How Tongkat Ali Alleviates Health Problems



Tongkat ali – also known by its scientific name Eurycoma longifolia, is a flowering plant indigenous to Indonesia and Malaysia that’s not one to be ignored. It has a number of traditional uses, and modern scientific literature is gathering further evidence of these benefits.


These are some of the medical conditions that it has been traditionally used to alleviate:


  • Sexual dysfunction – The effects of tongkat ali extract on libido, semen count, and semen viability have been investigated using animals. Researchers evaluates the animals’ libido using a grading scale, and assessed sperm viability and concentration through analysis of known amino acid markers. The results: libido, along with semen volume and concentration, were significantly increased with tongkat ali supplementation. Generally, the sexual benefits of this plant are mostly attributed to its ability to boost testosterone levels.*


  • Malaria – Studies have explored the ability of tongkat ali extract to eliminate infections caused by the causative agent of malaria. From research, it was concluded that tongkat ali may effectively treat the condition.*


  • Bacterial infections – Traditionally, tongkat ali is used as remedy for bacterial infections. The roots were mostly used, although modern research also used extracts of the stems and leaves.*


  • Hyperglycemia – Tongkat ali extract has also been tested for the treatment of hyperglycemia, the condition of high sugar concentration in the blood of diabetics. In a study, researchers tested it and found significant glucose-lowering effects in diabetic rats. The effect was more pronounced when the extract was freeze-dried and given to the animals at a 50 mg per kg of body weight concentration.*


If you’re intrigued by these benefits – probably most when it comes to the testosterone boost – you can explore tongkat ali supplementation ideally if you’re a healthy male individual – no existing medical condition and can tolerate herbal therapy wonderfully.


Choose a tongkat ali product with a 1:200 potency, as this extraction poses the most amount of active ingredients for maximum gains. Source it from a reputable manufacturer as well.


Generally, you need to cycle tongkat ali dosing. Here’s an example: five days of use and two days off. This cycle is implemented in order to help keep your endocrine system producing luteinizing hormone (LH) and to avoid having it adapt and produce lower LH levels.


Where you source your tongkat ali is equally crucial – the Indonesian variety, for example, is shown to be more potent and beneficial than its counterparts. Mature tongkat ali extract is also considered far more beneficial. Beware of Malaysia varieties, which have been shown to have a high lead content.


*Disclaimer: Your results may vary. Natural Tongkat Ali has worked for many of our happy customers. However, as with all supplements, individual customer results are dependent on many factors, and may vary greatly.

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