11 Foods That Boost Testosterone Levels


Testosterone is classified as a steroid hormone which is found in humans and some vertebrates (animals with a spine or backbone).  It is part of the Androgen group of hormones which is seen predominantly in males. It is also known to be an anabolic steroid which means it is responsible for growth functions in the body.

Testosterone is found both in males and females. In males it is secreted by the testicles of the male and in females it is secreted to a far lesser extent by the ovaries of the female. It is found to promote bone growth, growth of secondary sexual characteristics such as increased hair growth and development of muscle mass.

In adult males metabolic demands lead to higher production of testosterone for consumption by the body. This is almost 7 to 8 times higher than that in female counterparts.

This energy producing and libido enhancing hormone is vital to the normal functioning of a human body. Given below is a list of 11 foods that boosy testosterone levels:

11 Foods That Boost Testosterone Levels

  1. Tuna

Being a natural source of Vitamin D this will be the best way to increase your testosterone levels naturally. Tuna fish is a salt water fish of the Mackerel family which is extremely tasty. Apart from being loaded with Omega-3 Fatty acids, it is a rich source of Vitamin D.

Research shows that Vitamin D leads to better absorption of calcium into the bone and also that it is directly linked to the increased production of testosterone in the body.

  1. Milk and Egg Yolk

While milk and egg yolk are great sources of protein and calcium it also has significant levels of testosterone regulating Vitamin D in it which comes highly recommended. Just be sure to use low fat skimmed milk to skip out on the saturated fatty acids that you can do without.

Egg yolks are also a great testosterone boosting food. This works best if you do not have issues with high cholesterol.

  1. Oysters

Seafood are known to be good for health in many ways, some even acting as an aphrodisiac. They act in a way similar to the Tongkat Ali Extract which is derived from a small Asian tree.

While being great and healthy seafood, Oysters are a good source of the micro nutrient Zinc, which promotes the adequate production of Testosterone in the body.

  1. Shellfish

Crab and lobsters are types of shellfish that work in a similar fashion to oysters and promote adequate testosterone production. Shellfish are a great source of Zinc which aid in regulation of testosterone production in the body.

But you have to remember that moderation is vital here, and that while the occasional lobster is helpful, having crab soup everyday doesn’t lead to good health.

  1. Potatoes

Carbohydrates are responsible for energy generation within the body.  And potatoes are mainly composed of starch which is basically carbohydrates. This helps greatly in production of testosterone and its regulation in the body.

Consumption of potatoes is a simple way of boosting the testosterone production in the body, in case the levels of testosterone in the body are low.

  1. Pomegranates

These fruits are great in fibre and help reducing blood pressure. Research has shown that a moderate consumption of pomegranates increase salivary testosterone by almost 24%. This finding indicates that consumption of the said fruit is good for the production of testosterone in the body.

The health enriching properties of a pomegranate can be duplicated by using Tongkat Ali extract which is derived from a small tree species in Asia.

  1. Coffee

Caffeine derived from coffee has its effects on the nervous system well documented and proven. It increases alertness and acts as a stimulant. But a lesser known effect of consuming coffee is an observed spike in the production of testosterone in the body.

While coffee is beneficial all around, it has to be kept in mind that the consumption of the said beverage is to be in moderation. In excess, coffee leads to disturbed sleep patterns and frequent urination.

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is great for the heart and good for the body in general. Consumption of olive oil helps regulate the production of testosterone in the body in the case the levels of testosterone in the body is low.

  1. Raisins

Raisins are excellent sources of antioxidants which help prevent ageing. Detailed studies and research on the dietary value of raisins have shown that consumption of a moderate amount of raisins showed increased levels of testosterone in the body.

You should keep a watch on the amount of raisin consumption since it may lead to elevated levels of blood sugar which is highly unhealthy.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is an amazing food substance that has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve gastric distress and promote better digestion. However recent findings have shown steady consumption of Ginger was directly linked to an almost 17% increase in the testosterone levels in the body.

  1. Avocados

Avocados or “Butter fruit” as it is more commonly known in some parts of the world, is a fruit with a smooth buttery texture. The specialty of avocados is that it contains many fat-soluble vitamins which boost testosterone in the body a great deal.

This is a comprehensive guide of 11 foods to boost testosterone levels in your body using natural foods. But the first priority when it comes to consulting this list is to see if it is necessary.  Women have a lesser need for testosterone while men need it on a regular basis and in larger amounts to have a healthier life. You will have to consult your general physician to tell if you are indeed suffering from low testosterone. If the physician gives the “go ahead” then you can implement the said foods in your diet in the specified fashion to obtain optimum results.

As with everything, moderation is the key to success, so take things slow and introduce changes in your diet slowly. This will give time for your body to adjust to the diet change and it will respond better in the end, giving you the best results.

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