Recommended Food to Increase Male Potency

There’s no reason for men not be sexually potent and energetic given the right foods, level of fitness, and lifestyle choices. Sure, there’s a very wide range of male enhancement products and supplements out there today, claiming increased testosterone levels, better erections, and improved overall performance in bed. But why don’t you begin with the fuel you provide your body?


Your diet has a radical influence not only on your sexual health, but your overall well-being as well. You can be lifting weights and exercising regularly, but you can cancel out the benefits of working out if you don’t eat the right foods. You can also have the best male enhancement pills at your disposal, but they wouldn’t  mean anything if you are abusing your body with processed, unhealthy treats.


Here are some foods that can help you increase your potency – and rev up your sexual and reproductive health all the way:

fruits ange vegetables


  • Fruits and vegetables – These health foods are filled with antioxidants that help protect your sperm from cellular damage, keeping them strong and speedy. Some great choices are dried fruits, collard greens, and cranberries. Fruits and veggies also generally supply you the nutrients to keep going – whether in or out of bed. Vitamin A is particularly beneficial for preventing sluggish sperm, and you can get enough of it in carrots, red peppers, apricots, and a variety of leafy greens. Vitamin C is just as critical for sperm motility, so pack on it through consuming orange, grapefruit, tomatoes, and broccoli, to name a few. Folic acid, a B vitamin, will do as efficiently as the ones mentioned above in keeping your sperm in the pink of health.


  • Oysters – Aphrodisiac, anyone? These slimy suckers have been known for a long, long time now as potent pro-libido food. Their zinc content also enable them to help increase your production of sperm and testosterone, which are key fertility foods. If you can consume this slippery seafood so well, you can also consume zinc-rich foods such as beef, poultry, eggs, nuts, beans, and whole grains. A daily multivitamin, too, may help do the trick.


  • Pumpkin seeds and nuts – There’s a hefty dose of nutrients, such as zinc, found in these mighty munches. They help boost both testosterone and sperm count. You may also want to load up on their omega-3 fatty acids, which help stimulate blood flow to your sexual organs and improve your sexual performance. Other good options include almonds, flaxseed, or fatty fish such as salmon.


  • Pomegranate juice – The arena of antioxidants is never the same without pomegranate, which is chock-full of them. This fruit has been shown in mice studies to help boost sperm count and quality. So juice up and try adding it to your meals!

Natural herbal supplements have also been wildly popular in potentially supplying these benefits. They are traditionally prized for their pro-male fertility and potency properties, and our ancestors cannot go wrong in this area! Herbs and plants such as tongkat ali, which is sourced from Asian rain forests  are sold in capsule/supplement forms that allow modern sexual potency seekers to reap their maximum benefits.* At the end of the day, it is very important to research on these foods and supplements, and consult your doctor for the best course of treatment.


Disclaimer: Your results may vary. Natural Tongkat Ali has worked for many of our happy customers. However, as with all supplements, individual customer results are dependent on many factors, and may vary greatly.

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