What Everybody Ought to Know About Male Sexual Enhancers

How have male sexual enhancers become acceptable

Sexual Enhancers

It is perfectly acceptable for us to improve our bodies in almost every way.  We can go to the gym, we can work to become lean, we can even have cosmetic surgery – and hardly anyone will raise an eyebrow.  Hair replacement might raise a chuckle or two but sexual enhancers will get you mercilessly mocked for months.

Or, so you think.

In fact, remedies and supplements aimed at improving your sexual experience are becoming better and more widely available.  More than this: they are selling quickly.  More and more people are accepting that it is sensible to work at improving sexual experience, as much as it is acceptable to take vitamins and minerals to improve our general well-being.  No one would think anything of you drinking a whey protein shake in the gym to help improve your performance – so why should we deprive ourselves of enhancements to our performance in the bedroom?

Times have changed and with this change comes improvements in understanding of what supplements can do.  In truth, Chinese herbal medicines have for centuries been sold to improve impotence or low libido – and there is no doubting that the billion strong Chinese population is evidence of their value and potency.

Yet, now, mainstream Western science has shown interest in the impact of natural supplements.  An increase in impotence and low libido due to higher stress, more sedentary lifestyle and obesity rates are thought to be at the heart of this change of attitude.  The number of us suffering has now reached a critical mass and it is no longer a laughing matter.  Men are no longer treated as if there is something wrong with their masculinity.  There is no longer an assumption that we are poor in the sack and looking for a boost.  People now recognise that the ability to have a healthy sex life is an important factor in our continued good mental health.

Let’s explore three popular supplements that could help improve our lives, after all, that is all that we are striving to do each day.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali Extract, Sexual Enhancers

This is also known as Eurycana.  You may also find it called Longifolia Jack, Malaysian Ginseng or Long Jack.  This herb grows in the jungles of Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.  It has been used for centuries by locals as a potent aphrodisiac and there are many studies that support this.  Some researchers report old rats becoming sex-craved in animal studies.  Although studies in humans have positive results there are too few to thoroughly support these claims of such excess of potency.  However, anecdotally, people are keen to report the successful impact of the herb.

There are also other claims made by fans of the herb.  It has proven reliable in increasing sperm count and therefore improving fertility.  It is also said to be a pro-erectile agent, therefore a treatment for erectile dysfunction.  There is a molecule, 9-hydroxycanthis-b-one, which is meant to help delay ejaculation. Whilst a study of 75 men showed that they felt an increase in virility after consuming Tongkat Ali.

Although a lot of research materials supports the claim that the herb boosts testosterone, without causing anxiety – there is some contention about this.  Some scientists claim it helps to boost the amount of Leydig cells, which in turn boosts the amount of testosterone available to the body.  Some say this lacks peer reviewed study. Some reviews report that the herb exacerbates anxiety.  However, what isn’t challenged is its anti-estrogen properties, which studies claim to be as potent as Tamoxifen, if injected.  The bioavailability of the active ingredient will be much higher through injection and some studies query whether the same impact could be achieved through oral consumption.

There is no doubting this is a powerful herb and taking it in doses of 200 – 300mg per day can have other health benefits too.  It is proven to help build muscle, increase energy and, for some, reduce anxiety.  If we consider these qualities in relation to our experiences in the bedroom, it would seem it could help lower our worries and our inhibitions and increase our vitality.  Even if it doesn’t boost our power and our juices, it certainly makes us comfortable and at ease with ourselves.  This could really help.

If all of this doesn’t make the taking of Tongkat Ali seem acceptable then consider its weight loss benefits.  A double blind placebo controlled trial found a 5% increase in lean body mass in the user group within 4 weeks.  Maybe all you need to enhance your sexual experience is to feel proud of your body: then taking this supplement might work for you after all.


Sexual Enhancers, Maca

Maca is commonly known as Peruvian Ginseng.  Peruvians’ claim that the man who eats the Maca root reaches old age while he is healthy.  It is traditionally thought to be an excellent treatment for weakness, fatigue and low energy.  In fact, the native people of Peru have been using the root for thousands of years.

The plant is grown at 13000 in the Peruvian Andes.  At this height the land is rocky and inhospitable, so the plant survives by drawing minerals and nutrients from the rocks.  This makes the root a potent source of lots of minerals and vitamins including: magnesium, iron, copper, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphates, manganese – as well as many vitamins.  It is considered a super food, even before we start to consider its power in enhancing our sex life!

The main claim is that the root is successful in increasing sexual desire, or libido.  Although the favourite root amongst locals is the white root because of its sweet taste, the red root is claimed to be the most effective at enhancing sexual performance.  The black root is also thought to be potent at improving stamina but this comes with a bitter and a sweet taste.  Locals are known to use the red and the black root to feed to livestock to help improve the animals’ fertility.

Reviews report that the root enhances energy, stamina, athletic performance and memory.  Let’s face it – memory is as important as anything in our hope of improving sexual experience.  A lot of nights are ruined by some important forgotten detail… Sometimes we need to look outside the box when considering how these supplements can improve our sexual experience!

The root comes in capsules, liquid and powder.  Due to the rather grand claims of the root, a lot of companies sell this supplement.  Check the label and closely scrutinise the amount of active ingredient in the supplement you buy.  The general advice for dosage is 1000 – 2000mg each day but men hoping to improve virility should take up to 3000mg.  There is a hint of caution here.  First, you should build up slowly to the high dose, upping the dose every 5 – 7 days.  Secondly, as the long term effects of Maca have not been studied, doctors suggest taking the root for a few months and then resting for two weeks before starting to take the supplement again.


Sexual Enhancers, Yohimbe

Yohimbe is something of a miracle supplement.  It comes from the bark of an evergreen tree that grows in central and western Africa. It has fat burning capabilities, which in itself should help with body image and self-esteem.  However, it is known to be an aphrodisiac and a means of overcoming erectile dysfunction.  There are creams and there are tablets, all which have varying amounts of active ingredient – so it is best to do your research and check the best source of Yohimbine, which is the active ingredient that will act as a stimulant to enhance your sexual experience.  It is thought that the success of the supplements relies on which part of the tree the bark is taken.  Therefore, a trusted supplier is essential.

Be aware that Yohimbe acts as a general stimulant but also means it has the capacity to cause anxiety.  Some experts suggest using both Yohimbe and Tongkat Ali together, with the calming effects of Tongkat Ali working to counter some of the adverse properties of Yohimbe and both working to stimulate and enhance sexual experience.

Further worries with Yohimbe include its interactions with other drugs, particularly neurological medications.  Also, people who struggle with bipolar should take care as it can trigger psychosis and increase suicidal ideation.  Therefore, if you have any doubts you should contact your doctor for advice.  Also, gradually up the dose, as your body may not be used to the levels of adrenaline at first.  Too high doses to begin with are thought to cause drops in blood pressure and a resultant dizziness and nausea.  However, if you want something that is going to have a dramatic effect on your physiology then you should always expect to use caution in the beginning.

If you are taking it to help with erectile dysfunction, hoping for the pro-erectile effects of the alkoids, you should aim for a dose somewhere between 5.4 to 10mg three times a day.  Studies have proven these doses to be safe.  If you are hoping for a quicker, bigger effect, remember to check first – your romantic moment would be ruined if you fall over or vomited from side effects.

Remember – nothing has to be wrong…

All men can take these supplements, even if there is nothing particularly wrong.  These supplements are ways of conditioning the body, and in some cases the mind, to enhance the experience.  This really is the equivalent of taking protein supplements to enhance the effects of the gym or taking multi-vitamins to enhance our diet.  Just because it is our sexual performance doesn’t mean it is any different.  It is a function of our body and we have every right to want to maximise our bodies capacity to achieve more from the experience.

It is as simple as that.

At the end of the day, no one needs to know. But, also, why would it matter if they did – you are just making sure you live life to the full.  Scientists appreciate how important this is to us: the investment in studies to explore what supplements will be most effective is evidence that you cannot be alone – there must be a mass market out there that desires something better.

But, if there is an issue…

If you do struggle with impotence or low libido, then these supplements offer hope.  Our mental health, our self-esteem, is closely linked to our sexual experience: Freud made a whole industry out of this.  The good news is that the number of supplements that help with erectile dysfunction are many and varied.  The FDA are pretty cautious about any supplements packaged as herbal Viagra and have banned many.  However, L-citrulline – the amino acid found in high concentrations in water melon – is found to improve blood flow to the penis.  Another amino acid, L-arginine, which is naturally present in the body and helps make nitric acid, which supports your erection.  Cinnamon, ginger and cloves are all good for making your blood boil, well, not quite, but it does warm your blood, which makes an erection easier.  Your Saturday curry might just do the trick but watch your breath!  Whilst Red Ginseng has been declared the herbal Viagra.

If you worry about the impact of taking in chemicals there are a host of herbal remedies available – remember that wise old Chinese man I mentioned earlier, the one with many children, he always has a big smile on this face and a look of zen in his eyes!

In short…

Life moves on and our understanding moves with it.  Sexual experience is now an accepted part of a healthy human life and enhancing the experience is as normal as buying popcorn whilst you watch the movie.  Products such as Tongkat Ali, Maca, and Yohimbe are now well known to be effective – so why wouldn’t we use them.  Life is for living, and for loving – so find the best materials to help you enhance the experience – it might just be the best decision you have ever made!

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