Why buy 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract

Why buy 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract

As men start ageing, they often encounter a decrease in their testosterone levels which adversely impacts their sexual performance and vitality. Poor sexual appetite can strain relationships and also impact one’s conjugal life. Tongkat Ali or Longjack is a multi-purpose therapeutic herb that is popular for its sexual stimulant properties and its ability to boost testosterone production in males, thus acting as a godsend for infertile men and older men with poor libido. This wonder herb is also known as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, Malaysian Ginseng, Cay Ba Binh, Langir Siam, Tung Sawa and Pasak Bumi in different parts of the world and is revered worldwide as a traditional herbal aphrodisiac. Tongkat Ali belongs to the Simaroubaceae flower plant family and is native to the rainforests of Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma and Philippines.

Tongkat Ali Extract

Tongkat Ali is often termed as a herbal Viagra, the plant is being used as a traditional remedy to increase sexual appetite since ages and is slowly emerging as a ubiquitous choice for treating erectile dysfunction disorders naturally without the administration of cosmetic drugs and harmful steroids. Unlike prescription drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra which offer quick and temporary results with grave side effects, Tongkat Ali exhibits slow but lasting progress as it is purely natural with minimal or nil after effects. While every part of this perennial herb is a store house of goodness, yet the roots are considered most beneficial as they contain chemicals like eurycomalacton, eurycomanol and eurycomanon that are effective against a host of diseases and are used to produce the powerful Tongkat Ali extract which is used to improve sexual health, sperm quality, motility and quantity, stamina and blood circulation. Tongkat Ali extract works by fostering the body’s testosterone producing ability and blocking the auto signals that initiate a testosterone decrease when the testosterone levels reach their natural peak. Research indicate that a regular intake of high strength Tongkat Ali extract yields positive outcomes like increased muscle mass, reduced body fat, higher metabolism and a strong sex drive. Tongkat Ali extract is also used as an energy booster in Malaysia and Indonesia. Such is the demand for this exotic plant that it has been declared as a ‘protected species’ in Malaysia to preserve conservation. It has also been observed in separate studies that usage of Tongkat Ali extract improves one’s mood and overall well being by lowering cortisol which is responsible for triggering stress and fatigue. Tongkat Ali is available in the form of extracts, capsules and powder, both online and in health stores. Many consumers also prefer using this medicine as a beverage addictive e.g. while having tea or coffee. Standardised Tongkat Ali extract is deemed to be more effective as compared to powdered Tongkat Ali. Moreover, the plant has a natural bitter taste. Hence, oral intake of Tongkat Ali extract in the form of capsules and tablets is more desirable than the raw powdered version.

Why should you prefer Tongkat Ali extract over conventional therapies?

Tongkat Ali Extract

Tongkat Ali is truly a boon from Mother Nature to treat libido and other sexual problems. It is probably the safest supplement available that can slow down or reverse the onset of male andropause that occurs in middle aged men. Though primarily used as a potent aphrodisiac, Tongkat Ali extract also acts as a health tonic to cure a variety of diseases and conditions like malaria, jaundice, osteoporosis, tuberculosis, high blood pressure, fever, diarrhoea, dysentery, syphilis, ulcers, anxiety, headache, cough, allergy etc. Beta-Carboline and Acetone extracts of Tongkat Ali act as antimalarial and antibacterial agents. The medicinal herb also has the ability to lower one’s cortisol levels, thus acting as a stress relieving drug to relieve you from day to day stress stemming from sedentary life style, irregular or poor eating habits, lack of exercise etc. Tongkat Ali extract produces anxiolytic effects which act as anti anxiety. The extract has a high level of Superoxide Dismutase which lends it a natural anti oxidant characteristic. The bitter compounds in Tongkat Ali aid diabetes regulation by lowering blood sugar. The active ingredient within Tongkat Ali roots, Eurycomanone, increases sperm production and acts as a pro-erectile component. Thus, ingestion of this herbal drug exhibits renewed sex drive, mood upliftment, increase in spermatogenesis, spontaneous arousal followed by erection, reduction in fat mass, regulated hormone levels, antibacterial properties, muscle growth support, stress relief and improved vitality. Sportsmen and body builders are quite addicted to Tongkat Ali extract due to its inherent anabolic effect on muscle growth, thereby improving strength and resulting in better athletic performance. Tongkat Ali extract when taken in conjunction with a weight training program, can lead to weight reduction and increase in muscle mass. Research is on to explore the anti-cancer properties of Tongkat Ali extract as few of its ingredients are deemed to possess anti-estrogenic properties which aid destruction of breast cancer cells.  The extract is also believed to show cytotoxicity against lung cancer, a deadly form of cancer that kills tens of thousands of patients globally every year.

Is Tongkat Ali safe?

Though Tongkat Ali extract is considered safe due to its herbal and mild nature, yet, it may cause few side effects as is the case with any other health supplement available in the market. The human body is a complex structure and its reaction to a chemical composition varies differently from one person to the other. Few people have observed an increase in their metabolic body heat (thermogenesis) after taking this drug. This can be controlled by increasing the water intake to bring down the body temperature. Also, overdose and consumption of the product in conjunction with parallel supplements have resulted in restlessness in few individuals. Thus, you should watch out for specific symptoms and regulate the dose accordingly. Initially, you may also experience difficulty in getting proper sleep. This can be curbed by starting with a low dosage and gradually increasing the quantity of consumption. While Tongkat Ali enhances testosterone release from the sex hormone binding globulin, yet an abnormal increase in testosterone levels can manifest itself in an overt energetic demonstration bordering on impatience, irritability and aggression. Other common Tongkat Ali extract side effects include facial flushing and sudden mood swings bordering on intense anger and elevated body temperature. Hence, you should exert caution while driving as it can lead to road rage. Cases of weakened immune system, as an after effect of Tongkat Ali therapy, were also reported for some consumers. The side effects are more pronounced when the product is taken in high doses along with other stimulating herbs like Ginseng or similar supplements. Also, there are strong correlations between high testosterone levels and prostate cancer, thus rendering the drug unsuitable for those who have recently undergone cancer cure and have a cancer relapse possibility. Adverse Tongkat Ali side effects also exhibit themselves in the form of rapid heartbeat and increased anxiety and intake is contraindicated for patients suffering from heart problems unless specifically approved by their medical practitioners. Pregnant and nursing mothers should not consume the supplement unless the product is specifically rated as safe for consumption by their doctors. However, controlled doses of Tongkat Ali extract have shown significant positive benefits with bare minimal discomforting effects. Restraining yourself from the temptation of trying out mega doses in an attempt to yield faster results will safeguard you from the negative effects and help you realise the true potential of this amazing gift of nature.

Indonesian Tongkat Ali vs. Malaysian Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali Extract

Lot of speculation and diverse opinion thrive in the health market regarding the apt source for collection of Tongkat Ali roots to produce a highly effective Tongkat Ali extract. While one school of thought is of the opinion that Malaysian Tongkat Ali is high on lead content and hence of inferior quality, yet another school of thought defies this notion stating that lead adulteration results from the soil composition, weather, proximity of the harvesting farms to industry areas etc. and not necessarily as a result of the plant being harvested in a particular country. Tongkat Ali has been traditionally used as a Malay herbal medicine with the Malaysian government putting a lot of emphasis in licensing, developing and supporting the research of Tongkat Ali benefits on humans. However, with recent efforts from the Malaysian government to regulate the cultivation and collection of this endangered plant species, it is illegal to wild craft the herb in Malaysia and the focus has now shifted to harvesting this plant in Indonesia.

Choosing the right brand is important

Tongkat Ali Extract

An infographic presentation of buying and using Tongkat Ali Extract

Tongkat Ali and its benefits and usage are still shrouded in mystery. Guidance around the correct dosage, benefits and side effects of Tongkat Ali extract vary from one brand to the other. It is important to do a proper research before you narrow down on the right brand as the market is flooded with fake sellers who claim that they are offering the best Tongkat Ali extract at a price that will not burn a hole in your pockets. Most often than not, the dirt cheap products that are being sold are made from ingredients of compromised quality which can lead to grave health issues. Also, many of them contain Tongkat Ali in the form of dry roots or dead herbs which hardly have any desired benefits and it is not worth investing your precious time and money on these so called ‘miracle products’. Tongkat Ali is available both in retail stores and online. While you can buy this product either ways, yet, online purchase offers you the convenience of browsing through the host of manufacturers that are producing this extract from the comforts of your home. You can read through the product details, the make and composition, enquire about the whereabouts and credibility of the producer, compare the prices and read through the customer reviews and their experiences while on medication. This information makes you better prepared so that you are equipped enough to choose the right product. Genuine Tongkat Ali extract cannot be sold cheap as the pricing needs to be done aptly to cover the overhead costs like transportation, encapsulation and packaging costs as well as making sure that the quality of the concentration is not diluted by using lower amount of the roots to prepare a weak extract. Also, alcohol extract of the product is less effective as compared to water based Tongkat Ali extracts. Hence, you should look for the extraction method listed on the label to guarantee that you are buying an effective product that will reap the desired results. Pure Science Supplements, a bio-technology company based out of Singapore, is a leading online manufacturer of genuine herbal Tongkat Ali extract. The company is committed in providing customers value for their money and is reputed for its high quality and safety standards as it only uses superior raw ingredients post extensive research. SD-200, manufactured by Pure Science Supplements, is one of the best Tongkat Ali brands that are available in the market today.  SD-200 is available on leading websites like Amazon.com and has been one of the best selling testosterone boosters on this site. The supplement is available in the form of capsules and is packaged in easy to carry bottles of 40 capsules each, with each capsule containing 80 grams of pure extract. The product has a strong concentration ratio of 200:1 i.e. 1 gram of the extract is derived from 200 grams of Longjack roots wild-crafted from the lush tropical forests of Sumatra, Indonesia. The mixture is water extracted using modern state of the art low heat extraction technology to retain the potent ingredients in their purest forms possible. The drug has garnered immense credibility from consumers as it is manufactured in facilities that have been GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified. SD-200 is extremely safe for consumption as it contains minimal or nil heavy metal and lead content. Consumers have reported obvious effects within 2 cycles of drug usage. All purchases are backed with an unconditional 100% money back guarantee to offer you assurance and peace of mind in the rare event that you are not satisfied with the results. The after sales customer support service has also won rave reviews from customers who swear by the prompt and courteous response in relation to all product or dosage related enquiries. A convenient and user-friendly return policy, competitive pricing and free shipping with the added trait of remaining potent for 2 years post manufacturing makes this brand extremely reliable and worth exploring. You might also come across other online Tongkat Ali brands like GNC Tongkat Ali, Myomi, Test Worx, Spartin etc. that boast of pure Tongkat Ali root extract formulation to stimulate sexual appetite and overall vitality. Though these products have been endorsed by few sections of the society, yet quite a few of them have shifted their loyalty to SD-200 due to its effectiveness and minimal side effects as compared to the other products available in the market.

Optimal Strength of Tongkat Ali extract

The concentrated form of Tongkat Ali plant is known as Tongkat Ali extract. The extract is derived from the plant roots which have a tiny quantity of the active ingredient, Eurycomanone. Hence, substantial quantity of the herb is required to produce an appropriate dosage that is effective enough to improve health vitality exponentially. The strength of Tongkat Ali extract is denoted in ratio of the extract to root concentration. It is quintessential that extract is adequately standardised to prevent mega dose or under dose. Common extracts available in the market include 1:50, 1:100 and 1:200. 1:200 is considered optimal to show positive results without significant side effects. This ratio indicates that 200 grams of Tongkat Ali root has been used to prepare 1 gm of Tongkat Ali extract. Standardised Tongkat Ali extract ratio of 1:200 is recommended for those who require energy for strenuous activities like body building and a healthy sex life. Usually one notices a difference in his energy levels and sexual urge within 2-3 days or a week of oral consumption of the extract followed by a substantial increase in the testosterone levels within 6 weeks of concentrated ingestion in the above mentioned ratio. Physical conditions like age, weight, height and pre-existing medical disorders also play an important role and it is wise to regulate your dosage post consultation with a medical practitioner in case you observe any noticeable or discomforting side effects post initiation of the drug intake.

Dosage Frequency

Unlike regular supplements that require daily consumption, Tongkat Ali is most effective when consumed in cycles. The break period is required so that your body does not get accustomed to the drug effects, thus increasing your body’s receptiveness to the tonic for a long time.

The eternal search for a potent aphrodisiac ends with the re-discovery of the Tongkat Ali plant and its multi-faceted usage for mankind. Indeed, it is quite rare to come across a natural remedy that acts as a well rounded tonic with a myriad of health advantages to combat conditions like lethargy, poor libido, depression and fatigue and promotes testosterone build up and restoration of body’s hormonal balance naturally.


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