Which Is The Best Testosterone Booster?

Benefits of a Testosterone Booster
Testosterone Booster

The prospect of a tussle between the sheets doesn’t excite or interest you anymore? Blame it on waning testosterone – the big T, which is most often associated with sex drive in men. As a sex hormone, testosterone keeps your libido healthy and your appreciation for womankind intact. It also  governs your performance in bed : if you’ve been experiencing multiple episodes of erectile dysfunction, your body may be producing less than the average testosterone level for your age. This is when you would need a helping hand from a testosterone booster.


Testosterone levels fall as you advance in years, but here’s a caveat : high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and diabetes also trigger similar symptoms. It is important to get a blood test to determine your testosterone level before jumping to a conclusion.


It’s more than just sex. Testosterone also affects other important body functions.


Bone weakening or osteoporosis may be more highly prevalent in peri- and post-menopausal women, but it can afflict men as well. Testosterone plays a role in maintaining bone health, promoting bone mineralization – which is necessary for its strength and hardness – and in inhibiting resorption or the breakdown and absorption of old bone. Older men with low testosterone levels also exhibit osteoporosis.


There is also some evidence to suggest a relation between testosterone and heart health. Studies have found that men with very high levels of testosterone have a greater risk of heart disease. The risk of heart-related conditions has also been found to be high in men with sub-optimal testosterone levels.


Interestingly, testosterone may also have a bearing on your cognitive health. Studies have indicated a relationship between the hormone and memory loss. In their lab test on transgenic mice models of Alzheimer’s disease, researchers at the University of Southern California found that boosting testosterone levels in mice controlled the progression of the disease.


Is a synthetic testosterone booster the solution?


The problem with synthetic testosterone booster is the same as that with any synthetic steroid : side effects. Skin irritation, fluid retention and sleep disorders may seem like an OK trade-off for a healthy libido and strong bones, but you don’t want to see your testes shrink or your breast tissue enlarge.


What about an herbal testosterone booster?

Tongkat Ali, A Natural Testosterone Booster

One herbal testosterone booster is extremely effective in boosting testosterone levels but without the undesirable side-effects : Tongkat Ali. A South Asian herb native to the jungles of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, Tongkat Ali is a powerful aphrodisiac and energy booster that stimulates testosterone production by Leydig cells and helps your body regulate hormone production.

Tongkat Ali extract is the most effective natural supplement available to assist your body in naturally increasing its testosterone production. Experience all Tongkat Ali benefits in our natural testosterone booster formulated with the highest quality ingredients in adherence to GMP rules and FDA regulations.






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