What do Tonkat Ali, Pasak Bumi and Long Jack what do they have in common?


Most people are confused about the Tongkat Ali (Wrongly spelled as “Tonkat Ali” commonly), Pasak Bumi and LongJack. If you had thought that these are different plants having some similarities, then be clear that these all are the synonyms of Tongkat Ali.

It is a flowering plant with amazing medical health benefits. The scientific name of this medium-sized slender herb is Eurycoma Longifolia.

If you are curious to know about its benefits, side-effects, dosages and all other facts which you should know, go through the article and know it all!

Tongkat Ali: Uses and benefits


Tongkat Ali is an effective supplement and a natural testosterone booster. This herb is primarily used to support the normal hormone level in the males and promote the healthy libido.

Many aging males experience the reduction in testosterone and other hormones, which is scientifically referred to as the andropause. It may cause the lack of energy, mental exhaustion, and reduced sexual response.

Tongkat Ali is a renown natural testosterone booster that has become the go to remedy for sexual disorders in Asia, looking at fertility rate Its roots contain the compounds which are responsible for the stimulation of libido and refining of the semen quality. It is also good for the muscular strength and growth.

The male fertility can be enhanced by the utilization of this herb in right proportion as it promotes the normal sperm quality by impacting the overall volume, concentration, and motility.

How to take it as a supplement?

Before you take it, you must ensure that you have purchased a genuine product. Don’t get scammed by counterfeit formulas available in the market.

Only purchase Tongkat Ali from the well-known and quality merchants who have been in the industry for many years.  Furthermore, Tongkat Ali is also the preferred natural testosterone booster for bodybuilders for increased strength, with the advances in science the most reputable supplement brands are able to manufacture Tongkat Ali with an extract strength of 1:200.

Tongkat Ali is best consumed as a supplement instead of taking it in its natural form, as ordinary individuals do not possess the expertise in measuring the correct herb volume suitable for optimum results. Furthermore, look for brands that utilize water extraction method in order to identify premium quality Tongkat Ali.

Longjack Dosage: How much Extract is good for you?

The Longjack or Tongkat Ali generally comes in variants. The dosages varying from the 1:50 to 1:200 are available in the market. This proportion specifies the weight of extract to root ratio used in the preparation of the final extract.

The recommended Longjack dosage is 1:200 because of the higher dosage. Tongkat Ali 1:200 is water extracted. This method yields a 100% clean, safe and consistent product containing the 2.4% Eurycomanone content.

The dysfunction or lower testosterone related diseases can be easily cured with the correct dosage as the Tongkat Ali exact is an extremely successful testosterone booster.

Along with increased sex drive, the increased intensity of testosterone in the body promotes other benefits as well like the increased strength, easy muscle mass building and reduction in body fat.

The Side-effects, Precautions, and advice while using Tonkat Ali or Pasak Bumi

There are hardly any side effects with Tongkat Ali, especially if you were to purchase naturally sourced and produced supplements that adhere to FDA regulations and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Hence it is essential that, an emphasis is placed upon the brand you decide on, especially since the effectiveness of supplements can vary through brands, even though they possess identical extract strength, therefore, do your research and make the right investment for a better health.

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