5 Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

5 Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone which is produced by testicles and is responsible for the proper development of male sexual characteristics. It is essential for the maintenance of muscles and also enough levels of red blood cells, bone growth and sexual function. The shortage of testosterone could even cost life, besides losing of muscle mass, bone density and sex drive; the new researches reveal that the decline in testosterone levels can also increase your risk of heart disease, prostate cancer and even death. So keeping in check with the testosterone level is very important. There are natural ways to deal with this problem. The 5 natural ways to boost your testosterone levels are as follows:


  1. Getting a good night sleep
  2. Go easy on sugar
  3. Get some old fashioned exercise
  4. Loose that excess weight
  5. Get enough zinc

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone


  1. Getting a good night sleep


“Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night”.    William Blake.


One of the 5 natural ways to boost your testosterone level is to get a good sleep at night, a good sleep is considered to be the golden chain that ties your body and health together and it also considered to be the best medicine. One of the research that was published in The Journal Of  American Medical Association revealed the fact that the lack of sleep can reduce a young man’s testosterone levels greatly, not only this, the sense of well-being were also reported to have decreased in the participants whose testosterone levels dropped. The sleep hours differ from person to person depending on various factors but in general seven to nine-hour sleep is recommended for a healthy life.


  1. Go easy on sugar


“Eat less sugar you are sweet already”.  Anonymous


Limiting of processed sugar is another important natural way to boost your testosterone levels, It is essential to do so as it is the driving force of obesity, the fructose consumption should be kept below 25 grams and those with other chronic conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure should restrict the fructose level consumption to less than15 grams per day. Every time you eat a sugar laden food, an immediate drop in your testosterone levels can be expected. The blood sugar levels are elevated again and again, you will suffer from chronically low testosterone levels. It is advised to focus highly on high quality protein, healthy fats, food that has low glycemic index and carbohydrates like that of vegetables. It is really possible to train yourself to overcome your cravings for sugar.


  1. Get some old-fashioned exercise

“To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise”. Gene Tunney


Exercising is said to be one of the most effective way to prevent many kinds of lifestyle diseases and it is also one of the natural way to boost your testosterone levels. Opting for a new lifestyle not only involves changes in diet but also increased levels of exercising. When you are physically active the brain sends out signals for more of the hormones. Walking briskly for 20 to 30 minutes daily really helps. You can build your strength with session of weights or even elastic bands. Don’t go overboard. You can even take the help of a trainer to avoid any injuries. Studies have revealed that people exercise regularly comparatively have higher testosterone levels. A research among obese men also suggested that increased physical activity were comparatively more beneficial than a weight loss diet followed for increasing the testosterone levels. Resistance training like weight lifting can prove to be one of the best exercises to boost testosterone. Another exercise recommended is (HIIT) High Intensity Interval Training can also be useful to some extent.


  1. Lose that excess weight


“A huge part of losing weight is in believing that you can do it and realizing it’s not going to happen overnight”.


Shedding the excess weight in an overweight individual can increase the levels of testosterone. Generally the overweight are more likely to suffer from low testosterone levels. To be serious with losing weight, one has to strictly limit the intake of processed sugar specially fructose. Besides fructose, it is important to eliminate all kinds of food that quickly break down into sugar called glucose. These foods show high insulin resistance. So it is advised to keep away from these foods to lose weight. While these foods are avoided, it is important to substitute the meals with healthy options like vegetables and fats.  Thus you need to radically increase vegetables and enough healthy fats and proteins regularly. The food we eat   accompanied by proper exercise is always the main driving force that helps us to lose weight and is an effective natural way to boost the testosterone levels.


  1. Get Enough Zinc


“To eat is necessity but to eat intelligently is an art”.     La Roche fou cauld.


For the production of testosterone, the consumption of the mineral Zinc is very important and supplementing the diet with zinc has shown remarkable improvements in the level of testosterones among the participants with low levels, whereas restricting the intake of zinc has shown decreased levels of testosterone. The survey conducted revealed that 45% of the men above age of 60 had less intake of zinc than the recommended dietary levels. The diet is said to be the best source of getting adequate amount of zinc when taken along with other rich sources of protein like fish and meat. The rich sources of zinc are raw milk, yogurt, beans, raw cheese and even the kefir a fermented milk drink. In case of vegetarians it’s difficult to obtain dietary zinc. Proper cooking of food is essential to retain the zinc without losing it in the process of cooking since over cooking reduces the levels of minerals in the food.

The 5 natural ways to boost your testosterone levels discussed are effective to shoot your testosterone levels up. To be further benefitted you should optimize your vitamin D levels and reduce stress as much as possible.

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