Natural Low Testosterone Treatment for Better Sex

After a man has reached his 40s the libido slowly starts decreasing and the signs of erectile dysfunction start surfacing. One of the natural low testosterone treatment is natural sexual enhancement, this is the process of restraining the effects of decreased sexual drive and maximise the potential for better erection, greater control on ejaculation and an increased stamina on the bed. The key is to restrain the symptoms of low testosterone through natural testosterone boosters. An increased libido is very important to have a better sex life and give your partner the pleasure she deserves.

Natural Low Testosterone Treatment for Better Sex

In the world, today about one-fourth of the total male population suffers from the erectile dysfunction after a certain age and they take medications to fight it off instead of getting inclined towards natural processes of achieving increased sexual health. So, increasing testosterone levels is essential if you are aging and should look out for the options to change the scenario of low-T.

Few steps to an increased libido

Exercise is a form of Natural Low Testosterone TreatmentThe daily life and pressure start taking its toll on the life of a man after an age. An unhappy sexual life strains relationship and creates problems between the conjugal partners. So here are few simple natural low testosterone treatments for better sex:


  • Daily Workouts- Proper exercises on a daily basis do not only help in weight loss and muscle gain but also aids in raising the testosterone levels. If a man is physically fit then he will look younger and possess an increased libido, high testosterone levels; thus a better sex life.
  • Getting an adequate rest- Like the daily workouts, proper rest is also required to improve sexual health. If an individual is too tired then he won’t be able to last longer and will fail to provide his partner proper orgasmic pleasure. So adequate rest is required before sex. It will help in replenishing the stamina and will aid in achieving an increased libido.
  • Natural Testosterone Boosters- If a person is totally healthy then there’s no harm in exploring natural sexual enhancement techniques. Natural testosterone boosters or herbal extracts help in raising the testosterone levels without posing any threat to the health. There are varieties of natural sexual enhancement products available in the market such as Tongkat Ali, maca, yohimbine, aphrodisiacs, etc. These testosterone boosters help in achieving high-T levels and improve the sexual health.
  • Having a proper orgasm- One can practice this while masturbation, it’s a simple trick to decrease the stroke rate while having the orgasmic feeling. This can be used while having sex. If you feel that you are approaching the orgasmic level just decrease the thrust and delay the semen from coming out. Changing sex positions as well as alternating between the shallow and deep strokes will help in delaying the orgasm. This will help in keeping the penile erection for a maximum time and will be enough to give your partner the pleasure she deserves.

Testosterone-boosting foods to enhance the sexual health

Testosterone Boosting Food

Proper diet is necessary required to build up a high-T level. Proper diet does not only help a man to achieve a good physical health but also helps in raising the testosterone levels. Studies have proven that food is crucial for building up the erection strength and motility of sperms. It stimulates weight loss and muscle gain, makes you look younger thus ultimately increasing the stamina as well as the sex drive. Here is a list of few food items that will help in restraining the symptoms of low testosterone:

  • Caffeine- A research conducted by the Texas University proved that daily consumption of caffeine or coffee prevents the risk of erectile dysfunction and results in high-T levels. Coffee promotes the flow of blood to the penile arteries and helps in strengthening the erection. It has also been proved that caffeine helps in sexual stimulation and helps in increasing the sexual desires.
  • Watermelon- This juicy fruit is one of the greatest natural sources of L-arginine. Watermelons contain a chemical compound known as L-Citrulline an amino acid which transforms into L-arginine inside our body. L-Arginine disintegrates inside our body to produce nitrogen oxides which increase blood flow through penile arteries and helps in attaining a proper erection.
  • Chocolate- Chocolates are rich sources of cacao that helps to improve sexual health and also increases the attraction between conjugal partners. Chocolates improve the sexual stamina and agility in men. It has also been proved that cacao increases the duration of ejaculation thus preventing the risks of premature ejaculation. More interestingly, dark chocolates are good sexual stimulants and they also aid in having an increased libido.
  • Cherries- Cherries are essential to give a boost to one’s sex life. Cherries are the natural source of anthocyanins. This chemical compound helps in preventing cholesterol buildup in the arterial wall and stimulates blood flow. More the blood flows through the arteries of the male genitals, the stronger the erection becomes.

Salmon, Natural Testosterone Booster

  • Salmon- This exquisite and delicious fish is also an enriched source of zinc. Zinc is essential to maintain the high testosterone levels. The main sexual problems caused in men are due to a hormone known as prolactin. Elevated levels of prolactin in the male body can cause sexual dysfunctions and low libido. The addition of salmon to the regular diet helps in a regular supply of zinc to the body and thus helps in raising the testosterone levels.
  • Sriracha- It has been found in researches that hot sauces or sriracha are good testosterone boosters. The hot sauce prevents the fat build up in the body and promotes weight loss as well as it helps in the production of testosterone hormone thus, helping in achieving high-T levels.
  • Garlic- Overlooking the other good effects that garlic has, it helps in the improvement of sexual health verily. Garlic poses a compound known as allicin, it helps in increased blood flow to the sexual organs and aids in achieving a better erection. Garlic also improves the immune system and prevents from any fungal infection, thus, it can be said that garlic helps in the improvement of sexual health and achieving an increased libido. Consume garlic with food or any other way that you may prefer and get an increased sexual virility.
  • Chilli peppers- Chilli peppers are capable of killing pain and can be used as natural painkillers due to their endorphin nature as they can elevate mood by elevating the levels of serotonin. It has already been established that a proper healthy physique is required to enhance the sexual health. Capsaicin is a chemical found in the chillies which help in increasing the metabolic rate thus increasing the fat burning process. The chemical compound also enhances the blood flow through the blood vessels by dilating them. So, the consumption of chilli peppers elevates the rate of weight loss and increases the blood, thus resulting in the improvement of sexual health.
  • Broccoli- With the advancement of age, the testosterone levels start increasing and so does the sex drive. Broccoli being a member of cruciferous family aids in raising the testosterone levels. Another reason behind low-T levels is a hormone known as estrogen. Broccoli disintegrates the hormone and stimulates the formation of male sex hormone testosterone.
  • Honey- This natural sweetener contains vitamin B. Vitamin B helps in raising the testosterone levels by enhancing the production of testosterone hormone. Use of honey as a natural testosterone booster is a very old practice. So if anyone wants to achieve increased libido then honey is the perfect solution to this problem.
  • Oysters- Oysters are also a rich source of zinc. It helps in maintaining the sperm levels and semen levels in the body. A zinc boost to the body can aid in an overall improvement of sexual health.
  • Blueberries- Scientists have suggested that the consumption of blueberries aid in weight loss and increase the blood flow to the male sex parts. Berries dissolve the cholesterol stored in the walls of the arteries and help in the weight loss besides the increased amount of blood flow. Increased blood flow helps in getting a better erection and the weight loss increases the stamina required for the enhancement of sexual intercourse duration.

Efficiency of commercial male enhancement treatments

Sex Pills, Viagra A Natural Low Testosterone Treatment

Sexual enhancement has now become a widely used term for marketing processes. The hype for sexual enhancement has aided foundation of a huge online industry. But the effectiveness of these methods is still unknown to many and they follow the promotions which ultimately result in permanent damage to the sexual health.

The term sexual enhancement has become a synonym for penis enlargement which means the increase in penis size for those who feel that the size of their male part is too less. It also includes fighting the signs of erectile dysfunction which affects one-fourth of the total American population after a certain age. The promoted benefits of these treatments are high testosterone levels, increased libido, better erection and controlled ejaculation.

Given below are few commercial techniques for sexual enhancement

  1. Stretching and Exercises- Stretching and other penile exercises are being promoted to increase the strength and lengthen the male part. Stretching is the process of elongating the male part by an elongation device. However, these methods can be harmful to the penis. Proper precautions are to be taken to avoid the penile injuries and permanent damage to the penis.
  2. Vacuum pumps- These devices help in stimulating blood flow to the penis. Thus providing a proper erection. It is a measure of counteracting the effects of erectile dysfunction. But it also poses a threat to the penile health as it may lead to the prolonged and painful erection which ultimately leads to the damage of penile muscles.
  3. Erectile dysfunction medicationsSildenafil is generally sold under the brand name viagra. Viagra belongs to a group of medication known as phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. These sildenafil tablets are generally used for treating erectile dysfunction in men. The medication helps in achieving and maintaining a proper penile erection sufficient enough for a person to have normal sex. The only thing that is being heard about viagra is that it helps in having sex when you are sexually aroused. The problem is that some men face a hard time to achieve a proper erection even with help from their spouse, so viagra is prescribed to them. But viagra also incurs a plethora of adverse side effects on the user’s health. It can cause a painful erection, diarrhea, headache and pulmonary artery hypertension. One also has to pay a huge price for using this drug.
  4. Surgical methods- It is very risky as well as a painful method of sex enhancement. It can also produce innumerable post-surgical complications and ultimately leading to the patient dissatisfaction. The surgeries are mostly been stated as ineffective and can also cause harm to the sexual health.

One should be very careful before deciding to take up any sexual enhancement method. Consult physicians; take part in the discussions in online forums to learn about the efficiency of a certain process.


Natural Testosterone Boosters

Natural Testosterone Boosting Foods


Sexual enhancement has become a common term in the men’s health in the world today. Reports have proven that one-fourth of the total male population in the US suffers from erectile dysfunction after a certain stage of life. There are many drugs such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis which are widely marketed throughout the world for achieving sexual enhancement. But these prescription medications also pose various threats to the health of its users. This is why testosterone-boosting foods and herbal supplements are gaining popularity day by day in the field of sexual enhancement. They can be availed from the local medical shops or can be bought from online pharmacies. Here are few natural sexual enhancement boosters that will help in achieving an increased libido:

Tongkat Ali, A Natural Testosterone Booster

Tongkat Ali Root

  1. Tongkat Ali- Tongkat Ali extract is a natural testosterone booster which has been used in the Asian countries for ages. It is enriched with minerals and vitamins which help in fighting the symptoms of low testosterone. The Tongkat Ali have positive effects on men’s health are that it helps in raising the testosterone levels, restrains the effects of low libido, increases the volume of semen and also helps in attaining harder as well as longer erection. It also stimulates weight loss and helps in muscle gain. Another exciting benefit of Tongkat Ali extracts is that it makes a man look younger. Tongkat Ali can be availed in the form of pills from any medical shop and can also be bought from the online pharmacies.
  2. Yohimbe- Yohimbe is extracted from the Yohimbe tree and it has been a part of African culture for centuries. Just like ginseng, it helps in arousing sexual desires, helps in attaining high-T levels, promotes proper erection and improves sexual health.
  3. Maca- Maca is a popular adaptogen which belongs to the cruciferous family like cabbage and broccoli. It is a wonderful tasting root which can also be availed in powdered or grounded form. It is a natural testosterone booster and is enriched in nutrients like vitamins as well as minerals like zinc, calcium, phosphorous etc. It provides testosterone balance in the male body and helps in maintaining the high testosterone levels. Thus, it can be said it aids in getting an increased libido and a happy sexual life.
  4. Ginseng- Many male sexual enhancement products contain the extracts of ginseng. It is an Asian herb which has been known to the human race for thousands of years as a natural sexual enhancer which helps in getting high T levels and also increases the libido.
  5. L-arginine- An amino acid which is synthesized from the oxide of nitrogen in our body, L-arginine is helpful in the dilation of the blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow to the penis. It prevents the vasoconstriction that is the narrowing of penile arteries and stimulates blood flow which in turn helps in attaining a proper erection. L-arginine works as well as the prescription ED medications which are also known for entailing adverse side effects.

These natural testosterone boosters or aphrodisiacs help in achieving a proper erection, improved sexual health, and a happy sex life. It is a proven fact that the commercial enhancement methods also pose multiple threats to the sexual health, so follow the natural low testosterone treatments, have a proper testosterone boosting diet and use the natural supplements to improve the sexual health.

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