Tongkat Ali Extract – Boosting Testosterone Production

There’s a painful lot of enhancement products out there today that promise improved testosterone production – along with a better fight against the effects of aging in men – but most of them leave much to be desired. This is the truth about poor-quality men’s products abounding in the market, and falling short of their touted benefits and positive effects.

Herbs and natural ingredients – in their raw, untouched state – never lose their potency nd remain effective for addressing the different health issues and conditions that have withstood time and regimes in the world. Among them is tongkat ali, a work of nature is popularly used in a wide variety of supplements.

There isn’t a shortage of tongkat ali-based supplements and health products that promote health gains left and right – but which ones truly deliver, particularly in the arena of enhancing testosterone production and improving men’s vitality over time?

Where Tongkat Ali Comes From 

Scientifically known as Eurycoma longifolia (or locally as pasak bumi), tongkat ali is a flowering plant that belongs to the Simaroubaceae family. It is native to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos – just some Southeast Asian countries that boast of a virtually endless list of medicinal herbs and plants.


Tongkat ali is known by many names, including penawar pahit, paying ali, tongkat baginda, bidara laut, and tho nan, many of these labels referring to the plant’s extreme bitterness and medicine purpose. “Penawar pahit,” for one, literally means “bitter medicine.”


This small tree found in the lush rainforests of Indonesia has a traditional reputation as a herbal helper in most parts of the region. From serving as an aphrodisiac to treating simple headaches and ulcers, tongkat ali has been alleviating these problems with its time-tested natural properties.


Various parts of this plant are utilized, mainly the root, bark, leaves, and berries. The extract of the tongkat ali root is of specific interest, because many manufacturers today sell powders or concentrates from are found only in small quantities. Therefore, extracting and processing them from the plant roots is necessary the raw pulp without regard for offering the real deal. In these manufactured products, the active ingredients to achieve adequate potency.


But let’s weigh in on these tongkat ali benefits – and why its safety and effectiveness remains through hundreds of years.


In Animals Studies, Tongkat Ali Leads the Pack in Enhancing Testosterone

Research done over the past two decades – along with evidence of prevalent traditional use – show the ability of tongkat ali to increase testosterone levels in men. Rats were the first subject of many early tests, and their sex drive and frequency of “lovemaking” were investigated. Results were consistent: tongkat ali has a degree of success in stimulating the secretion of luteinizing hormone (LH), which targets the testicles to create more testosterone.


Your body’s testosterone production is increased naturally, and you are spared from potentially introducing the hormone from synthetic sources.


Before we delve on how tongkat ali performs in job well, here’s a quick guide to why there’s constant attention given to testosterone.


What You Still Probably Don’t Know About Testosterone

The testosterone levels found in your body are measure in overall and “free” testosterone. Much of your testosterone is chemically bound by SHBG (a protein), which inhibits your body’s capacity to use it. On the other hand, free testosterone has not been bound and is able to be fully used by your system.


Tongkat ali is deemed helpful in increasing free testosterone levels.


But given all the hype on higher testosterone levels and what it can do to your sex life and overall health, have you ever wondered about the hormones at play in your body, including testosterone? It is responsible for many physical and physiological functions, and it can occur naturally or be administered as a medication. A number of side effects, though, have manifested due to artificial testosterone therapy.


At puberty, you undergo many changes due to your testosterone levels. For one, your genitals grow larger. You experience heightened stimulation of libido, too. Other changes may take place at puberty, including increase in muscle mass, new hair growth, deepened voice, and increased physical energy levels.  


Even in your senior years, testosterone still influences how your body works. Dropping levels of it, for instance, decreased sex drive and performance. You can also experience hair loss and low energy as you age. Muscle mass may start to atrophy, and you could have a higher risk of contracting disease.


This drop in testosterone levels due to aging and other factors force men to seek solutions and to strive to see results. Of course, they aim to sustain sexual interest and satisfaction.


This is where many male enhancement solutions come in. Also known as sex pills or erection pills, these products seek to address the erectile dysfunction symptoms that strike men with low testosterone, such as poor erections, poor ejaculatory control, and lower quality of orgasms.


A handful of men also consider getting artificial testosterone, mostly for a medical purpose. However, it is very important to know that serious side effects may manifest, including the following:


  • Dizziness
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Yellowing of the skin
  • Bleeding gums


It is important to go to your doctor right away if you’re on artificial testosterone therapy and you experience one or more of the above. Report the symptoms, disclose your medical history, and work with the doctor for the best possible course of action.


What Winning Benefits Can You Gain from Natural Testosterone Therapy?

The botanical wonder that it is, tongkat ali has been proven to increase your levels of free testosterones, the crucial male hormone for maintaining the following:


  • Sex drive
  • Potency
  • Muscle mass and strength
  • Fat distribution
  • Bone mass
  • Sperm production
  • And many more


Additionally, tongkat ali is seen as an ergogenic aid, which means it enhances your body’s adaptive response to exercise. It is believed that it produces this effect through causing an increase in your testosterone levels.


In the 2003 study of S. Hamzah and A. Yusof in the British Journal of Sports and Medicine, tongkat ali extract used in conjunction with a weight-training program caused an increase in lean body mass and a loss of fat tissue relative to placebo. Therefore it’s no longer surprising for many athletes to seek tongkat ali use as an ergogenic aid.



The Devil Is in the Details, So Know Your Tongkat Ali Product Very Well…

There are several factors to consider to determine the potency – along with the proper dosage – of a specific tongkat ali product. The extract is usually in powder form, but you would want to purchase tongkat ali in capsule form because of the very bitter and unpleasant taste of the extract. The capsule technology spares you from such problems with aftertaste. After all, your supplement doesn’t have to leave bitter taste in the mouth – literally!


Potency can be a point of confusion, but there are ways for you to determine it in tongkat ali supplements. It is measured in ratios, and tongkat ali is usually sold in potencies of 50:1, 100:1, and 200:1.


In 50:1 potency, for example, there are 50 grams of the root that are ground, and the active ingredients are extracted to come up with one gram of the final extract. However, the 200:1 ratio is usually the most potent you will encounter on the market, because any more extraction would cause in an excessive loss of the active ingredients. Later we will reveal a product that has exactly this ideal ratio…


Why aim for a higher potency? It is because with higher potency comes a higher amount of active ingredients. This will allow you to reap the same benefit with fewer pills to take.


As for dosage, how much you should take will depend on the results you’re seeking. Those who are athletic and are into bodybuilding will probably use upward of 1,000 milligrams every day, though for the average person that would be more than necessary. Around 600 milligrams every day will probably be effective for most users. This daily dose is usually split, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, for maximum effects.


Generally, tongkat ali dosage is also cycled – perhaps 5 days of using it, 2 days off. This cycle is done to keep your endocrine system producing luteinizing hormone (LH) and to avoid having it adapt and produce lower levels of LH.


Potential Effects of Tongkat Ali Use, and Other Factors to Consider…


Just like with other botanical extracts, you can expect a range of effects when taking tongkat ali.

The desired effects tend to appear in about one to two weeks. Many tongkat ali users begin to notice increased energy and sex drive, along with positive mood and increased focus or concentration. In the area of sexual benefits, better stamina, harder erections, and increased semen volume are also exhibited.


Additionally, there could be decreased accumulation of fat (and increased in muscle gain) as physical manifestations of higher testosterone levels in the body.


Tongkat ali is indeed a powerhouse, but not if you’re reckless about the quality and efficiency of the product you’re buying. Top quality is necessary for you to achieve results. Research or ask questions on the purity of the root. Young tongkat ali plants, for instance, are not so high in the active compounds you’re looking for. Malaysian tongkat ali has also been associated with a high lead content, which far outweighs the medicine uses.

Indonesian tongkat ali has been allowed to age beautifully, and is therefore considered among the most recommended sources.


As for the projected side effects, it is another good news that side effects with tongkat ali use seem to be minor and rare. There could be mild insomnia in certain individuals. The best way to go is to listen to what your body tells you: start with a smaller dose perhaps, then work your way up.


Our In-House Recommendation


There is a deluge of tongkat ali supplements available these days, so having a good eye for quality and value for money is a must.


The US Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) says that the bioactive ingredients that this herb wildly popular for its virility properties require a longer time to produce. To address this, Pure Science Supplements boasts of SD-200 Genuine Tongkat Ali Extract 200:1, a herbal testosterone booster. It uses only roots that are 10 years or older, coming from the natural rainforest habitat of Sumatra, Indonesia. The bioactive ingredients in each root are extremely low, therefore it is among the ranks of the strongest in the market – the optimum concentration that you cannot obtain in all tongkat ali products.


Our personal trial use of this supplement shows to be highly promising. Furthermore, the company prides itself with tried and tested stringent production processes that ensure only the highest quality of its tongkat ali.


Are You Now Ready for Brand-New Vitality and Virility from This Testosterone Booster?

Tongkat ali has an undisputed ability to help increase your testosterone production, therefore serving as a safe alternative to harmful synthetic therapies. As early as one to two weeks into using it in capsule form of 200:1 (the ideal ratio), you can expect your energy levels to climb, and to experience sexual benefits like enhanced libido and erections. It helps reverse the effects of aging in your sexual health and overall wellness, promoting the vitality that isn’t abundant in old age.


Buying and using the right supplement is of utmost concern: Indonesian tongkat ali, which is allowed to age, is considered ideal, and the roots should remain strong and high-quality. Use cycled doses of the herb according to your tolerance (start with small amounts and work your way up) and desired results.


It is best to consult your healthcare provider before any types of supplementation, especially if you currently have an underlying condition and are taking medications for it. Your safety is always far more supreme than any benefits promised by supplementation.



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