The Truth Behind the Efficiency of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali is a frontrunner among herbs touted for boosting testosterone production. Also known as Eurycoma longifolia or pasak bumi, it is a flowering plant that is native to countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian territories. Considered the most effective variety is the tongkat ali sourced from the deep rainforests of Indonesia – it is produced by many reputable manufacturers using rigorous quality standards.


But beyond the hype, how truly effective is tongkat ali in its promoted benefits?


If you are using tongkat ali extract, there are many important considerations. The extract usually comes in powdered form – you would want to get it in capsules because of the very bitter and unpleasant taste. The capsule technology addresses this taste problem and eradicates any issue with aftertaste.

 tongkat ali plant

You should also learn about these specific things on the potency of the tongkat ali extract. It can be quite confusing, and it measured in ratios. The potency of tongkat ali that you’ll usually see on the market is 1:50, 1:100, and 1:200. In the 1:50 potency, 50 grams of the root are ground, the active ingredients extracted to produce 1 gram of the final extract. However, considered most potent among these different ratios is 1:200, where an extraction more than this would result in excessive loss of the active ingredients. To make it clear, it is good to have a higher potency of each tongkat ali capsule because  it means there’s a higher amount of active ingredients present in the product. This allows you to get the same effects while taking fewer pills.


Tongkat ali dosage, on the other hand, depends largely on your desired outcome. For instance, appearing as effective for most men are doses around 600 milligrams of 1:200 extract per day. Athletes and those who are bodybuilding are usually comfortable using upward of 1,000 milligrams a day for their specific requirements. At any rate, the daily dose is usually divided into two – taken in the morning and in the afternoon for maximum benefits.


You generally cycle the dose, say five days of tongkat ali use and two days off. Less commonly implemented is seven days of use and three days off. This cycle is done to keep the production of the luteinizing hormones in the endocrine system in check; constantly taking the supplement would make the endocrine system of most people adapt and produce lower levels. In short, dosage cycling keeps the process effective.


Boosting testosterone production – which brings about radical sex and overall health benefits in men, such greater stamina in bed – emerges as the top reason why men takes a tongkat ali supplement. What you must remember, though, is that your safety should always outweigh any supposed benefit. For starters, you should source your tongkat ali only from a reputable manufacturer; beware of those selling fake tongkat ali products, some of which have already been pulled off the shelves in several countries. The degree of benefits may also vary individually, so it’s best to consult your doctor in addition to reading user reviews and testimonials.


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