we look closely at the identified supplements including the studies conducted, there really is no instant testosterone pill that you can just buy from the store and have your testosterone boost up immediately. A few supplements may  increase the “T” levels but only if the deficiency is critical. In fact, some of these supplements only have the “potential” to increase testosterone levels since they are in fact effective as libido enhancers or muscle builders. Which means that testosterone may improve libido and build muscles but it is not necessarily the other way around. You may still be testosterone deficient even if there are no libido and muscle mass problems. The only way to test if testosterone level is corrected is thru a blood test.

Proper exercise, rest, adequate nutrition and healthy lifestyle are still recommended for men to achieve overall health which of course includes a normal ‘T” levels. As to the question “Are Supplements Effective in Increasing Low “T” levels?”, the answer is a “yes” for some people and a “no” for others. What is important is for you to know your body well, assess your needs and have yourself checked by a doctor before embarking on any form of supplementation in order to achieve the maximum benefit without adverse effects.

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