10 Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction, unlike other conditions of the body, is often treated as something of a joke.  In fact, there can be nothing more serious to a man’s sense of self-esteem and his relationships.  Studies have found that 21% of relationship break-ups are as a result of erectile dysfunction and although men might hide behind the silence of embarrassment and shame, they are likely finding the condition insufferable.

Modern lifestyles make the chances of suffering erectile dysfunction much more likely.  Alcohol and smoking are significant contributors, as they directly impact on the blood flow to important vessels.  Also, obesity and sedentary work/ life routines impact on erectile dysfunction.  Men with 42-inch waists are 50% more likely to suffer ED than those with 32-inch waists. The consequences of obesity might be a result of poor blood flow or it might be a result of poor self-esteem. Psychological factors in erectile dysfunction are even more challenging to the men involved and stress only exacerbates the issue, as a release of cortisol will magnify the symptoms.

What is important to realise is that Erectile Dysfunction does not necessarily need a medical intervention.  Viagra might give us the needed boost to performance but it does nothing to help with our sense of virility and vitality.  We want to perform well under our own steam and understand how we can complement our body’s processes.  So, what can we do to improve our performance, naturally?

Remedy 1: Exercise, using protein supplements and BCAA amino acids to boost your gym performance. 

Erectile Dysfunction

Exercising more will help us lose weight, which in turn will reduce our chances of ED.  Any form of exercise is better than none and will improve blood flow through the body.  Blood flow to vessels is important to ensure a healthy erection.  It will also help reduce the chance of heart disease and diabetes, both of which are contributory conditions to ED.

There are kegel exercises, which exercise the muscles in and around the urinary tract and the anal passage.  These exercise directly work on the bulbo-cavernosus muscles that aids the erection.

Weight-bearing exercises are most effective because they boost the bodies excretion of testosterone, much needed for an effective erection.  We can improve our performance in the gym by supplementing our work with whey-protein shakes and BCAA amino acids, which help the important recovery of muscles, which means you can train more.

A major lifestyle change is always more difficult than taking a single tablet.  However, long term virility is only really ever guaranteed when we maintain a healthy body.  Consider not only exercise but diet too; consider not only food but also your intake of vitamins and minerals.  An audit of our life is an important first step and looking to a good multivitamin will certainly not hurt our overall health and therefore our ED by default.

Remedy 2: Get a good night’s sleep

Erectile Dysfunction

Sleep deprivation is considered by 40% of men interviewed as the major contributor to ED.  This is not surprising, as fatigue and poor concentration will do nothing to inspire a healthy sex drive.  It could also be a result of an underlying depression or other psychological factors.  In such cases it is important we talk to medical professionals to help us get to the core of the problem.

If insomnia is a problem in itself, then adhering to a natural sleep schedule could be a major step forward in solving our ED problems.  Sleep hygiene is an important step in improving our mental health and in extension our performance in the bed.  It can be as simple as setting an evening deadline on screen work: whether it is on a phone, a tablet or a laptop.  It could be removing the TV from the bedroom.

However, there are natural sleep remedies you can take that will help.  Magnesium, for instance, when taken at night can help you into a deeper, more refreshing sleep.  You could also take Valerian, which is a sedative and will help you sleep more deeply.  Insomnia is not the lack of sleep but the lack of quality sleep.  Valerian will help you to get this sleep and therefore help your sense of general well-being.

Remedy 3: Look carefully at the side effects of your meds

Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

In no way should you immediately stop taking important meds just to improve your ED.  This would be irresponsible and potentially counter-productive, as the impact of heart disease, depression and diabetes are far more likely to cause you problems with your sex drive and performance.  All meds should be reviewed by a professional and you often have to come off medication gradually.

Saying this, it is important to know that these meds have been linked to side effects that include ED:

  • High blood pressure meds
  • Anti-depressants
  • Some diuretics
  • Beta blockers
  • Heart meds
  • Cholesterol meds
  • Anti-psychotic drugs
  • Hormone drugs
  • Corticosteroids
  • Chemotherapy
  • Meds taken for pattern baldness
  • And, more.

It may be worth doing some research into natural supplements and remedies that could replace some of these more caustic chemicals.  However, this should be done in consultation with your doctor and with an understanding of the amount of the active ingredient in a supplement and its bioavailability – in other words – how much of the supplement will actually get to work to help with your health condition, whilst still help you fight the effects of ED.

Some of the more natural remedies for ED in particular are listed in the remaining remedies.  These are natural occurring substances, with less chemical and more nature, which can help improve blood flow and therefore performance of the penis.

Remedy 4: Red Ginseng

Chinese herbal medicine might not be widely trialled or fully proven clinically, but it has been used by men through the centuries – time really is the best evidence of the success of a treatment – and it is known as the male remedy in China. Ginseng is believed to rid the body of unwanted cortisol and adrenalin, which are the unpleasant bi-products of a stressful life.

Known as the “herbal Viagra”, the root is steamed and dried and should be taken in 600 – 1000mg doses, three times a day. Yet, Ginseng comes in many forms and under many names.  Some ginseng comes as a cream and can aid those of us with premature ejaculation. However, this has also been linked with insomnia, so you may need to counter this with Valerian, to help aid sleep.

One thing to be aware of is that the root is only effective if taken from a plant that has grown for more than five years.  Check the label and do your research and make sure you get a product with the right amount of active ingredient: this is generally good advice with any health supplement. Be aware that the upper limit will be much higher than the RDA (recommended daily allowance), so you can take more if you feel you need to.

Remedy 5: L-arginine

L-arginine is an amino acid that is naturally present in the body and helps the body to make nitric oxide, which helps support an effective erection by stimulating the blood vessels.  A study in 1999 showed how a high dose of 5 grams a day taken orally helped 31% of ED sufferers enjoy a significant improvement in sexual performance.

It is important that you do not mix L-arginine with Viagra, so it is best to consult a medical professional before taking this supplement.  Also, the side effects can include nausea, cramps and diarrhoea: not the best ingredients for a romantic evening with a loved one.  So, important relationship advice is to make sure the supplement is effective for you, before a vital moment.

Remedy 6: L-citrulline

L-citrulline is an amino acid that naturally occurs in watermelon and is found to improve blood flow to the penis.  You can commit to eating a lot of watermelon, which might become a superb way of hinting to your significant other that you are hopeful of a good night, or you can buy this in supplement form and get the required dose more directly and effectively.  Check the label for the active ingredient and the dosage.

Remedy 7: Yohimbe

Yohimbe is the bark from a west African evergreen tree.  The active ingredient is an alkaloid with proven impact on blood flow, so medical experts see it as an obvious tool in the treatment of ED.  It dilates the blood vessels and in turn lowers blood pressure.  Yohimbe Hydrochloride is a prescription drug available in the US for treatment of impotence, but it is very closely regulated by the FDA.

We can purchase Yohimbe as a supplement.  This might be useful for more than a direct treatment of ED.  The supplement has been positively linked to weight loss for those who struggle with obesity and there have been studies to suggest that it helps with heart disease and depression.  As stated, these health conditions can in themselves contribute to erectile dysfunction.

It is best to get your Yohimbe supplement from a trusted supplier.  Some studies have shown that supplements can have as little as 7% active ingredient.  It is unlikely that supplements with such low doses will work. Therefore, be sure that you get as much of the active ingredient as is possible from a supplement.

Remedy 8: Ginkgo Bilboa

This is again a remedy that comes from Chinese herbalism. It is derived from the maiden hair tree and helps with circulatory problems, low energy levels and fatigue.  There has been research in Sweden that shows that the flavonoids in the leaves improves a sluggish circulation.  Good blood flow is excellent for general health, as well as for your ED.

There was a clinical trial in 2014 showing that Ginkgo Bilboa was effective for 84% of whose suffering ED due to depression.  The trial recommended a dose of 40 – 80mg three times a day.

You need to be careful with this supplement if you suffer blood disorders.  As the aim of the supplement is to increase blood flow it can also increase bleeding.  It might be worth seeking advice from a professional before taking the supplement.

Remedy 9: Hot, spicy food with a healthy twist

Cinnamon, ginger and cloves are all thought to literally warm up the blood.  There is a reason why we flush whilst eating our favourite madras.  Although there is no clinical trial to say that eating spicy food will help with ED, these spices have been an aphrodisiac for centuries.

There is a caveat to this open invitation to Chinese and Indian takeaway for the rest of your life! You knew life couldn’t be this kind, didn’t you?  Many scientists claim that a healthy balanced diet, filled with vegetables, fruit, fish and whole grains – with fewer portions of red meat and processed grains – is one of the most powerful treatments to erectile dysfunction.    So, go for the spicy option, but possibly in wholesome home-cooked food where the amount of natural ingredients massively outweighs the processed food you use in preparation.

Remedy 10: Horny Goat Weed

So, I included this just for the comedy value of its name! So, what? I know I said ED wasn’t a laughing matter but I didn’t say we had to let humour die.  In actual fact, Epimedium (the official name of the weed) is said to be very effective in getting animals performance rates up, particularly goats, I guess.  There is a substance in the leaves that improves the natural drive of animals.  There have been no human trials of the supplement and therefore a lack of data on the possible side-effects.  So, maybe this needs a little more research before we try to be more goat.

In conclusion…

The FDA have removed a lot of herbal Viagra treatments from the market because of fears that they are harmful to our health.  Some troublesome supplements do still make it to the market and because of this the FDA rightly urge caution when taking any supplement that works on your blood flow or might work in contradiction to other meds that you take.  As always, the best advice is a healthy balanced diet with a good exercise regimen.  The next best advice is to always buy any supplements from a reputable supplier and seek help from a medic, just to be sure.  Or, maybe the best advice is really to do a little of all of these things to make progress towards a healthier sex life.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Male Sexual Enhancers

How have male sexual enhancers become acceptable

Sexual Enhancers

It is perfectly acceptable for us to improve our bodies in almost every way.  We can go to the gym, we can work to become lean, we can even have cosmetic surgery – and hardly anyone will raise an eyebrow.  Hair replacement might raise a chuckle or two but sexual enhancers will get you mercilessly mocked for months.

Or, so you think.

In fact, remedies and supplements aimed at improving your sexual experience are becoming better and more widely available.  More than this: they are selling quickly.  More and more people are accepting that it is sensible to work at improving sexual experience, as much as it is acceptable to take vitamins and minerals to improve our general well-being.  No one would think anything of you drinking a whey protein shake in the gym to help improve your performance – so why should we deprive ourselves of enhancements to our performance in the bedroom?

Times have changed and with this change comes improvements in understanding of what supplements can do.  In truth, Chinese herbal medicines have for centuries been sold to improve impotence or low libido – and there is no doubting that the billion strong Chinese population is evidence of their value and potency.

Yet, now, mainstream Western science has shown interest in the impact of natural supplements.  An increase in impotence and low libido due to higher stress, more sedentary lifestyle and obesity rates are thought to be at the heart of this change of attitude.  The number of us suffering has now reached a critical mass and it is no longer a laughing matter.  Men are no longer treated as if there is something wrong with their masculinity.  There is no longer an assumption that we are poor in the sack and looking for a boost.  People now recognise that the ability to have a healthy sex life is an important factor in our continued good mental health.

Let’s explore three popular supplements that could help improve our lives, after all, that is all that we are striving to do each day.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali Extract, Sexual Enhancers

This is also known as Eurycana.  You may also find it called Longifolia Jack, Malaysian Ginseng or Long Jack.  This herb grows in the jungles of Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.  It has been used for centuries by locals as a potent aphrodisiac and there are many studies that support this.  Some researchers report old rats becoming sex-craved in animal studies.  Although studies in humans have positive results there are too few to thoroughly support these claims of such excess of potency.  However, anecdotally, people are keen to report the successful impact of the herb.

There are also other claims made by fans of the herb.  It has proven reliable in increasing sperm count and therefore improving fertility.  It is also said to be a pro-erectile agent, therefore a treatment for erectile dysfunction.  There is a molecule, 9-hydroxycanthis-b-one, which is meant to help delay ejaculation. Whilst a study of 75 men showed that they felt an increase in virility after consuming Tongkat Ali.

Although a lot of research materials supports the claim that the herb boosts testosterone, without causing anxiety – there is some contention about this.  Some scientists claim it helps to boost the amount of Leydig cells, which in turn boosts the amount of testosterone available to the body.  Some say this lacks peer reviewed study. Some reviews report that the herb exacerbates anxiety.  However, what isn’t challenged is its anti-estrogen properties, which studies claim to be as potent as Tamoxifen, if injected.  The bioavailability of the active ingredient will be much higher through injection and some studies query whether the same impact could be achieved through oral consumption.

There is no doubting this is a powerful herb and taking it in doses of 200 – 300mg per day can have other health benefits too.  It is proven to help build muscle, increase energy and, for some, reduce anxiety.  If we consider these qualities in relation to our experiences in the bedroom, it would seem it could help lower our worries and our inhibitions and increase our vitality.  Even if it doesn’t boost our power and our juices, it certainly makes us comfortable and at ease with ourselves.  This could really help.

If all of this doesn’t make the taking of Tongkat Ali seem acceptable then consider its weight loss benefits.  A double blind placebo controlled trial found a 5% increase in lean body mass in the user group within 4 weeks.  Maybe all you need to enhance your sexual experience is to feel proud of your body: then taking this supplement might work for you after all.


Sexual Enhancers, Maca

Maca is commonly known as Peruvian Ginseng.  Peruvians’ claim that the man who eats the Maca root reaches old age while he is healthy.  It is traditionally thought to be an excellent treatment for weakness, fatigue and low energy.  In fact, the native people of Peru have been using the root for thousands of years.

The plant is grown at 13000 in the Peruvian Andes.  At this height the land is rocky and inhospitable, so the plant survives by drawing minerals and nutrients from the rocks.  This makes the root a potent source of lots of minerals and vitamins including: magnesium, iron, copper, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphates, manganese – as well as many vitamins.  It is considered a super food, even before we start to consider its power in enhancing our sex life!

The main claim is that the root is successful in increasing sexual desire, or libido.  Although the favourite root amongst locals is the white root because of its sweet taste, the red root is claimed to be the most effective at enhancing sexual performance.  The black root is also thought to be potent at improving stamina but this comes with a bitter and a sweet taste.  Locals are known to use the red and the black root to feed to livestock to help improve the animals’ fertility.

Reviews report that the root enhances energy, stamina, athletic performance and memory.  Let’s face it – memory is as important as anything in our hope of improving sexual experience.  A lot of nights are ruined by some important forgotten detail… Sometimes we need to look outside the box when considering how these supplements can improve our sexual experience!

The root comes in capsules, liquid and powder.  Due to the rather grand claims of the root, a lot of companies sell this supplement.  Check the label and closely scrutinise the amount of active ingredient in the supplement you buy.  The general advice for dosage is 1000 – 2000mg each day but men hoping to improve virility should take up to 3000mg.  There is a hint of caution here.  First, you should build up slowly to the high dose, upping the dose every 5 – 7 days.  Secondly, as the long term effects of Maca have not been studied, doctors suggest taking the root for a few months and then resting for two weeks before starting to take the supplement again.


Sexual Enhancers, Yohimbe

Yohimbe is something of a miracle supplement.  It comes from the bark of an evergreen tree that grows in central and western Africa. It has fat burning capabilities, which in itself should help with body image and self-esteem.  However, it is known to be an aphrodisiac and a means of overcoming erectile dysfunction.  There are creams and there are tablets, all which have varying amounts of active ingredient – so it is best to do your research and check the best source of Yohimbine, which is the active ingredient that will act as a stimulant to enhance your sexual experience.  It is thought that the success of the supplements relies on which part of the tree the bark is taken.  Therefore, a trusted supplier is essential.

Be aware that Yohimbe acts as a general stimulant but also means it has the capacity to cause anxiety.  Some experts suggest using both Yohimbe and Tongkat Ali together, with the calming effects of Tongkat Ali working to counter some of the adverse properties of Yohimbe and both working to stimulate and enhance sexual experience.

Further worries with Yohimbe include its interactions with other drugs, particularly neurological medications.  Also, people who struggle with bipolar should take care as it can trigger psychosis and increase suicidal ideation.  Therefore, if you have any doubts you should contact your doctor for advice.  Also, gradually up the dose, as your body may not be used to the levels of adrenaline at first.  Too high doses to begin with are thought to cause drops in blood pressure and a resultant dizziness and nausea.  However, if you want something that is going to have a dramatic effect on your physiology then you should always expect to use caution in the beginning.

If you are taking it to help with erectile dysfunction, hoping for the pro-erectile effects of the alkoids, you should aim for a dose somewhere between 5.4 to 10mg three times a day.  Studies have proven these doses to be safe.  If you are hoping for a quicker, bigger effect, remember to check first – your romantic moment would be ruined if you fall over or vomited from side effects.

Remember – nothing has to be wrong…

All men can take these supplements, even if there is nothing particularly wrong.  These supplements are ways of conditioning the body, and in some cases the mind, to enhance the experience.  This really is the equivalent of taking protein supplements to enhance the effects of the gym or taking multi-vitamins to enhance our diet.  Just because it is our sexual performance doesn’t mean it is any different.  It is a function of our body and we have every right to want to maximise our bodies capacity to achieve more from the experience.

It is as simple as that.

At the end of the day, no one needs to know. But, also, why would it matter if they did – you are just making sure you live life to the full.  Scientists appreciate how important this is to us: the investment in studies to explore what supplements will be most effective is evidence that you cannot be alone – there must be a mass market out there that desires something better.

But, if there is an issue…

If you do struggle with impotence or low libido, then these supplements offer hope.  Our mental health, our self-esteem, is closely linked to our sexual experience: Freud made a whole industry out of this.  The good news is that the number of supplements that help with erectile dysfunction are many and varied.  The FDA are pretty cautious about any supplements packaged as herbal Viagra and have banned many.  However, L-citrulline – the amino acid found in high concentrations in water melon – is found to improve blood flow to the penis.  Another amino acid, L-arginine, which is naturally present in the body and helps make nitric acid, which supports your erection.  Cinnamon, ginger and cloves are all good for making your blood boil, well, not quite, but it does warm your blood, which makes an erection easier.  Your Saturday curry might just do the trick but watch your breath!  Whilst Red Ginseng has been declared the herbal Viagra.

If you worry about the impact of taking in chemicals there are a host of herbal remedies available – remember that wise old Chinese man I mentioned earlier, the one with many children, he always has a big smile on this face and a look of zen in his eyes!

In short…

Life moves on and our understanding moves with it.  Sexual experience is now an accepted part of a healthy human life and enhancing the experience is as normal as buying popcorn whilst you watch the movie.  Products such as Tongkat Ali, Maca, and Yohimbe are now well known to be effective – so why wouldn’t we use them.  Life is for living, and for loving – so find the best materials to help you enhance the experience – it might just be the best decision you have ever made!

Why buy 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract

Why buy 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract

As men start ageing, they often encounter a decrease in their testosterone levels which adversely impacts their sexual performance and vitality. Poor sexual appetite can strain relationships and also impact one’s conjugal life. Tongkat Ali or Longjack is a multi-purpose therapeutic herb that is popular for its sexual stimulant properties and its ability to boost testosterone production in males, thus acting as a godsend for infertile men and older men with poor libido. This wonder herb is also known as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, Malaysian Ginseng, Cay Ba Binh, Langir Siam, Tung Sawa and Pasak Bumi in different parts of the world and is revered worldwide as a traditional herbal aphrodisiac. Tongkat Ali belongs to the Simaroubaceae flower plant family and is native to the rainforests of Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma and Philippines.

Tongkat Ali Extract

Tongkat Ali is often termed as a herbal Viagra, the plant is being used as a traditional remedy to increase sexual appetite since ages and is slowly emerging as a ubiquitous choice for treating erectile dysfunction disorders naturally without the administration of cosmetic drugs and harmful steroids. Unlike prescription drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra which offer quick and temporary results with grave side effects, Tongkat Ali exhibits slow but lasting progress as it is purely natural with minimal or nil after effects. While every part of this perennial herb is a store house of goodness, yet the roots are considered most beneficial as they contain chemicals like eurycomalacton, eurycomanol and eurycomanon that are effective against a host of diseases and are used to produce the powerful Tongkat Ali extract which is used to improve sexual health, sperm quality, motility and quantity, stamina and blood circulation. Tongkat Ali extract works by fostering the body’s testosterone producing ability and blocking the auto signals that initiate a testosterone decrease when the testosterone levels reach their natural peak. Research indicate that a regular intake of high strength Tongkat Ali extract yields positive outcomes like increased muscle mass, reduced body fat, higher metabolism and a strong sex drive. Tongkat Ali extract is also used as an energy booster in Malaysia and Indonesia. Such is the demand for this exotic plant that it has been declared as a ‘protected species’ in Malaysia to preserve conservation. It has also been observed in separate studies that usage of Tongkat Ali extract improves one’s mood and overall well being by lowering cortisol which is responsible for triggering stress and fatigue. Tongkat Ali is available in the form of extracts, capsules and powder, both online and in health stores. Many consumers also prefer using this medicine as a beverage addictive e.g. while having tea or coffee. Standardised Tongkat Ali extract is deemed to be more effective as compared to powdered Tongkat Ali. Moreover, the plant has a natural bitter taste. Hence, oral intake of Tongkat Ali extract in the form of capsules and tablets is more desirable than the raw powdered version.

Why should you prefer Tongkat Ali extract over conventional therapies?

Tongkat Ali Extract

Tongkat Ali is truly a boon from Mother Nature to treat libido and other sexual problems. It is probably the safest supplement available that can slow down or reverse the onset of male andropause that occurs in middle aged men. Though primarily used as a potent aphrodisiac, Tongkat Ali extract also acts as a health tonic to cure a variety of diseases and conditions like malaria, jaundice, osteoporosis, tuberculosis, high blood pressure, fever, diarrhoea, dysentery, syphilis, ulcers, anxiety, headache, cough, allergy etc. Beta-Carboline and Acetone extracts of Tongkat Ali act as antimalarial and antibacterial agents. The medicinal herb also has the ability to lower one’s cortisol levels, thus acting as a stress relieving drug to relieve you from day to day stress stemming from sedentary life style, irregular or poor eating habits, lack of exercise etc. Tongkat Ali extract produces anxiolytic effects which act as anti anxiety. The extract has a high level of Superoxide Dismutase which lends it a natural anti oxidant characteristic. The bitter compounds in Tongkat Ali aid diabetes regulation by lowering blood sugar. The active ingredient within Tongkat Ali roots, Eurycomanone, increases sperm production and acts as a pro-erectile component. Thus, ingestion of this herbal drug exhibits renewed sex drive, mood upliftment, increase in spermatogenesis, spontaneous arousal followed by erection, reduction in fat mass, regulated hormone levels, antibacterial properties, muscle growth support, stress relief and improved vitality. Sportsmen and body builders are quite addicted to Tongkat Ali extract due to its inherent anabolic effect on muscle growth, thereby improving strength and resulting in better athletic performance. Tongkat Ali extract when taken in conjunction with a weight training program, can lead to weight reduction and increase in muscle mass. Research is on to explore the anti-cancer properties of Tongkat Ali extract as few of its ingredients are deemed to possess anti-estrogenic properties which aid destruction of breast cancer cells.  The extract is also believed to show cytotoxicity against lung cancer, a deadly form of cancer that kills tens of thousands of patients globally every year.

Is Tongkat Ali safe?

Though Tongkat Ali extract is considered safe due to its herbal and mild nature, yet, it may cause few side effects as is the case with any other health supplement available in the market. The human body is a complex structure and its reaction to a chemical composition varies differently from one person to the other. Few people have observed an increase in their metabolic body heat (thermogenesis) after taking this drug. This can be controlled by increasing the water intake to bring down the body temperature. Also, overdose and consumption of the product in conjunction with parallel supplements have resulted in restlessness in few individuals. Thus, you should watch out for specific symptoms and regulate the dose accordingly. Initially, you may also experience difficulty in getting proper sleep. This can be curbed by starting with a low dosage and gradually increasing the quantity of consumption. While Tongkat Ali enhances testosterone release from the sex hormone binding globulin, yet an abnormal increase in testosterone levels can manifest itself in an overt energetic demonstration bordering on impatience, irritability and aggression. Other common Tongkat Ali extract side effects include facial flushing and sudden mood swings bordering on intense anger and elevated body temperature. Hence, you should exert caution while driving as it can lead to road rage. Cases of weakened immune system, as an after effect of Tongkat Ali therapy, were also reported for some consumers. The side effects are more pronounced when the product is taken in high doses along with other stimulating herbs like Ginseng or similar supplements. Also, there are strong correlations between high testosterone levels and prostate cancer, thus rendering the drug unsuitable for those who have recently undergone cancer cure and have a cancer relapse possibility. Adverse Tongkat Ali side effects also exhibit themselves in the form of rapid heartbeat and increased anxiety and intake is contraindicated for patients suffering from heart problems unless specifically approved by their medical practitioners. Pregnant and nursing mothers should not consume the supplement unless the product is specifically rated as safe for consumption by their doctors. However, controlled doses of Tongkat Ali extract have shown significant positive benefits with bare minimal discomforting effects. Restraining yourself from the temptation of trying out mega doses in an attempt to yield faster results will safeguard you from the negative effects and help you realise the true potential of this amazing gift of nature.

Indonesian Tongkat Ali vs. Malaysian Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali Extract

Lot of speculation and diverse opinion thrive in the health market regarding the apt source for collection of Tongkat Ali roots to produce a highly effective Tongkat Ali extract. While one school of thought is of the opinion that Malaysian Tongkat Ali is high on lead content and hence of inferior quality, yet another school of thought defies this notion stating that lead adulteration results from the soil composition, weather, proximity of the harvesting farms to industry areas etc. and not necessarily as a result of the plant being harvested in a particular country. Tongkat Ali has been traditionally used as a Malay herbal medicine with the Malaysian government putting a lot of emphasis in licensing, developing and supporting the research of Tongkat Ali benefits on humans. However, with recent efforts from the Malaysian government to regulate the cultivation and collection of this endangered plant species, it is illegal to wild craft the herb in Malaysia and the focus has now shifted to harvesting this plant in Indonesia.

Choosing the right brand is important

Tongkat Ali Extract

An infographic presentation of buying and using Tongkat Ali Extract

Tongkat Ali and its benefits and usage are still shrouded in mystery. Guidance around the correct dosage, benefits and side effects of Tongkat Ali extract vary from one brand to the other. It is important to do a proper research before you narrow down on the right brand as the market is flooded with fake sellers who claim that they are offering the best Tongkat Ali extract at a price that will not burn a hole in your pockets. Most often than not, the dirt cheap products that are being sold are made from ingredients of compromised quality which can lead to grave health issues. Also, many of them contain Tongkat Ali in the form of dry roots or dead herbs which hardly have any desired benefits and it is not worth investing your precious time and money on these so called ‘miracle products’. Tongkat Ali is available both in retail stores and online. While you can buy this product either ways, yet, online purchase offers you the convenience of browsing through the host of manufacturers that are producing this extract from the comforts of your home. You can read through the product details, the make and composition, enquire about the whereabouts and credibility of the producer, compare the prices and read through the customer reviews and their experiences while on medication. This information makes you better prepared so that you are equipped enough to choose the right product. Genuine Tongkat Ali extract cannot be sold cheap as the pricing needs to be done aptly to cover the overhead costs like transportation, encapsulation and packaging costs as well as making sure that the quality of the concentration is not diluted by using lower amount of the roots to prepare a weak extract. Also, alcohol extract of the product is less effective as compared to water based Tongkat Ali extracts. Hence, you should look for the extraction method listed on the label to guarantee that you are buying an effective product that will reap the desired results. Pure Science Supplements, a bio-technology company based out of Singapore, is a leading online manufacturer of genuine herbal Tongkat Ali extract. The company is committed in providing customers value for their money and is reputed for its high quality and safety standards as it only uses superior raw ingredients post extensive research. SD-200, manufactured by Pure Science Supplements, is one of the best Tongkat Ali brands that are available in the market today.  SD-200 is available on leading websites like Amazon.com and has been one of the best selling testosterone boosters on this site. The supplement is available in the form of capsules and is packaged in easy to carry bottles of 40 capsules each, with each capsule containing 80 grams of pure extract. The product has a strong concentration ratio of 200:1 i.e. 1 gram of the extract is derived from 200 grams of Longjack roots wild-crafted from the lush tropical forests of Sumatra, Indonesia. The mixture is water extracted using modern state of the art low heat extraction technology to retain the potent ingredients in their purest forms possible. The drug has garnered immense credibility from consumers as it is manufactured in facilities that have been GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified. SD-200 is extremely safe for consumption as it contains minimal or nil heavy metal and lead content. Consumers have reported obvious effects within 2 cycles of drug usage. All purchases are backed with an unconditional 100% money back guarantee to offer you assurance and peace of mind in the rare event that you are not satisfied with the results. The after sales customer support service has also won rave reviews from customers who swear by the prompt and courteous response in relation to all product or dosage related enquiries. A convenient and user-friendly return policy, competitive pricing and free shipping with the added trait of remaining potent for 2 years post manufacturing makes this brand extremely reliable and worth exploring. You might also come across other online Tongkat Ali brands like GNC Tongkat Ali, Myomi, Test Worx, Spartin etc. that boast of pure Tongkat Ali root extract formulation to stimulate sexual appetite and overall vitality. Though these products have been endorsed by few sections of the society, yet quite a few of them have shifted their loyalty to SD-200 due to its effectiveness and minimal side effects as compared to the other products available in the market.

Optimal Strength of Tongkat Ali extract

The concentrated form of Tongkat Ali plant is known as Tongkat Ali extract. The extract is derived from the plant roots which have a tiny quantity of the active ingredient, Eurycomanone. Hence, substantial quantity of the herb is required to produce an appropriate dosage that is effective enough to improve health vitality exponentially. The strength of Tongkat Ali extract is denoted in ratio of the extract to root concentration. It is quintessential that extract is adequately standardised to prevent mega dose or under dose. Common extracts available in the market include 1:50, 1:100 and 1:200. 1:200 is considered optimal to show positive results without significant side effects. This ratio indicates that 200 grams of Tongkat Ali root has been used to prepare 1 gm of Tongkat Ali extract. Standardised Tongkat Ali extract ratio of 1:200 is recommended for those who require energy for strenuous activities like body building and a healthy sex life. Usually one notices a difference in his energy levels and sexual urge within 2-3 days or a week of oral consumption of the extract followed by a substantial increase in the testosterone levels within 6 weeks of concentrated ingestion in the above mentioned ratio. Physical conditions like age, weight, height and pre-existing medical disorders also play an important role and it is wise to regulate your dosage post consultation with a medical practitioner in case you observe any noticeable or discomforting side effects post initiation of the drug intake.

Dosage Frequency

Unlike regular supplements that require daily consumption, Tongkat Ali is most effective when consumed in cycles. The break period is required so that your body does not get accustomed to the drug effects, thus increasing your body’s receptiveness to the tonic for a long time.

The eternal search for a potent aphrodisiac ends with the re-discovery of the Tongkat Ali plant and its multi-faceted usage for mankind. Indeed, it is quite rare to come across a natural remedy that acts as a well rounded tonic with a myriad of health advantages to combat conditions like lethargy, poor libido, depression and fatigue and promotes testosterone build up and restoration of body’s hormonal balance naturally.


11 Foods That Boost Testosterone Levels



Testosterone is classified as a steroid hormone which is found in humans and some vertebrates (animals with a spine or backbone).  It is part of the Androgen group of hormones which is seen predominantly in males. It is also known to be an anabolic steroid which means it is responsible for growth functions in the body.

Testosterone is found both in males and females. In males it is secreted by the testicles of the male and in females it is secreted to a far lesser extent by the ovaries of the female. It is found to promote bone growth, growth of secondary sexual characteristics such as increased hair growth and development of muscle mass.

In adult males metabolic demands lead to higher production of testosterone for consumption by the body. This is almost 7 to 8 times higher than that in female counterparts.

This energy producing and libido enhancing hormone is vital to the normal functioning of a human body. Given below is a list of 11 foods that boosy testosterone levels:

11 Foods That Boost Testosterone Levels

  1. Tuna

Being a natural source of Vitamin D this will be the best way to increase your testosterone levels naturally. Tuna fish is a salt water fish of the Mackerel family which is extremely tasty. Apart from being loaded with Omega-3 Fatty acids, it is a rich source of Vitamin D.

Research shows that Vitamin D leads to better absorption of calcium into the bone and also that it is directly linked to the increased production of testosterone in the body.

  1. Milk and Egg Yolk

While milk and egg yolk are great sources of protein and calcium it also has significant levels of testosterone regulating Vitamin D in it which comes highly recommended. Just be sure to use low fat skimmed milk to skip out on the saturated fatty acids that you can do without.

Egg yolks are also a great testosterone boosting food. This works best if you do not have issues with high cholesterol.

  1. Oysters

Seafood are known to be good for health in many ways, some even acting as an aphrodisiac. They act in a way similar to the Tongkat Ali Extract which is derived from a small Asian tree.

While being great and healthy seafood, Oysters are a good source of the micro nutrient Zinc, which promotes the adequate production of Testosterone in the body.

  1. Shellfish

Crab and lobsters are types of shellfish that work in a similar fashion to oysters and promote adequate testosterone production. Shellfish are a great source of Zinc which aid in regulation of testosterone production in the body.

But you have to remember that moderation is vital here, and that while the occasional lobster is helpful, having crab soup everyday doesn’t lead to good health.

  1. Potatoes

Carbohydrates are responsible for energy generation within the body.  And potatoes are mainly composed of starch which is basically carbohydrates. This helps greatly in production of testosterone and its regulation in the body.

Consumption of potatoes is a simple way of boosting the testosterone production in the body, in case the levels of testosterone in the body are low.

  1. Pomegranates

These fruits are great in fibre and help reducing blood pressure. Research has shown that a moderate consumption of pomegranates increase salivary testosterone by almost 24%. This finding indicates that consumption of the said fruit is good for the production of testosterone in the body.

The health enriching properties of a pomegranate can be duplicated by using Tongkat Ali extract which is derived from a small tree species in Asia.

  1. Coffee

Caffeine derived from coffee has its effects on the nervous system well documented and proven. It increases alertness and acts as a stimulant. But a lesser known effect of consuming coffee is an observed spike in the production of testosterone in the body.

While coffee is beneficial all around, it has to be kept in mind that the consumption of the said beverage is to be in moderation. In excess, coffee leads to disturbed sleep patterns and frequent urination.

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is great for the heart and good for the body in general. Consumption of olive oil helps regulate the production of testosterone in the body in the case the levels of testosterone in the body is low.

  1. Raisins

Raisins are excellent sources of antioxidants which help prevent ageing. Detailed studies and research on the dietary value of raisins have shown that consumption of a moderate amount of raisins showed increased levels of testosterone in the body.

You should keep a watch on the amount of raisin consumption since it may lead to elevated levels of blood sugar which is highly unhealthy.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is an amazing food substance that has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve gastric distress and promote better digestion. However recent findings have shown steady consumption of Ginger was directly linked to an almost 17% increase in the testosterone levels in the body.

  1. Avocados

Avocados or “Butter fruit” as it is more commonly known in some parts of the world, is a fruit with a smooth buttery texture. The specialty of avocados is that it contains many fat-soluble vitamins which boost testosterone in the body a great deal.

This is a comprehensive guide of 11 foods to boost testosterone levels in your body using natural foods. But the first priority when it comes to consulting this list is to see if it is necessary.  Women have a lesser need for testosterone while men need it on a regular basis and in larger amounts to have a healthier life. You will have to consult your general physician to tell if you are indeed suffering from low testosterone. If the physician gives the “go ahead” then you can implement the said foods in your diet in the specified fashion to obtain optimum results.

As with everything, moderation is the key to success, so take things slow and introduce changes in your diet slowly. This will give time for your body to adjust to the diet change and it will respond better in the end, giving you the best results.

Where to buy Tongkat Ali?

Similar to female menopause, men also undergo andropause, a physical state classified by a decrease in testosterone and other hormones, as men grow older. It manifests itself in the form of lower sexual drive, lack of zeal, erectile dysfunction, difficulty in achieving an orgasm, reduced bone density, anaemia and mental inertia. The condition is also termed as hypogonadism. Testosterone is vital for male libido and plays an important role in sperm production, red blood cell generation, fostering normal erections and aiding cognition. Treatments like testosterone replacement therapy are available to boost testosterone production but these therapies are often not the best options as they are sure to burn a hole in your pocket with the added demerit of grave side effects. This is where Tongkat Ali scores over modern drug therapies. Tongkat Ali, also known as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, Tung Saw, Pasak Bumi, Langir Siam, Cay Ba Binh and Malaysian Ginseng, is a pro-fertility and natural aphrodisiac that is native to the jungles of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Tongkat Ali benefits include cure for sexual disorders, semen volume enhancement, erectile aid, libido stimulation and muscle growth promotion. Tongkat Ali works by fostering the body’s testosterone producing ability and blocking the auto signals that initiate a testosterone decrease when the testosterone levels reach their natural peak.

Tongkat Ali, Where to buy Tongkat Ali

It is important to conduct a thorough research of all products that claim to be the ‘Best Tongkat Ali’ in the market as one might be overwhelmed with the number of online brands available, many of which have baseless and outlandish claims and / or have unacceptable levels of lead content which is detrimental to health. If you are contemplating as to where to buy Tongkat Ali from, then you can research customer reviews of different Tongkat Ali brands and make your decision on the basis of the label’s safety and effectiveness quotient backed with product reorder frequency for existing customers. Standardised Tongkat Ali root extract is deemed to be more effective as compared to powdered Tongkat Ali. Likewise, the product is extremely sensitive to alcohol due to the latter’s acidic nature. Hence, Tongkat Ali benefits are optimal when the herb extract is water based. It is important to remember that Tongkat Ali extract will not come cheap as there is significant cost involved in its import due to overheads like transportation cost, encapsulation, packaging costs etc. Hence, if you were wondering where to buy Tongkat Ali from and have stumbled upon a product during your search, proclaiming itself to be the ‘Best Tongkat Ali’ available with significant Eurycomanone content and priced competitively, it is prudent to verify the product composition and extract strength before you go ahead with its purchase as the quality will, most often than not, be compromised. The active ingredient, Eurycomanone, is present in minuscule amount within Tongkat Ali roots. Hence, genuine Tongkat Ali extract will only be available at a premium price since significant portion of the root is required to manufacture a small quantity of the extract that can be considered effective enough to exhibit desired results. Typically, the extract is available in various strengths ranging from 1:50 to 1:200. This ratio indicates the extract to root concentration ratio. E.g. 1:200 denotes that 200 grams of Tongkat Ali root was used to prepare 1 gm of Tongkat Ali extract. One has to bear in mind that Tongkat Ali is not meant for daily consumption as the herb works best when taken in periodic cycles.

Best Tongkat Ali: SD-200

SD-200, Where to buy Tongka Ali


SD-200, manufactured by Pure Science Supplements, is one of the best Tongkat Ali brands that are available in the market today. If you are still unsure as to where to buy Tongkat Ali from, then you can be rest assured that SD-200 is easily available from Pursesciencesupplements.com and has been one of the best-selling testosterone boosters on Amazon with exceptional reviews. The supplement is available in the form of capsules and is packaged in bottles of 40 capsules each. Each capsule contains 80 grams of pure extract. The concentration of this brand is the strongest in the market with a ratio of 200:1 i.e. 1 gram of the extract is derived from 200 grams of Longjack roots wild-crafted from the lush tropical forests of Sumatra, Indonesia. The product is water extracted to retain the potent ingredients in their purest forms possible. SD-200 is extremely safe for consumption as it contains minimal or nil heavy metal and lead content. All purchases have a 100% money back guarantee, in the rare event that you are not satisfied with the results. This assurance along with its ability to remain potent for 2 years post manufacturing makes this product extremely reliable and worth exploring.

GNC Tongkat Ali

Another product doing the rounds is GNC Tongkat Ali. TestoJack 200 or GNC Tongkat Ali is a natural supplement that boosts sexual appetite and overall vitality. The product is derived from strong ingredients like Tongkat Ali, Tribulus, Maca and Horny Goat Weed. The additional presence of American and Panax Ginseng and Muira Puama, along with the core mix, lends the drug its ability to increase energy levels and promote sexual drive. Though the product has been received well by certain sections of the society, yet quite a few of the consumers who have tried both GNC Tongkat Ali and SD-200 have shifted their loyalty to the latter on account of its effectiveness and minimal side effects as compared to the former.

Tongkat Ali Benefits

Mature couple in bed, Where to buy tongkat ali

Since time immemorial, the roots of Tongkat Ali have been used by natives as a potent aphrodisiac, libido enhancer and a health tonic. The active ingredient within Tongkat Ali roots, Eurycomanone, increases sperm production and acts as a pro-erectile component. Thus it would be fair to say that this product may also promote fertility. Other Tongkat Ali Benefits encompass renewed sex drive, mood upliftment, increase in spermatogenesis, spontaneous erection, reduction in fat mass, regulated hormone levels, antibacterial properties, muscle growth support, stress relief and improved vitality. It has also been purported that few compounds in Tongkat Ali possess anti-cancer properties and are effective against breast and lung cancer cells.  However, this claim is yet to be substantiated adequately in humans.

Tongkat Ali Side-effects

Tongkat Ali is quite popular as a safe product since it is natural and mild. However, one might encounter Tongkat Ali side-effects with drug overdose and consumption of the product in conjunction with parallel supplements without proper medical advice. Hence, precaution should be exercised while ingesting this herb. Common Tongkat Ali side-effects include facial flushing, restlessness, irritability, insomnia, sudden mood swings bordering on intense anger and elevated body temperature. The side effects are more pronounced when the product is taken in high doses along with other stimulating herbs like Ginseng or other adaptogens.

Every human body is unique and symptoms differ from person to person. Tongkat Ali is a powerful and safe herbal medicine that is now being regulated by various medical bodies, hence look out for Tongkat Ali that is FDA approved to avoid adverse Tongkat Ali side-effects from inferior quality products. In recent times with the increased popularity towards Tongkat Ali, it has become quite a rage amongst those who want to stay away from harsh drug therapies and treat their erectile dysfunction naturally. If you experience adverse reaction and symptoms while on medication, please discontinue usage and consult a doctor.

5 Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone


5 Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone which is produced by testicles and is responsible for the proper development of male sexual characteristics. It is essential for the maintenance of muscles and also enough levels of red blood cells, bone growth and sexual function. The shortage of testosterone could even cost life, besides losing of muscle mass, bone density and sex drive; the new researches reveal that the decline in testosterone levels can also increase your risk of heart disease, prostate cancer and even death. So keeping in check with the testosterone level is very important. There are natural ways to deal with this problem. The 5 natural ways to boost your testosterone levels are as follows:


  1. Getting a good night sleep
  2. Go easy on sugar
  3. Get some old fashioned exercise
  4. Loose that excess weight
  5. Get enough zinc

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone


  1. Getting a good night sleep


“Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night”.    William Blake.


One of the 5 natural ways to boost your testosterone level is to get a good sleep at night, a good sleep is considered to be the golden chain that ties your body and health together and it also considered to be the best medicine. One of the research that was published in The Journal Of  American Medical Association revealed the fact that the lack of sleep can reduce a young man’s testosterone levels greatly, not only this, the sense of well-being were also reported to have decreased in the participants whose testosterone levels dropped. The sleep hours differ from person to person depending on various factors but in general seven to nine-hour sleep is recommended for a healthy life.


  1. Go easy on sugar


“Eat less sugar you are sweet already”.  Anonymous


Limiting of processed sugar is another important natural way to boost your testosterone levels, It is essential to do so as it is the driving force of obesity, the fructose consumption should be kept below 25 grams and those with other chronic conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure should restrict the fructose level consumption to less than15 grams per day. Every time you eat a sugar laden food, an immediate drop in your testosterone levels can be expected. The blood sugar levels are elevated again and again, you will suffer from chronically low testosterone levels. It is advised to focus highly on high quality protein, healthy fats, food that has low glycemic index and carbohydrates like that of vegetables. It is really possible to train yourself to overcome your cravings for sugar.


  1. Get some old-fashioned exercise

“To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise”. Gene Tunney


Exercising is said to be one of the most effective way to prevent many kinds of lifestyle diseases and it is also one of the natural way to boost your testosterone levels. Opting for a new lifestyle not only involves changes in diet but also increased levels of exercising. When you are physically active the brain sends out signals for more of the hormones. Walking briskly for 20 to 30 minutes daily really helps. You can build your strength with session of weights or even elastic bands. Don’t go overboard. You can even take the help of a trainer to avoid any injuries. Studies have revealed that people exercise regularly comparatively have higher testosterone levels. A research among obese men also suggested that increased physical activity were comparatively more beneficial than a weight loss diet followed for increasing the testosterone levels. Resistance training like weight lifting can prove to be one of the best exercises to boost testosterone. Another exercise recommended is (HIIT) High Intensity Interval Training can also be useful to some extent.


  1. Lose that excess weight


“A huge part of losing weight is in believing that you can do it and realizing it’s not going to happen overnight”.


Shedding the excess weight in an overweight individual can increase the levels of testosterone. Generally the overweight are more likely to suffer from low testosterone levels. To be serious with losing weight, one has to strictly limit the intake of processed sugar specially fructose. Besides fructose, it is important to eliminate all kinds of food that quickly break down into sugar called glucose. These foods show high insulin resistance. So it is advised to keep away from these foods to lose weight. While these foods are avoided, it is important to substitute the meals with healthy options like vegetables and fats.  Thus you need to radically increase vegetables and enough healthy fats and proteins regularly. The food we eat   accompanied by proper exercise is always the main driving force that helps us to lose weight and is an effective natural way to boost the testosterone levels.


  1. Get Enough Zinc


“To eat is necessity but to eat intelligently is an art”.     La Roche fou cauld.


For the production of testosterone, the consumption of the mineral Zinc is very important and supplementing the diet with zinc has shown remarkable improvements in the level of testosterones among the participants with low levels, whereas restricting the intake of zinc has shown decreased levels of testosterone. The survey conducted revealed that 45% of the men above age of 60 had less intake of zinc than the recommended dietary levels. The diet is said to be the best source of getting adequate amount of zinc when taken along with other rich sources of protein like fish and meat. The rich sources of zinc are raw milk, yogurt, beans, raw cheese and even the kefir a fermented milk drink. In case of vegetarians it’s difficult to obtain dietary zinc. Proper cooking of food is essential to retain the zinc without losing it in the process of cooking since over cooking reduces the levels of minerals in the food.

The 5 natural ways to boost your testosterone levels discussed are effective to shoot your testosterone levels up. To be further benefitted you should optimize your vitamin D levels and reduce stress as much as possible.

Male Enhancement Supplements: Scam or Legit?

Is Male Enhancement Supplements really necessary for you?


After a man has reached his 40s the libido slowly starts decreasing and the signs of erectile dysfunction start surfacing. Sexual enhancement is the process of restraining the effects of decreased sexual drive and maximise the potential for better erection, greater control on ejaculation and an increased stamina on the bed. The key is to restraint the symptoms of low testosterone through natural testosterone boosters. An increased libido is very important to have a better sex life and give your partner the pleasure she deserves.

If a man has achieved the incredible feat in the gym after months of intense workout, then he will probably share it with others excitingly but about sexual problems men are too ashamed to take tips. In the world, today about one-fourth of the total male population suffers from the erectile dysfunction after a certain age and they look for synthetic male enhancement supplements to fight it off instead of getting inclined towards natural processes of achieving increased sexual health. So increasing testosterone levels is essential if you are ageing and should look out for the options to change the scenario of low T.

Few steps to an increased libido

The daily life and pressure start taking its toll on the life of a man after an age. The symptoms of low testosterone start surfacing which results in a low libido. An unhappy sexual life strains relationship and creates problems between the conjugal partners. So here are few simple natural life hacks that will help in raising testosterone levels and will improve the sexual health:

pexels-photo (2)

  • Regular Exercise- Proper exercise on a daily basis does not only help in weight loss and muscle gain but also aids in raising the testosterone levels. If a man is physically fit then he will possess an increased libido, high testosterone levels; thus a better sex life.
  • Proper Rest- Like the daily workouts proper rest is also required to improve sexual health. If an individual is too tired then he won’t be able to last longer and will fail to provide his partner proper orgasmic pleasure. So adequate rest is required before having sex. It will help in replenishing the stamina and will aid in achieving an increased libido.
  • Delaying the orgasm- One can practice this while masturbation, it’s a simple trick to decrease the stroke rate while having the orgasmic feeling. This can be used while having sex. If you feel that you are approaching the orgasmic level just decrease the thrust and delay the semen from coming out. Changing sex positions as well as alternating between the shallow and deep strokes will help in delaying the orgasm. This will help in keeping the penile erection for a greater amount of time and will be enough to give your partner the pleasure she deserves.
  • Natural Testosterone boosters- If a person is totally healthy then there’s no harm in exploring natural sexual enhancement techniques. Natural testosterone boosters or herbal extracts help in raising the testosterone levels without posing any threat to the health. There are a variety of natural sexual enhancement products available in the market such as Tongkat Ali, Maca, Yohimbine, other aphrodisiacs, etc. These testosterone boosters help in achieving high T levels and improve the sexual health.

Proper diet or testosterone-boosting foods recommended for Male Sexual Enhancement

Proper diet is not only needed for weight loss treatment but also very essential for increased testosterone levels. The testosterone-boosting foods help in improving the sexual drive while taking the performance on the bed to a whole new level. For a man optimised body limits is essential to cope up with the strains of daily life to be more specific keeping the good penile health is very essential. By adding testosterone-boosting foods to the diet, one can unlock the benefits of testosterone and can also get an increased libido. Here are few foods recommended to restrain the low libido and raise the testosterone levels:


  1. Vanilla Ice Cream- As vanilla ice cream is in the list, it does not imply that all the desserts will aid in raising the testosterone levels. Studies have found that the calcium and phosphorous present in the vanilla, ice cream helps in improving the sexual health. In other words vanilla, ice cream is known for helping the males to achieve high T levels and an increased libido.
  2. Coffee- Other than its stimulation effect, a cup of coffee helps in the improvement of sexual health. A study that had been conducted concluded that those who consume coffee regularly face fewer sexual problems than others. Although it should be kept in mind that consuming coffee more than twice can cause agitation problems.
  3. Garlic- Overlooking whatever else good effects garlic has, it helps in the improvement of sexual health verily. Garlic poses a compound known as allicin, it helps in increased blood flow to the sexual organs and aids in achieving a better erection. Garlic also improves the immune system and prevents from any fungal infection thus, it can be said that garlic helps in the improvement of sexual health and achieving an increased libido. Consume garlic with food, however, it suits you and gets an increased sexual virility.
  4. Chocolate- There is a perfect reason behind the male sexual enhancement products being in chocolate flavour. Chocolate contains an ingredient known as cacao. It is an extraordinary sexual stimulant which makes a man physically agile. Scientists have discovered that dark chocolate helps in prevention of premature ejaculation and also aids in raising the testosterone levels. Chocolate also aids in triggering the sexual feelings and increases the attraction between two people.
  5. Honey- This natural sweetener contains Vitamin B. Vitamin B helps in raising the testosterone levels by enhancing the production of testosterone hormone. Use of honey as a natural testosterone booster is a very old practice. So if anyone wants to achieve increased libido then honey is the perfect solution to this problem.
  6. Berries- Sexologists have approved that the consumption of blueberries aids in weight loss and increases the blood flow to the male sex parts. Berries dissolve the cholesterol stored in the walls of the arteries and helps in the weight loss as well as the increased amount of blood flow. Increased blood flow helps in getting a better erection and the weight loss increases the stamina required for the enhancement of sexual intercourse duration.
  7. Chilli Peppers- Chilli peppers are capable of killing pain and can be used as natural painkillers due to their endorphin nature as well as they can elevate mood by elevating the levels of serotonin. It has already been established that a proper healthy physique is required to benefit the sexual health. Capsaicin is a chemical found in the chillies help in increasing the metabolic rate thus increasing the fat burning process. The chemical compound also enhances the blood flow through the blood vessels by dilating them. So consumption of chilli peppers elevates the rate of weight loss and increases the blood, thus resulting in the improvement of sexual health.
  8. Salmon- This exquisite and delicious fish is also an enriched source of zinc. Zinc is essential to maintain the high testosterone levels. The main sexual problems caused in men are due to a hormone known as prolactin. Elevated levels of prolactin in the male body can cause sexual dysfunctions and low libido. The addition of salmon to the regular diet helps in a regular supply of zinc to the body and thus helps in raising the testosterone levels.
  9. Oysters- Oysters are also a rich source of zinc. It helps in maintaining the sperm levels and semen levels in the body. A zinc boost to the body can aid in an overall improvement of sexual health.
  10. Ginseng- Many male sexual enhancement products contain the extracts of ginseng. It is an Asian herb which is known to the mankind for thousands of years as a natural sexual enhancer which helps in getting high T levels and also increases the libido.
  11. Tongkat Ali extract- Tongkat Ali is a natural testosterone booster herb. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals essential for unlocking the benefits of testosterone. This herb quickly boosts the manliness and improves the sexual health.

 How efficient are the commercial sexual enhancement methods?

Sexual enhancement has now become a widely used term for marketing processes. The hype for sexual enhancement has aided foundation of online multimillion industries. But the effectiveness of these methods are unknown to many and they follow the promotions ultimately resulting in permanent damage to the sexual health.

The term sexual enhancement has become a synonym for penis enlargement which means the increasing of penis size for those who feel that the size of their male part is less than adequate. It also includes fighting the signs of erectile dysfunction which affects one-fourth of the total American population after a certain age. The promoted benefits of these treatments are high testosterone levels, increased libido, better erection and controlled ejaculation.

Given below are few commercial techniques for sexual enhancement:


  • Usage of sexual enhancement pills like Viagra- Sildenafil is generally sold under the brand name Viagra. Viagra belongs to a group medication known as phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. These Sildenafil tablets are generally used for treating erectile dysfunction in men. The medication helps in achieving and maintaining a proper penile erection sufficient enough for a person to have normal sex. The only thing that is being heard about Viagra is that it helps in having sex when you are sexually aroused. The problem is that some men face a hard time to achieve a proper erection even with help from their spouse, so Viagra is prescribed to them. But Viagra also incurs a plethora of adverse side effects on the user’s health. It can cause a painful erection, diarrhoea, headache and pulmonary artery hypertension. One can have to pay a huge price for using this drug.
  • Natural Male Enhancement Supplements- This is considered as the safest way of achieving the improved sexual health. These pills are an alternative to those prescribed drugs. The sexual enhancement pills are made from the extracts of Tongkat Ali, Maca, Yohimbine, other aphrodisiacs, etc. These herbs are rich in vitamins and other nutrients which produce the desired effect by raising the testosterone levels and overall improvement of sexual health.
  • Penis Exercises- Penile Exercises are being promoted to increase the strength and lengthen the tool. However, the benefits of these penis exercises are limited to the increase of stamina. Proper precautions are also required to avoid the penile injuries and permanent damage to the penis.
  • Penis Surgery- This sexual enhancement technique is very costly and also painful. It can also produce innumerable post-surgical complications and ultimately leading to the patient dissatisfaction. The surgeries are mostly been stated as ineffective and can also cause harm to the sexual health.
  • Adult toys and cock rings- These products are not only used for cosmetic purposes or for attaining personal pleasures but also the cock rings are effective for gaining a better erection and also aids in controlling the ejaculation. But this tool cannot be used over half hour as it may cause damage to the penis in case of prolonged use.

Before rushing to one of the male enhancement supplements, an individual must think about the effectiveness of that method. It is totally depending on the individual’s preference whether he would like to use natural boosters like Tongkat Ali, Maca, Yohimbine, other aphrodisiacs, etc or will undergo the surgical process. But it should be always kept in mind that the natural processes are always best as it poses an infinitesimal threat to the health and increases the performance of the tool during intercourse.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Herb and spice and health food selection in porcelain bowls over hessian background. Used in natural alternative herbal medicine for men. Selective focus.

Sexual enhancement has become a common term in the men’s health in the world today. Reports have proven that one-fourth of the total male population in the US suffers from erectile dysfunction after a certain stage of life. There are many drugs such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis which are widely marketed throughout the world for achieving sexual enhancement. But these prescription medications also pose the threats to the health of its users. This is why testosterone-boosting foods and herbal supplements are gaining popularity day by day in the field of sexual enhancement. They can be availed from the local med shops or can be bought from online pharmacies. Here are few natural sexual enhancement boosters that will help in achieving an increased libido:

  1. Tongkat Ali- Tongkat Ali extract is a natural testosterone booster which has been used in the Asian countries for ages. It is enriched with minerals and vitamins which help in fighting the symptoms of low testosterone. The effects of Tongkat Ali on men’s health are that it helps in raising the testosterone levels, restrains the effects of low libido, increases the volume of semen and also helps in attaining harder as well as longer erection. It also stimulates weight loss and helps in muscle gain. Another exciting benefit of Tongkat Ali extracts that it makes a man looks younger. Tongkat Ali can be availed in the form of pills from any medical shop and can also be bought from the online pharmacies.
  2. L-arginine- An amino acid which is synthesised from the oxide of nitrogen in our body, L-arginine is helpful. L-arginine proves helpful in dilation of the blood vessels thus, increasing blood flow to the penis. It prevents the vasoconstriction that is the narrowing of penile arteries and stimulates blood flow which in turn helps in attaining a proper erection. L-arginine works as well as the prescription ED medications which are also known for entailing adverse side effects.
  3. Ginseng- Many male sexual enhancement products contain the extracts of ginseng. It is an Asian herb which has been known to the human race for thousands of years as a natural sexual enhancer which helps in getting high T levels and also increases the libido.
  4. Yohimbe- Yohimbe is extracted from the Yohimbe tree and it has been a part of African culture for centuries. Just like ginseng it helps in arousing sexual desires, helps in attaining high T levels, promotes proper erection and improves sexual health. But Yohimbe has some adverse side effects like a headache and hypertension associated with it too. So proper medical guidance is recommended before using this supplement.
  5. Maca- Maca is a popular adaptogen which belongs to the cruciferous family like cabbage and broccoli. It is a wonderful tasting root which can also be availed in powdered or grounded form. It is a natural testosterone booster and is enriched in nutrients like vitamins as well as minerals like zinc, calcium, phosphorous etc. It provides testosterone balance in the male body and helps in maintaining the high testosterone levels. Thus, it can be said it aids in getting an increased libido and a happy sexual life.

These natural testosterone boosters or aphrodisiacs help in achieving a proper erection, improved sexual health, and a happy sex life. It is a proven fact that the commercial enhancement methods also pose multiple threats to the sexual health, so follow the natural processes, have a proper testosterone boosting diet and use the natural supplements to improve the sexual health.