Recommended Diet to Enhance Manhood

Eating healthy is not only needed to get rid of that beer belly, but a good diet goes a long way in improving your sexual performance while taking your sex life to the next level!


Differnet Food Ingredients

As a man, it’s a priority to keep your body running at its optimal level while most specifically keeping the penis functioning as it should. By changing your diet with a few basic food replacements and incorporating a few supplements, you are bound to greatly lower your risk for penis problems in the future but also maintain great sexual health.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Just because you hear the word “diet” doesn’t necessarily mean all the sweets have to go out the window. Vanilla Ice Cream has been reported to increase the power of your orgasms through high levels of calcium. Even better, the calcium and phosphorus minerals found in vanilla ice cream are also responsible for building stronger muscles and bones while boosting your energy and libido.

Cup of Coffee

Surprisingly, a morning cup of coffee—which by the way is known as a stimulant—could potentially be turning you on, believe it or not. A study concluded that the majority of those who had a cup per morning reported fewer problems with sexual dysfunction than those who didn’t. Though, please keep it moderate because drinking more than 2 cups per day could cause agitation.


Not specifically useful in fighting bad breath, garlic has many benefits to penile function. While rich in the compound known as allicin, this nutrient helps improve blood flow to the sexual organs promoting healthy sexual function and harder erections. Another amazing benefit of garlic is not just directed at men’s sexual health. Garlic is reported to have potential to boost the immune system while working as an antifungal which prevents yeast infections that many men have a risk for as well. Sprinkle chopped or minced garlic on your meals or take a supplement, garlic is one hell of a super food that will increase your sexual virility.


There’s a reason many natural male enhancement products are using cacao (the main nut found in Chocolate) in their ingredients. Cacao is excellent as a stimulant that helps with physical agility and even scientists have discovered that dark chocolate can potentially prevent premature ejaculation.  Interesting enough, chocolate contains a compound which is responsible for actually releasing endorphins similar to the feelings trigged by sex and increasing attraction between two people.


A wonderful, natural sweetener which surprisingly enough, contains many B vitamins perfect to increase testosterone production. Even more interesting, honey has always been associated with love and sex for thousands of years. Traditionally honey has been used in Indian weddings, given to the groom to boost his stamina. If you need a libido boost, honey may just be your solution!


Many doctors have proved that eating blueberries has the potential to lower cholesterol and improve blood flow. The main benefit in berries is that they are filled with nutrients that help push excess cholesterol through your system before being broken down and absorbed into the walls of your arteries. Circulation is improved by the many key compounds found in blueberries which help relax your blood vessels. Better blood flow means more blood to the penis and even better, harder erections.

Chili Peppers

Spice up your life with chili peppers! Surprisingly, many chili peppers have the capability to be used as pain killers due to their own natural endorphin properties while also elevating serotonin levels to improve mood. Even better, the chemical, capsaicin, found in peppers helps improve blood circulation and dilates blood vessels that help make sex feel even better! If you’re also looking to get rid of that beer belly, capsaicin is also known to help increase your metabolism for more energy and fat burning power! How’s that for a super food?!

salmon and oysters


Salmon is a wonderful source of zinc, which can help decrease production of the sexual enemy hormone known as prolactin. If your body has too much prolactin, you could potentially be experiencing sexual dysfunction. Adding some zinc through Salmon in your regular diet, may help reduce your prolactin levels for better overall sexual health.


Like salmon, oysters are rich in zinc and if you want to better regulate your prostrate, prostatic fluid, and sperm levels, zinc is going to deliver! Even better, boosting your zinc levels could be responsible for increasing your sex drive as many studies have shown.


It’s no surprise that many male enhancement drugs incorporate this little herbal ingredient known as gingseng. This amazing little Asian herb, for many centuries, has been known to be responsible for improvement in vitality and sex drive. Research has shown that adding gingseng to your regular diet has potential to improve erectile dysfunction and spark arousal in men.

Tongkat Ali Extract

If you’re looking to quickly boost your manhood, look no further than the little natural herb known as tongkat ali extract. Packed fully of nutrients and vitamins which are vital for good sexual health, this little herb coupled with a great diet is wonderful in improving your sexual function.

What Does Tongkat Ali Extract do?

Research has shown that consuming tongkat ali extract regularly can help with many issues including potency, sex drive, sperm production and count, bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, and many other important health concerns.*

By increasing testosterone production in the body, tongkat ali extract is one amazing super herb that could make a massive difference in your sexual health.  By taking the extract within one to two weeks, many users have noticed increased sex drive, energy, and mood enhancements. Harder erections, better stamina, and increased sperm count have also been reported frequently.*

With an increase in testosterone production, you will also help to keep your body lean and fit by burning excess fat and increasing your metabolism. Not only is this magic little herb useful in fighting sexual issues but also important towards maintaining stronger bones and muscles and overall vitality.*


*Disclaimer: Your results may vary. Natural Tongkat Ali has worked for many of our happy customers. However, as with all supplements, individual customer results are dependent on many factors, and may vary greatly.

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